YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE : There’s more than just Germaine who is in the PURPLE LIGHT




(Well, I guess you have to look it up yourself. Apparently I cant attach the image,  and it bumps my pc off HO when I try)




Not everyone who was told by An, that they are going, is actually going. They believe that they move forward, and continue their reign of terror. This isn’t going to happen.

Another I’ve heard of, are the Judges. The ef put all their people in controlling positions. They are not just the “Judges” in courts, they are the clerks, and other support people. They are referred to as “Ice Cold Killers”, because they’re inured to the harm they do on a daily basis. You go to the clerks, courts, or other corporate government offices such as the property tax assessors, and their clerks, or the ISD boards who own the property tax assessors, and you find people with little to…

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