YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE : We’ve heard of them shearing these families and branches, off of the Tree of Life, which is also called “The Reef”





These images from the 21st, came in. The cams were taken off, before that appearing cme (not sure its a cme), hit venus. We never see it hit, on any of the cams. Neptune is showing, just barely as a label, in the white cme on the left.
The Bottom appears to be separating, from the Sun.
We’ve heard of a gasket, or O-Ring, encircling the sun. And, they’ve said that the blue colored bleed out look, right around the edges, was the breaking, leaking, gasket. If you look, there is a sharp point, on the upper right. And that is usually where the latch goes, on a gasket. A break further from that latch, means the gasket broke in the middle of the ring, not on the latch.
Technically, if a gasket breaks, the two halves it was holding joined together, then split. I’m wondering if this…

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