YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE : We are the sole reason, they are fighting. A little gratitude, wouldn’t be out of place.





Everyone is sleeping or tired. This is just the part near the end. We all seem to be going up and helping. There are a lot of people angry and grouchy, as well. It seems that their parent systems, are pushing anger at the moment. The ‘zodiac’ systems want them back, but that has been refused.  “Back” would be back to another round of slave systems, and simply being a ‘beef’ herd. As OIn the begging, we heard they all wanted their peoples back, it was all blamed on the fractions inside – the jailors. So the branches worked to gain their heirs back. On these last few years, they were consistently caught aiding and abetting the false flags, etc.

(sorry for the typo’s) I was saying ‘as I watched, for the last 7 years, In the beginning…’.

It finally came down to Eve making the law…

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