BOW BAN : Antarctica-Atlantis-Hollow Earth … THOTH AND THE BLUE SKINNED PEOPLE






Antarctica-Atlantis-Hollow Earth

The Tama-Re(Egyptians) were told by one of the “guardians” of a home of the ”Supreme Beings” here on Earth, that they arrived at by sailing south, they were called the Neturu aka Anunnagi.
Neturu was the Earth domain of the Anunnagi, has opposed to NI.BIRU, which is there heavenly space planet-mothership.
Today we call it Antarctica, when EN.QI’s calendar was measured, it was deemed to be 2 degrees out, did these supreme beings make a mistake, it turns out the Earth’s crusted moved (keep that in mind) with this in mind, the shifting of the Earth’s crust is to why Atlantis is now where it is now, when you read what many researchers say, and the fact that tree stumps have been found under the ice in Antarctica, suggesting types of trees that are only found in warm, tropic areas, it makes sense, many…

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