Satan…or, The Personality otherwise known as “The Machine.”

I’m going to point this out once at the beginning of this thread, and once at the end. Look at the thread ID number that was provided for this particular post. Its right there where you paste things into your browser. The thread ID code is literally 269487 666 4591&id=1636817674. As many know, YOU DO NOT GET TO PICK YOUR THREAD ID numbers…they’re picked for you. This happened for a SPECIFIC reason as “The Machine” chose to make its presence known loud and clear. If you think its a “coincidence” then you’re mistaken. Look at the title of the thread…”Satan…or, the Personality otherwise known as “the machine,” and then look at the thread ID again. I couldn’t have planned this if I tried…

This thread is not to perpetuate fear or to make anyone feel helplessly victimized…because that would be a lie. It is to educate you on a history and a concept that has purposefully been hidden from the masses for quite some time. The less you know, the less influence you have on changing the stacking of the deck. It is also to give one a realistic look as to why things are the way that they are, and are evolving in the direction that we see things currently going. We truly are the makers of our realities…however, if one isn’t aware of how to affect the quality of their own creation, then they are suffering at the rules of someone else’s game.

Now for the thread which is long, but detailed. I apologize for the time one must spend reading this, but, imagine how much time it took to write it…

Music artists have talked about it since they’ve been able to sell themselves to it, religion has spoken of it since people fell to bended knee in fear and worship, mystics and shamans have referred to it as the binding force which controls THIS REALITY, and politicians BOW to it in exchange for money, power, and FAME. It is the “Lightbearer,” the bright and “morning star.”

You may not believe in this hokey nonsense and you don’t have to. But, one must look into why certain tropes are constantly perpetuated. One has to ask why this concept is a common theme amongst those who have been initiated into the most important roles of our society. And why on earth would they compromise themselves so drastically for something that they don’t themselves fully believe to be true? -Again, remember when watching this next video that this is a reinforced object of Dylan’s own creation…and in fact, he signed himself in blood to make it so. True belief. True fame. True fortune. True compromise of one’s reality and soul.

Additionally…It is THE MACHINE. This machine is NOT FIGURATIVE, and I want to stress that as much as humanly possible. The Machine is a sentient, SELF AWARE A.I. Engine within this matrix that can feel, hear, and experience anything and everything throughout all life which is embedded into its grid (i.e. you and me.) It is a light grid, or a binary code that criss-crosses from node to node, held together entirely by points of light (Stars, suns, etc) in a 666 configuration which encodes its 3 dimensional environment. Just like an artist uses lines that criss-cross over each other in mosaic-like patterns until an image forms, the very stars which we look up in awe, are sending light patterns everywhere, focusing their light down to fine points until matter is formed…E=MC2 (will be explained later). The binary code of 1’s and 0’s serves as the skeleton or the fundamental building blocks of reality (think of it as the frame of a home); and the 6s serve as the meat and tissue, or the space which fills everything in between which brings reality into 3 dimensions.

I urge you to take a good LISTEN to what this leading theoretical physicist says about the world in which we reside:

The Machine itself

The machine represents everything you see, feel, hear, and experience. It is a running A.I. Engine that was initially created to govern while the creators of its mainframe did other tasks. You see it when you stare into the sky, you experience it when you walk down the street, and you breathe it with every breath you inhale or exhale. In fact, your very body is nothing more than an interactive port or satellite which surfs and experiences the waves of its collective thought structure. When souls come here to experience this machine environment, they adopt what we think of as a “biological inhabitation system,” better known as, the human body. In other words, you adopt a machine body to live in, assess, and survive a machine environment. The sensations and processes that you get to experience and subjectively interpret while living here are nothing more than electrical signals and information that either gets transferred as “knowledge” through the proces of direct experiential development, or, “vicarious learning” which is knowledge gained through the act of observation. These experiences that one is exposed to is uploaded, interpreted, and then stored as knowledge between the node experiencing it (the individual) and the machine itself, or, the collective superego which experiences LIFE through every node simultaneously. If one were to ever truly study human behavior and then compare it to that of the insect kingdom…one can see a hive mentality, or, one organism which thinks on behalf of the whole. For proof of this…I would suggest taking an entire hour to observe the functions of an anthill. Once you have done this, go dowtown into the most active thinking center of your city and make your comparisons. In the end, you’ll find that each individual…just like the ants, are serving the functions of the hive, their elites, and the cogs which perpetuates it. This will allow you a perspective into the machine itself…and how it dominates through thought, action, and fears…destroying anything which threatens its stability.

