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Here at Petri Dish we are all about cataloging the absurdity of our run away into darkness culture. Cultures were once much more separated than they are now. Since global media; pretty much all in the same hands, due to companies being publicly traded and then privately bought up by the people who control the currency printing presses (one way or another) and the internet, are internationally interpenetrating, we now live in an age of duplicitous information saturation. You could also say we live in a world of lies. Well… this has been the case for awhile, since a self chosen cabal of Satanic Materialists has been at great pains to deceive the rest of the world for some time.

Along with the world becoming so similar at every reach, due to the plague of Materialism Fever, there is also now the presence of Mr. Apocalypse, who is not only exposing the lies at an ever increasing speed but who is also displaying them as the tragic farces they are by creating circumstances of ironic exposure that show them in their most ridiculous light. Here is one glaring example. I can honestly say that I saw this coming a long time ago. I think it is time for the rest of us to take this venal and vile fantasy mainstream and world wide into the court of public opinion and into the courts of law as well. Though our courts are compromised by the plague of Noahide infiltration, with Mr. Apocalypse at our backs there is a wind of change coming. Who says we can’t sue these fiends on behalf of the human race? It’s just a thought but… if there are any courageous lawyers out there you definitely have an articulate and argumentative client in me. I have already established my effectiveness in this regard by being the single example of a landmark case where ALL the odds were stacked against me and where it had never been done before or since.

With every passing day we are hearing about more and more absurd theories and belief systems. Once we had Heaven’s Gate, as a sort of ‘ahead of its time’ anomaly and now we have Hell’s Backdoor as a consistent and repeating theme, 24/7 …and the idea of ever larger and more numerous Heaven’s Gate clusters of group departures seems extremely logical and… predictable. You can expect people, singly and in groups, to start offing themselves with regularity. The human mind can only tolerate so much and when you are talking about the untrained and brainwashed minds of an ever dumber, more selfish and deceived populations, I would say we have come right up to the outer margins of the bending end. Not only are people going to be offing themselves but also each other and that is already happening. Their desperation is becoming unbearable.

That was a pretty negative paragraph wasn’t it? Well… if you can’t see these things then you are probably in the midst of them. It is so logical it is mathematical. Once the focus of the human mind goes completely out of focus, you wind up with a society filled with people who can’t see where they are going. The result of this is that people get fearful. Then they get angry. Then they run into each other. Then the expected happens. If it were not for my certainty that luminous intelligences are tracking us and guiding those who have the ‘insight’ to be guided, I would say we are all doomed.

Right here in the Valley of the Shadow of Death I can feel the light breaking. I can’t see it. False dawn surrounds me on all sides but I can feel the light. I can feel the force of good, concentrating and expanding at the same time. I sense this because even though, in my own life, my days have been fraught with difficulty and all forms of uncertainty, there is a deeper confidence that fills my heart and won’t go away. Even when there is no sign of improvement, I can sense the higher value of what lies just out of reach and somehow, I know, if I can just keep going for another mile, another day, the rules of ageless wisdom tell me I cannot fail and neither can you.

In these times of materialism, I am astounded at the number of people who are marching double time into any and every available darkness and embracing the most outrageous and ridiculous lies. They so desperately need something to believe in that they will accept near anything simply in order to have something to lean on. Unfortunately, it is consistently something external to them and as life becomes increasingly more cartoon like and more absurd, so too does what they lean upon and depend upon. It should be obvious, but it is not, that as external stability becomes more and more unstable, what lies within has an ever greater potential stability and that is the point of the whole exercise in the first place.

The point of this ever more toxic and unbalanced, pell mell runaway chariot of the horses of the mind, is to provoke the emergence of the controller from within. For those with the fortune and vision to capture this understanding there will come the ability to navigate their way through the swirling chaos that surrounds them. It’s logical. It’s mathematical. However much the darkness expands, the light will concentrate. It is simply a matter of one gravitating to the heart’s most sincere desire. If it is pain and loss you seek, it is there to be found. If it is clarity and joy that you seek, it is there to be found. In these times, it is all there. One is to be seen everywhere around and the other is to be seen within. You will be drawn to that upon which your greatest attention is given and even if you are overwhelmed otherwise, the force of your love will save you if that which you love is true. No shadow, no matter how great, can hold its place against the light of a single candle.

A few years earlier I never thought I would experience such a series of trials and states of want and uncertainty again. It seemed as if the enjoyable routine that I had attained to would be a fixture in my life and I was happy in my fashion in ways that I had not been since the carefree and all too brief period of much earlier times. Then into my mind came the clear understanding that it would all change, that it must change so that what needed to come would be able to come. It made no real sense but I watched it happen and all of the predictable delight of the day to day went away and I have yet to see the profit of being suddenly cast upon these unknown waters… still… in all the periods of tumultuous change, treachery and betrayal, the certainty of the unseen has never left my mind. Even in those short moments when I railed against the seeming injustice of my state, I could not shake the abiding calm that told me; “ignore appearances, nothing is what is appears to be. This is only the outworking of destiny and all will be well.”

I say these things today because I know that others are experiencing their own versions of similar states of discontent and trial. Others are encountering loss and elsewise, as what was familiar to them is being swept away and replaced by one form of suffering or another and I tell you, as scripture has told you, “Be of good cheer. The end of your sorrow is near.” Life is a brief dream in a world of shadows and insubstantial things that look solid and have the sense of permanence about them …have the persona of what is real …but there is nothing solid and nothing permanent here. It all comes and goes and so do you. It is where you go that makes all the difference and it is where you are that determines where you go.

Always remember the thoughts and words of those who have passed before. Remember the tales told of their trials and sufferings. Remember that they passed into the blessed regions from which locations they guide every seeking soul this very day. Remember the promises of the great teachers who have preceded us. Try to remind yourself that just because you cannot see the divine does not mean the divine is not there. You would have no life without the ineffable. The divine is the life within you. There would be no life otherwise. It is like the sun which provides, in one fashion or another, everything external in the manifest sense because all form is frozen sunlight. It should be a reminder of that spiritual sun whose light and power are so much greater and without which there would be no physical suns or anything else. Truly, I know how hard it can be and this is precisely why I speak to you about it today. Help really is on the way. It does not come when we want it to. It comes when we need it to and we are made strong in the interim.
I pray that we all find the comfort and succor that we seek and believe it will be so. Carry on in the best fashion of which you are capable and beyond that… trust in the benevolence of the one who loves you more than you can possibly imagine.

SOURCE  : https://outofthisworldx.wordpress.com/2015/11/04/judy-cress-due-to-the-plague-of-materialism-fever-there-is-also-now-the-presence-of-mr-apocalypse/#like-19028



  1. So many thoughts, eloquently said, mirror my own in these changing times. I think I am following the same thought processes and too, have suffered some terrible trials and losses but tonight, I feel all will be well. This DID have to happen so we would rise to the occasion and be the change WE believe in.

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