THE VOICE OF GOD : Mapping Electromagnetics via Electronic Telepathy





Mapping Electromagnetics

via Electronic Telepathy Pt. 2


Encoded within the electromagnetic spectrum, is the full universal library of mental communication methods. All concepts in existence, all conscious energies in existence, all sounds in existence, any 3D+ image in existence, any emotion, and all thoughtforms in existence can be reproduced in the mind of a subject by the correct electromagnetic sophistication.

If you are interested in how a society can map out every conscious thoughtform and all universal knowledge in existence, I have written about it before in previous articles and will paste/edit some of the most relevant things I have said in this one for convenience:

The power one gains by mapping electronic telepathy methods such as microwave hearing and other electromagnetic directed energy communication methods is monumental in terms of knowledge of the mind.

As said in my mapping electromagnetics article, the entire universe and…

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