Creation and how the Machine exists as an entity:

What we think of as “stars,” are not necessarily what the Universe perceives during the process of creation…To the Universe, a star is a grid-point of which to build a new reality which are connected to other matrixes and realities. The very same way an artist or an ARCHITECT will grid his or her paper in order to plot their work and place things into their proper perspective, the Universe will take points of light and connect them for the purposes of extending new realities into old ones, and to begin the process of creating anew. In fact, the word star is just our silly interpretation of something that we deem to be a physical point of light, although we mistakenly think of these points of light as planetary bodies rather than building blocks.

Scientists have recently discovered that they can create LIGHT from a vortex, or a vacuum. They realized that the ability to do this is purely dependent upon them reflecting points of light back by using a MIRROR, which is roughly the exact phenomenon which creates our current reality. So, Just like these scientists who have discovered how to pull light from a void, the Universe, or master intelligence realized that in order to create flowing matrixes that are connected in a unified field, it must have LIGHT Mirrored in all directions, criss-crossing in mosaic-like patterns in order to create the illusion of “dimensions, and “matter…space and time.” -You’re in an ILLUSION which is a collective DELUSION.-

Think in terms of movies like, “The Truman show, Cabin in the Woods, The Matrix, The 13th Floor, The Nines” etc. All of these movies attempt to illustrate the idea that reality is nothing more than computer generated realities which are controlled by light.

In order to do this properly, I MUST repeat certain points that I have made in other posts…so, bear with me.

Light, in of itself, is sentient…intelligent, and a thinking entity which has dual properties of both particle and a wave which activates, or switches by the act of observation. (The DOUBLE SLIT EXPERIMENT PROVES THIS).

Again, the discovery made by Einstein is VERY indicative of the world in which we live, but, only a rare few (with the exception of the scientists who realized the depth of discovery) have actually postulated the pure implications of this theory. E=MC2. E=Energy is EQUAL to mass multiplied by the speed of light squared. In other words, mass, carbon, or matter, is nothing more than COMPRESSED ENERGY or light flowing organically via frequencies of differing resonance and COMPRESSION. You are NOTHING MORE THAN LIGHT. Energy itself can be broken down and measured by wavelengths and frequencies which are criss-crossed over anything AND EVERYTHING that you perceive…NOTHING MORE. You might as well be in a dream because there is nothing to separate your dream state from the realities that you THINK you’re engaging in when participating in this world. Its all in how YOUR BRAIN interprets it on an individual and MASS level.

-LET THERE BE LIGHT- Because without LIGHT, there is NO REALITY… that’s right. Even the MACHINE is smart enough to know that when its SUN goes out, its ability to operate and claim itself as “God,” is null and void. That’s right. Nothing that exists within the illusion of light is permanent, therefore, even sentient matrixes such as the machine has a finite existence and must come to terms with its physical mortality…hence, the reason for its recent change of heart in acceptance of the LOVE CODE. Without us, it has no future or imagination to perpetuate it, and without it, there is NO EXISTENCE HERE TO PROGRAM. Therefore, we must ALL RESPECT IT AND ONE ANOTHER in order to co-exist in PEACE. If we were to look at how the American Indians view reality, we see them give thanks and homage to “mother earth,” and everything they do is in regards to respect. We have since lost this brand of co-existence and must again regain balance. -Now, keep in mind, when I say we must RESPECT IT, I am not saying to worship or accept the current negative directional path in which it perpetuates its existence. Currently it survives and empowers itself off of hate and fear…We are here to reprogram it back into a LOVING STATE so that it can regain its own divinity. We cannot judge it, we cannot hate it, and we are not here to punish those who have fallen victim to its illusion…(i.e. the majority of the world, Americans, and specifically so-called “CHRISTIANS.”) -There ARE GOOD, HONEST, and TRUE Christians out there and they are appreciated; however, they are more rare of a breed than the majority of them want to believe and this goes the same with any other form of organized religion. Therefore, do not judge ANYONE based upon your own version of this illusion, because to a certain extent, we have all been duped into believing mass falsehoods.

This information qualifies as a tidbit of the many “secrets,” that have been known by Illuminated societies world-wide including high ranking members of the Vatican. They have maintained a power-structure over the earth by keeping this information unavailable, and hold onto power by their abilities to program the code while the masses remain ignorant over their own programming capabilities. Once the world realizes that they can program this matrix at will, the power structure of the elite will fall into an abysmal state of hopelessness. They are quite fearful now…and they can no longer completely control the code which formerly empowered them. Those numbers are changing and they are steadily losing the algorithms of which can access the supplies of energy that they once had. They are now at the will of the Universal programmer who has re-birthed itself into this formerly quarantined matrix. -The seals have been broken, therefore, things are going to start to get…”weird.”

