MASTER LEAPS TRANSLATES GAIA PORTAL : Plan A is a dead duck plan B is a go





Master Leaps Translation

gaia portal
Essentials unified, Hue-manity holds the course.
(Post and pre Leap plans from the hybrids/ef factions have merged they arent heeding any warnings they are gonna be retards till the end)

Essentials clarified, humanity now grasps the unification.
(Enemy human cutouts have been informed of the new plans and the new current alliance between bickering factions has been layed out for them follow orders or else)
Essentials illuminated, Gaia Nova is unveiled.
(Post Leap plans of their new earth(aka 5d/archangel micheal/ra earth) the changing of the gaurd that they expect to play out are being unvieled to the cutouts and starseeds)

Essentials purified, Cosmic alignments are recognized.
( Plans have been double checked and the different factions/underworld branchs have been recognized)

Staging is complete, separation commences.
( Actors are in postion ready to play out the new skit/ seperation(could mean the divison or leap)…

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