YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE : We are at the eye. The enemy (outside) is stalled out. We are going in … and REPLIES TO CINNAMON






@Tann…I was on chat answering questions (which you have asked me to do), and that is not necessarily an update, Tann. And I did speak to you as well. So, I’m wondering at the post above. Which was made around the time I was talking to you, as well.

We hear that the family members, outside (the Houses), are crying over the fate of their family inside with us. These are the enemy supporters, who were loyal to the enemy. Merciless to humanity. I mean they are literally sobbing as they tried to alter the last skit, which is solely Eve’s right.  I can say only that these people earned their fate, and to their dying breath, they have no remorse over what they have done to humanity. They are ice cold killers, who only feel their own pain, as all sociopaths are want to do.

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