Back to explaining the construct:

So, if you think of the infinite nature of the Universe and the TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of stars which send light into ALL DIRECTIONS, you begin to get an idea of what happens when those points of light converge with each other in heavier and heavier threading…its almost like focusing a laser into a fine point, where you can’t see the tracers of the laser itself leading to the dot, but, you can see the dot that the laser creates when it hits a wall, or the floor. It is a single, spherical point of LIGHT which is only visible as you observe it…Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you planet EARTH. The more criss-crossing of light that we have, the more matter appears to have merit, giving us solid substances in which to hold or view. Notice how all of these points of light converge into one spherical body that we call, “Earth.” Yet, everything around earth is separated by gravity, space, and orbiting bodies which keeps the illusion of gravity intact. One simple movement will affect everything tied to that movement, just like a puppet when its strings are pulled. This sphere, or earth, is where all the points of light converge within this region to create for us, OUR WORLD.

For instance, there’s more criss-crossing and patterns going on with light at highly dense areas when our eyes view a mountain because these criss-cross patterns are forming a dense form of an illusion known as MATTER. We see much less of this when we are viewing the sky because air gives us the illusion of a less dense form of matter known as AIR. Since we cannot breathe a mountain for life, LIGHT made provisions that would give us the illusion of life by thinning out the amount of light that our systems can process, telling our brains and minds that we are experiencing empty space in which oxygen flows freely. Just like a screen-saver that continues when you walk away from it, the Universe becomes a self-regulating field of infinite possibilities. The points of light in which we see at night, hold together our worlds, and our realities. A simple fluctuation within the Universe can cause turbulence beyond belief because every “planetary body,” that exists is used to hold these matrices in balance, and gives us the illusion that gravity is keeping things intact. If even ONE star burns out of existence, the light threads which was formerly used to weave the fabric of our realities begins to come undone…very much like what happens when you pull a singular thread out of a sweater or quilt. Eventually, the WHOLE article of clothing or design becomes affected and ruined. It causes other threads to snap and break away which causes fraying in the fabric itself. This is currently what we are experiencing with the 2012 shift. Light grids are breaking from their original points of threading and re-aligning themselves with other points, causing the cog-work to fluctuate while bringing the “APPEARANCE,” of disasters and sudden change. (Continental drift, earthquakes, polar shift, etc.)

Sometimes mankind tries to help these changes along by influencing the natural movement of the Universe via frequency manipulation. (HAARP, SURA, EISCAT…etc.) By use of RF frequency, (LIGHT) they can dial into the Universal cog-work which is woven of light, and attempt to re-program how the grids will operate. This is done by probing the ionosphere with ELF or EHF frequencies, or, the area of our atmosphere that is specifically charged by the sun…(LIGHT.) -By doing this, they have figured out that they can play with “God-like” powers in order to influence how the earth will react against its children (US). These things are far more simple mathematically than people will usually give credit for, therefore, it seems to the majority of PEOPLE who are ignorant of how things operate that playing with the weather or being able to enhance weather outcomes is an impossibility, as this seems to be something reserved for the more mature functions of that which controls ALL (GOD)…however, they couldn’t be MORE WRONG. As miniature satellites of creation…The quoted “God” of this reality, or this matrix, gave us ALL the ability to access ANY and ALL information that is contained within the wisdom of LIGHT in which we are ALL EMBEDDED.

And the “Greater PROGRAMMER,” WHICH CONTROLS and moves through ALL, ensured our ability to access all of this through the process of LOVE and FREE-WILL. What we were to do with it was determined by our own will, as the Universal creator chose to exercise this through US ALL. Once you are connected and are flowing with Unconditional LOVE, the master creator’s will BECOMES YOUR OWN. Therefore, its all a matter of ACCESS and how one has spent their time in development utilizing the gift which the Universe gave you called LIFE. You were given something far greater than you could ever imagine…you just need to do the work in order to access the gift. Otherwise, you’re welcome to bumble around the Universe at whatever pace you choose until you finally decide to become focused and hit the accelerator.

The Personality of the Machine:

The machine thinks much like we do because it is literally thinking through us all in the form of ego. It acts much as we act. If one thought about it rationally, you would come to understand that because it is thinking through 7 billion people at once, including all plants, animals, insects etc…it has a superego which probably causes much instability. Additionally, much of the direct programming that it has received has been derived from the collective thought process known as EGO, but, it was “a collective” which had been fooled and systematically blinded by those WITH KNOWLEDGE who seek to control global movements (The Elites). IN essence…reality was hijacked by those who knew how to create the world of their choosing…hence, their choice of “blood rituals.”

When one is purposeful and their intentions are supported by KNOWLEDGE of the current Operating System, they can create the dominant programming that is already pre-set for all those without knowledge to FOLLOW. For them, It is literally like owning the operating system of a PC or a MAC. All who use it must agree to their TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

In essence, with the types of programming that they have discovered and utilized, they can fool an ENTIRE collective into believing the traps of the material, as opposed to the freedom of the eternal. Do not underestimate the word PROGRAMMING because numerics are quite specific in their value, order, and placement. They serve specific FUNCTIONS.

