Chief Golden Light Eagle

STAR PEOPLE ARE FAMILY ~ Chief Golden Light Eagle

Chief Golden Light Eagle Star People Are Family

Chief Golden Light Eagle Wishing Well MultiMedia On August 18, 2011 Chief Golden Light Eagle presented the teachings of Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creator,as they have been published into a Star Law Manual of the Galactic Federation called MAKA WICAHPI WICOHAN,The Way of the Earth Star. These teachings are dedicated to the seventh generation and beyond and beyond. On September 26,1999,this manual with its Sacred Art was presented in ceremony to The Smithsonian Institution at the Cultural Resource Center of the National Museum of the American Indian in conjunction with the National Museum of the American Indian Groundbreaking ceremonies in Washington DC USA.

Chief Golden Light Eagle speaks about what is to come Dec. 2012.

A ceremonial Chief of the Yankton Sioux tells about being aboard a UFO.

Sioux Chief Golden Light Eagle shares one of his experiences with the ET’s.

Chief Golden Light Eagle- Sundancers and Whale Codes

Chief Golden Light Eagle will speak at the next  Star Knowledge Conference in Mt. Shasta CA June 4-5-6 and in Phoenix AZ December 10-13 2012.

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One comment on “STAR PEOPLE ARE FAMILY ~ Chief Golden Light Eagle

  1. In case you can find him, this is in response to his dream about Obama a few years back. I hope that you will forward this on to him along with a welcoming to get in touch (Facebook Willi Nolan). Thank you for taking time to look at this.

    About the Obama in the White Room-security men Dream:

    I had a dream with Obama similar to this in 2008… but my teachings discipline me to wait for the correct moment before sharing the messages. However, I will share what little that I can and hope that it will help Chief Golden Light Eagle and anyone else who can benefit. To me, dreams are important.
    In this dream, it seems that essentially, both of our dream-messages direct us to come to an understanding about the people who try to control the President. I feel that he can and wants to help the Peoples, but that he must never be seen to work with anyone not specifically sanctioned by the elite and their handlers.
    My prayers, ceremonies, positive thoughts are as important as just simply taking the best actions that I can take, every day, to live a Good Life and to use my gifts to help others to live a Good Life.
    All My Relations,
    I am Little Fire Always Burning

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