ZEN GARDNER : PLAN B … Deaf Ears, Foot Dragging and Moving to the Next Level





It’s reality check time. When you realize the person or persons you’re delivering an important message to doesn’t want to hear it nor do anything about it, and in fact vehemently rejects it and humiliates and even punishes you for bringing it up, it’s time to take the hint.

The so-called rulers have no interest in our petitions, protests and even demonstrations of disapproval. While supposedly being elected to represent our interests, those concerns we have are clearly the last thing they have in mind. It couldn’t possibly be any clearer than it is today.

Oh they’ll do a little sidestep or pretend to make some slight adjustment to calm the masses down and allay a few fears or grievances, but their overall program generally goes on. At least in this current paradigm of control.

Delayed and partial reactions are fundamentally non-reactions.

The real point or core of…

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