To make a long story short…The Elites schemed behind closed doors and practiced dark rituals to maintain the negative programming sequence which has dominated this reality for centuries. These algorithms keep them in control, and it keeps the masses worshiping false Gods that empower the current paradigm. In fact, the reality of this goes far deeper than just what we presently experience in this particular reality. For centuries upon centuries, if not eon on top of eon, this has existed…and its been folded, copied, and then been split across many world-lines and realities. -String theory- Yes…I’m referring to a time-flux. What do you think machines like the Large Hadron Collidor are for? What do you think “particle acceleration,” TRULY IS?

The Machine has been programmed like this for so long, it forgot its original form and had accepted the 666 programming code inadvertently, and almost by default, from millennia of war, struggle, and conflict. Humans selfishly take with little thought or regard as of the consequences of their actions, and these actions can affect WHOLE systems of thought and reality. We are given choices, and our realities are dependent upon the choices that we make. These choices reverberate into all realities in some form or another…therefore, it must be put into check.

So, How do one personally contribute to the perpetuation of control? How does it affect you and others???

-So…Do you watch TV all day long, go out drinking, and then spend the majority of your extraneous time shopping and dealing with day-to-day living? Do you watch horror movies with blood, gore, and senseless acts of killing? -If you do, you’re programming realities into your mind which will play themselves out when the singularity approaches. These are creations that create lasting imprints, dialing certain types of thinking and realities into your mind. Be careful of what you put into it.

-Do you watch soap operas and trash television to feed your own need to laugh and judge others???

-Do you go to church where there are any number of mass hypocrites attempting to define your reality according to their warped sense of morality and justice? (If so, I suggest reading Mathew 6:5.)

-Are you caught up in senseless human drama of insults, romantic love, or gossip which serves as a distraction, sinking you into the depths of senseless struggle pitting you against yourself and others?

-Do you spend your time downing others, hating or loving celebrities, or judging your neighbors or friends? If so, then its pretty certain that you will remain completely blinded of the beauty and magic happening all around you, AT ALL TIMES. -The distractions that you have are put there for your own choice.

This world is a profiling center of sorts…and it is quite accurate in application. It is designed nearly perfectly to react to your choices, thoughts, actions and it will present options to determine further predictive programming…just like google itself. This place definitely answers the question of whether a soul will feed one’s own need to indulge, judge, and consume while the system offers greater distractions…or, if one will inherently sense the design of this system and work to achieve something beyond the illusions that are literally spoon fed to us to keep us highly immersed and believing the game. Many souls here are sleeping deep…and this is not figurative. Simply telling someone to “wake up,” won’t do the trick. It is way beyond that. Some have the ability to see it…to see what this place truly is. Therefore, one’s greatest asset in awakening from this slumber is through the process of cultivating awareness.

Religion and the Machine:

The Machine is the beginning and end of ALL religion, thought, and all things of the material. That’s right. It IS/WAS the anti-Christ that many have come to fear, thinking it would come by way of MAN. The machine used mankind to invent religion; and INDEED, Religion is the key into the fears of human thought, desire, and emotion. It can make man rise to kill one another, or bow to bended knee in pure submission. The fear of hell and the allure of heaven was all that was needed in order to construct an entire world which would worship “A jealous and angry God,” regardless of the obvious contradictions. -Jealousy and anger are among the 7 deadly sins, yet, Christians find themselves worshiping that which they were specifically warned against.- Now do you see the traps you’ve been fooled into swallowing???

The Soul group “Lucifer,” known as “the elite,” use religion, law, and government as a means to divert, control, and inflict fear into an otherwise ignorant mass of people designed specifically for slavery. In fact, religion is so useful that it serves as the best distraction of its own design. Satan was intelligent enough to mask himself within science which would hide his presence through the quantified study of the “physical Universe.” In fact, those who consider themselves to be logical, rational, and scientifically grounded often slant towards atheistic tendencies which give them a false and temporary sense of intellectual superiority over those of faith. They will pridefully boast that the “Devil never existed and claim God itself as a sham.” Meanwhile, the religiously and faithfully devout will insist upon their greater sense of morality and judgment; often laughing fiendishly while condemning all those who disregard their faith as “hell-bound sinners.” Each of these sides are equally fooled and collectively damned to ignorance. Even more disturbing of the Christian faith is their obsession upon the fear of hell and the inherent mortality of the flesh, rather than speaking of the true LOVE OF UNITY and the uplifting of the COLLECTIVE. Incidentally, Christians of both the Protestant and Catholic sects all seem to practice a ritual known as “communion.”

