Dear Friends, this video was filmed by a good friend and student of mine Jim Martin of youtube channel InfamousFanclub.

The footage was shot from March 18 – March 26, 2014 from Jim’s deck in Newport Beach CA. The video covers over 20+ different UFO captures shot during the day and night using state of the art recording equipment and night vision goggles. There are various kinds of ufos featured in this video including Orbs, Rods, Cigar UFOS, a Morphing UFO, an Orb with a ForceField, and a swarm of Cigar and Rod UFOS that shows the scale of activity in the sky.

The swarm footage in the video supports my theory of the “sun index code”, that large schools of orbs and rods swim
and thrive in the sun’s rays high in our sky and can be seen easily with the proper telescope or telephoto lens  anywhere…

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