Anonymous Issues Cease and Desist Order to Cindy Kay Currier








Cindy is starting to annoy the wrong people . . . -LW

Video Description

Greetings World.

We are Anonymous. Cindy Kay Currier, you are herewith ordered to Cease and Desist. You have become a self-appointed spokesperson for the people of the world. Or were you put up to this task? Who is your mentor? Who assigned you with the task of speaking for the rest of us? Was your goal was to get us into a contract without full disclosure? Does that not constitute fraud? We have heard those who have said they will organize to arrest the cabal, to gain a following, only to have the individuals who will be targeted readily available for clamp down. How do you and others stay safe and clean, when those of us who stand up for ourselves have our property stolen, are being jailed and having…

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