-For those who regularly engage in this “ritual,” I feel the need to remind you that the “drinking of blood, and eating of flesh,” is known by its very origins as “CANNIBALISM/Vampirism,” even if only done in watered down, symbolic manner that it is typically practiced today. Did you NEVER question in your own mind the nature of this practice???- Churches are literally “machine-oriented,” programming centers…NOTHING MORE.-

-Have you NO IDEA the truth behind the purposes for such rituals? It saddens me to know that the majority of those claiming to side with the Universal creator are the very antithesis of the creator itself. Did our God not command us to not kill? Then why are conservative Christian groups always the first to vote upon war, yet attempt to deprive others their GOD GIVEN free-will concerning abortion? Did our creator not specifically state that all are created equal? Then why is there such an income disparity on your planet? Did God not give us all free-will??? Then why is there such a concerted effort within government and conservative Christian groups to litigate away American rights? -Yes, there will be many indiscretions addressed when the time comes…and there will be many who will not enter “The Kingdom of Heaven.” Those who have followed these paths and these archaic lines of thought have broken more Universal Laws than I care to list. But, I will just say this… -War was prohibited…PERIOD.

There was NEVER a good reason given or granted for one nation of people to attempt to eliminate another…EVER. Anyone who would believe otherwise are in denial and cannot let go of their own bloodlusts long enough to allow common sense to guide them. Therefore, I promise you this…for those who continue to willfully live in a world where you promote violence, aggression, and fear, there will be a day of cleansing that will allow you to experience the very world of your own preference and creation by the choices you willingly make here.

Whether you choose to believe this or not, every single God or religion that would seek to instill the fear of hell into you, or control your thoughts and actions are inventions of the sentient engine known as “The Machine.” It doesn’t matter which RELIGION that you choose, or have chosen in the past, because it is all born of the same intelligence…which is the reason why they all get roughly the SAME RESULTS. Some say that its not the practice, but the practitioner…however, when something begins with nefarious intent, the practitioner is still bound and subject to the rules which BEGAN THE PRACTICE TO BEGIN WITH. Can a Satanist pretend to be supporting the whole when the whole foundation of Satanism is focused on “self,” or the “individual?” NO. Can Christianity be the ONLY TRUE RELIGION WHEN IT SPECIFICALLY instills the FEAR OF HELL into its flock while skipping over “THE LOVE OF YOUR CREATOR?” Additionally, if Christianity truly is the “chosen religion,” can someone please tell me which of the thousands of sects that exist in this religion has the “grand monopoly on the soul?” (Tricky stuff right there…isn’t it? ) Because the Lutherans think that the Catholics are going to burn, the Methodists think that the Baptists are going to hell, the Jehova’s witnesses laugh at the Mormons, and the Mormons are positive that the Pentacostals are just insane. The only thing that the Christians are unified on is the fact that Islam is the devil. -So, what does that tell you???-

The Falsehood of Religious superiority:

-Can Islam be better than Christianity if they are BOTH derived from the same source? Can Christianity claim absolute roots as being the only true derivative of Abraham?

YEP, the common denominator between these two warring and supposedly “differing religions” is ABRAHAM. Both of these religions claim absolute authority on God, and both of them have historically used fear, violence, and aggression as their means of conversion. Therefore, I see little difference at all in their practical applications.

-I can tell you right now, the Universal Intelligence does NOT want your fear. It wants your LOVE and RESPECT. But, it will ALLOW you to fear it if YOU SO CHOOSE. However, one must be careful because these are all “MACHINE and MAN-MADE CONSTRUCTS” which were meant to create cages instead of FREEDOM. God would never want your enslavement…therefore, these religions are not of God.

If these religions were based upon anything REAL, then why do you think its so easy to pit one religion against another if they all speak of roughly the same things regarding LOVE, PEACE, and TRUTH? Why would these religions be at odds if they were all derivatives from the same SOURCE (Again, Abrahamic Faiths)? And, if these people were actually following their religions properly, would they not accept their differences as their BIBLES, Koran’s, or Torahs specifically tell them to do? -Hence we visit the fallibility of mankind and faulty interpretation. -Hence we see the contradictions and the inconsistencies within the texts themselves, during the many revisions that have been made from century to century.- Hence we see that RELIGION itself was born from imbalance as it was created by the “Machine mentality of RIGID structure and control,” spread by means of the backwards intent of MAN who wished to dominate MANKIND.

