The glory of the Real You will dazzle and amaze you


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The awakening process that humanity is engaged in is intensifying . . . daily!  Much is happening on your world as a result of the escalating power of the divine embrace in which you are so firmly but lovingly held.  And much of it is now beginning to be reported on the mainstream news channels.  The intent of the human collective is also strengthening as more and more of you turn away from all that is unloving and focus on sending love and assistance to those who are desperately in need.

The divine Light in which the planet is now bathed is irresistible, and the planet herself is transmitting vast quantities of multicolored rays outwards as a loving gesture to all of creation.  She makes a magnificent sight as she shines with a brilliance far greater than any other Light source in your galaxy.  It is an open invitation to…

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One comment on “The glory of the Real You will dazzle and amaze you

  1. this is a good news, if it’s really real though, and not just some imagined wishful-thinking/fantasy/imagination.. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the proof or the real thing to happen…
    -from Indonesia-


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