Bases 45 Cara St Louis Part 3





Bases 45 Cara St Louis Part 3.

Published on 3 Sep 2015In this 3rd part, Cara St Louis discusses the shocking display of the Goddess Kali on the Empire State Building, and the multiple types of ancient beings, intricate in humanity’s past that in conjunction with efforts by the Predators to break into other universes, using CERN and the Hadron Collider….things are hotting up. A wonderful and fun discussion as Cara ‘thinks out loud’, and shares her co author Harald Kautz Vella’s conclusions and ideas. Cara is fun to be with.
She thanks Bases for the success and the wide spread audience her work is now familiar to. Thanks Cara!

Cara and Harald co author, Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation. Both have spoken at The Woodborough “micro conference”, and The Harald presented a Bases, and spoke at The 2nd International Bases event in August 2015




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