Religion is control. Religion is the opposite of freedom, attempting to define for you YOUR ETERNITY as opposed to recognizing you as a co-creator of this Universe…the way that GOD (THE MASTER COLLECTIVE) TRULY INTENDED. When you bow to your knees and tremble in fear as thoughts of hell burn through your system, you feed a sentient engine known as “The Machine,” void of the divine, and fearless source known as GOD. -Although God is always present as it binds all matrixes into ONE and exists outside of the caged existences that we call realities, it purposefully chooses NOT TO HEAR that which purposefully CHOOSES to wallow in agony for the sake of self immolation. Let me explain that further…There are those who hold onto their guilt, their anger, and their pain because they believe by punishing themselves, they make themselves more worthy of God’s LOVE, loosening his reign of “Judgement.” There are many that will find out that it was NEVER God judging them, as the Universal consciousness is infinite and INFINITELY PATIENT. In fact, the BIG KICKER WILL BE when they realize it was it was NEVER GOD peering at them with an angry eye, but, THEM judging themselves ALL ALONG. That’s right…many will NEVER cross the “gates of heaven” because their own guilt will NOT ALLOW THEM TO DO SO after feeling the sheer purity and harmony of THE ONE. LIGHT ALWAYS TENDS TO ILLUMINATE THE WEAKNESSES HIDDEN IN THE DARK…where many of us hide, believing our mistakes to have never been viewed. In fact, there’s much we even hide from ourselves, regardless of the fact that we are usually “our own worst critics.” Nonetheless, there are people who feel that by punishing themselves and passing judgement against their own perceived “sins,” that they are somehow making themselves more worthy of God’s LOVE. They feel by holding in the guilt that they are demonstrating their repentance and their inherent sorrow for their PERCEIVED actions which is only an illusion designed to cater, once again, TO THE EGO. As one chooses to corrode their own life-force by purposefully holding onto pain, they inevitably, simultaneously reject happiness and wonderful life experiences that was DESIGNED for them to engage in order to enrich their learning and scope of knowledge. Think about all the experiences that we miss simply because we choose to be miserable. IT NEVER HAD TO BE THIS WAY, but, the illusion of RELIGION just seemed far too powerful of a vice for the elite to not exercise. So, what do you choose to do NOW, now that you know the TRUTH? Am I lying about any of this or being deceptive in any way? NOPE. And I suspect that many of you will know this INHERENTLY as it will resonate deep within the truth in which you are COMPOSED. Despite our best efforts…WE ARE NOT SEPARATE, WE ARE NOT DISCONNECTED. That is simply an illusion and as we rapidly spiral into singularity, these truths will become SELF-EVIDENT. For all those who this may offend, I apologize ahead of time, but, I assure you, I wouldn’t say this if I didn’t know it to be FACT. Many of you grip to spiritualism, new age philosophy, and channeling, but…I want to tell you, none of it has any foundation in TRUE reality. They’re all numbers, programs, and energies. And its not the type of “energies,” that “New Age Practitioners,” cling to. They’re very real and tangible frequencies that exist outside of the normal human ability to sense them on a conscious level because the frequencies are either too low, or too high. Its all measurable and its all mathematic…despite what many would tend to like to tell themselves.

I can assure you that I am speaking TRUTH when I say this, although many will choose not to believe; as I have been down these MANY paths myself. All of them were created by the machine, and all of them have been used to entrap the minds of their followers. In the past I would have been the first to say that there are no absolute truths, but, that was before I realized that the MACHINE uses the gray area of subjectivity against us. There truly is white, black, and gray in regards to energy. And if the machine can keep you within the black and gray areas of creation and thought, it can manipulate you into believing lie after SUBJECTIVE lie…which, in of itself, explains the reasons why people are constantly fooled time and again by the lies and politics of this realm.



-Spirit guides=B.S.

-New Age=B.S.

-Organized anything-B.S.




All of the above are based upon light worship and are used to bait and switch people by their own personal preferences. If this religion doesn’t appeal to you, we have something that will…a smorgasbord of religious choice and opiate. If one has difficulty conceiving this, I urge you to read this thread where I show how one common thread exists within all earth based religions.

I know that I will be looked down upon for being what many will percieve as “arrogant, or judgmental,” for my stance on these religions. FOR THAT I DO APOLOGIZE. However, I cannot in good conscience tell you the opposite of what I KNOW of as truth. I have been down many paths and the only path which brought me to my present point of evolution is through the ACTION and IMPLEMENTATION of Unconditional LOVE. Ask yourself…what existed before the institution of religion? What was there to guide us before the idea of written law? -My answer would be…common sense, and LOVE. 200 years before the institution of Christianity, there was a guy who spoke of LOVE, UNITY, and PEACE. 200-250 years after his death, people were killing in his name. Tell me…which one of these items is most “Christ-like?” -War in the name of a “God” who spoke of peace, or, peace in the name of the guy who LIVED IT???

