ROSE REPLY TO TANN : it’s not a ‘mind wipe’. Its a construct wipe






“ARE WE NOT going to EDEN (HEAVEN) ??? … JULY 23 YRFT QUOTE … ”I have to wonder what type of system we move to.”

A system ? Is an AI CONSTRUCT ROSE !!!!!

JULY 29 … YRFT QUOTE ”They’ve been talking about system wide shut downs. As the systems clock hit the zero, everyone is supposed to move. Once it hit zero, the wipes began.”

MIND WIPES !!!!!”…..





Dense minds. The quote is out of Text.

I meant what star system we go to, and what type of energy system it is. Not electric or matter, which is here.

You are in a construct. System wide shut downs, yes. As each branch pulls in their members the servers wipe the scenery and all else. Its not a ‘mind wipe’. Its a construct wipe..

When you exit, you return to the real world.

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