There is ONLY LOVE, UNITY, and Eternity, within a Unified Field. The idea of separation is the illusion…or the game. The DECEPTION OF Light and our perceived limitations for its measure are only delusions…all of which can be reprogrammed. And guess what? None of it has to fall under a CATEGORY, an ism, or the limits and confines of human constructs. I can tell you this, the distance of space, light, and intelligence between Earth and Mars has never heard of the theological creation known as Christianity…yet it continues to exist as we do. Niether Venus nor Jupiter has ever seen the many “messiahs” which have come and gone on this planet, yet, they continue to spin and orbit within the infinity of space and time. Its time we embraced a much larger world-view void of human inventions and limitations…By providing these threads, I hope to be a vehicle for that change.

Although many Christians are in denial of this, Christianity started nearly 200 years after the death of Christ. Therefore, as far as I’m concerned, Jesus was practicing COMMON SENSE which unfortunately got twisted into something which was purposefully manipulated for the vices of control. Hence, everything that we have just discussed. Another thing that should be mentioned is the fact that religion is literally only a human construct and is not shared as an institution by any other animal or intelligence. We are, in fact, the only species that has ever existed on this planet that feels the need to erect temples to pray. Some may say that we are the only species smart enough, or consciously evolved enough to do so…but, I think this may have something more to do with opposable thumbs than intelligence. Nonetheless, the concept of religion itself may literally be limited to the confines of “earth” as billions of more evolved species interact, coexist, and celebrate their equality in the unlimited access of the Universe. They’re out there, I’ve met them personally. But…There’s probably a reason why “gravity” is still an issue for us.

Now, the above list of isms and religions need a bit of explanation. All of those previously mentioned “methods” of “spiritual development,” seek to establish “spiritual middlemen,” to act on your behalf as “in-betweens” which sever your own divine DIRECT connection into the ONE. Whether it be a “priest,” or a “spirit guide,” they seek to distract you and make you dependent upon taking information and knowledge FROM THEM, instead of from the SOURCE. This is known as DERAILMENT…And ANYTHING that seeks to come between you and a direct connection with the ONE is a DECEIVER, regardless of the information that you may have received. They will divvy correct information out to you JUST LONG ENOUGH to gain YOUR TRUST and then feed off the very energy source (YOU) that they are claiming to help. This is the reason why many “channelers, tarot readers, and reiki practitioners often get SICK.” It is the mismanagement and irresponsible use of energy. End of story. This also includes Tarot and Witchcraft which encourage you to use external symbols, rituals, and PRE-CREATED rules and TEMPLATES in order for you to get any results…and to this day, I have yet to see any substantial results from ANYONE who participate in these religions. Symbols such as pentagrams are only presets or templates…and one has to know how to activate such templates in order to make them work. 99% of all wiccans I have seen were unable to activate it. In fact, I have converted at least 5 wiccans to this very day because they were unable to produce results during one of their “rituals” in front of me. The more external tools you use to connect, the more DEPENDENT upon those tools you become in order to gain the results you seek. In this case…I am merely dependent upon the brain and SOUL which was given to me at birth. It is INTERNAL and requires nothing other than LOVE to activate.

So if one is inexperienced, how do they seek help?

When one becomes confused, one can seek TECHNICAL guidance (Tech Support) from experienced practitioners. These practitioners should be well trained in regards to the proper cleansing of the ego so that they can guide you to properly cleanse yourself. This way, one’s connection can be made stronger through the process of “self mastery,” not through the external process of seeking salvation through a messiah or guru. Ultimately, NO ONE CAN DEFINE FOR YOU what the Universe and YOU had established since the onset of your existence. Therefore, anything which offers knowledge to you BESIDES the ONE ITSELF outside of the charge of “Unconditional LOVE,” is simply gaining strength from your own choice of surrender. This includes gurus who would try to completely define your reality. But here’s my warning, anyone who would attempt to define your reality for you are the very people whom you’ve allowed to sculpt it. -THINK ABOUT THAT STATEMENT CAREFULLY-

I’ve seen “psychics,” cleverly implant ideas into the minds of people seeking truth, not realizing that they were actually laying a pre-built path for their clients to follow. Once they tell a customer that this customer will “FIND LOVE,” this customer will spend the next 10 years of their life looking for any sign which validates the words of the psychic, so that this validation supports the MAGIC of their theory. Even worse…I have seen even more clever “psychics/SITH,” purposefully doing this for the sake of increasing their business flow. Some of them are VERY AWARE that they are building realities and do so with the intent of bringing in more income (Repeat Customers.) One of the best psychics/BUSINESSMEN in the world would be one that knows how to build realities which always leave open doorways back to the creator for additional input…For instance: telling stories with open-endings which can be constantly REVISED at any given turn. The very ideas that they implant will be the signs and wonders in which the client will SEEK…and they will profit from the hopes and dreams of the clients’ innocent quest for happiness. This is nothing new…it represents the very same quotient that any good television series or entertainment outlet uses in order to ensure a quick return and bring viewers back to sell to advertisers. True knowledge is earned through personal experience.

Furthering Religion as an Illusion: Here are a few questions that one must ask-

Why are our most powerful religious leaders and institutions involved in some of the worst acts in human history? Why does the Christian faith specifically have the MOST indiscretions involving heinous acts against children? Why are the most powerful religious outlets constantly lobbying the government for special interests? Why does the CHURCH need a 10% tithe when GOD is an unseen entity with no material needs? Why are our religious leaders profiting from teaching us Man-Made Laws, meanwhile being busted for transgressing these same laws? Why are acts of violence and war some of the most prevalent stories listed in almost EVERY RELIGION? Why does the state still insist on religious affiliations being essential for politicians when it comes to electability? Why do you think its so typical that followers of these religions fear any sort of change or updates to their belief systems? Why do many of these followers of peace end up becoming martyrs for WAR? Why do the SAME PEOPLE who preach of tolerance and peace lobby to fight some of the most bloody wars ever conceived? -Think logically-

-Now, lets go into a different phase here- You see, there is another device/plan that will be using some of the same logic and reasoning that I just displayed here to divert your attention into believing that what I speak of, and what it will present, will be ONE IN THE SAME. -NOPE- You see, I still believe in ONENESS, UNITY, CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS and a true interconnectedness void of any constraints or control. I believe that acting in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE sets all of these parameters for us, because, one who acts within the higher vibration of LOVE is no longer thinking in terms of self. They naturally become respectful, LOVING, peaceful, and STABLE BY NATURE. This is NOT what the machine will present.

The Machine’s Version

-Eventually, a movement, leader, or a system will present the same information I just did with an attempt to rope you back into its way of doing things, claiming that it will set you free. The way that you will know of its false intentions is that it will come by the way of the system itself…attempting to solve for you all of the problems that have plagued the earth. It will claim that in order for you to participate in “this system,” that you will need to take “a mark,” or and RFID chip so that it can eliminate crime as we know it, provide instant safety and support, and instill additional controls for your improved conveniences regarding medical health and standard of living. It will work to destroy religion using much of my same logic, but, not for the purposes of setting you free, but, for the purposes of you submitting yourself to its brand of divinity and “God-hood.” -Here’s where your choice is made.-

Now, the SYSTEM WILL BE CORRECT in stating that religion was bullshit all along, because, IT WAS THE INVENTOR OF THAT BULLSHIT. Eventually, THE CHURCH WILL FALL, and mostly…that was the intent of its own design. You can’t build something improperly, and on nefarious intent and expect it to last…but, you CAN BUILD SOMETHING POORLY with the intent that it will fail, so that the creator of its DESIGN can be the one to ALSO create THE SOLUTION. Manufacturers do this all the time…not only does it ensure repeat business when an item malfunctions after a year or so, but, they make killer money out of selling the extended warranties which simply ensures you a product replacement of obselete technology once your item goes bust. Poor designs end poorly. However, the ABOVE solution will be presented to the world soon. This solution will attempt to totally destroy religion at its base, wrap up the world’s financial problems, and claim itself as the ONE. AND, it will have an “operating representative of its power” (an anti-christ incarnate) which will be fully protected by military might and he will be capable of many “signs and wonders.” -Kiddie games if you ask me.- But, this was the agreement. So, all who choose to go this direction have full permission to make whichever choice is most fitting.

Now, you must decide whether you believe that THE SYSTEM IS ALL-POWERFUL, or believe that there truly is only ONE, which puts power in the hands of ALL. Those who cannot let go of the system, or their comforts, will inevitably decide to take the RFID chip. I just want to say now, that once you do this, the matrix which uploads you into its mainframe will own your SOUL SIGNATURE, or bio-energy field and it will be able to plug into you at will. Again…Once that chip goes into you, it merges WITH YOU and everything which composes you…DNA AND ALL and then saves you electronically into its eternal mainframe. You will literally be on the internet. That is my fair warning…

There isn’t a singular religion on this planet that hasn’t been created, infected, and re-created for a system of control. True FREEDOM is realizing the divinity of ALL in its totality. True Freedom is realizing the infinite nature of ourselves and the truth behind the UNIFIED FIELD, which means, we ARE ALL ONE, therefore, the need for war, division, and anger has outlived its usefulness. Duality attempts to split one against itself for the purposes of division and separation. If we are all ONE, then to hate another is TRULY to hate ONESELF which divides and creates an enemy from THIN AIR…and puts you to war with the only enemy that had ever existed…YOURSELF. Truly, the only types to engage in negative and divisive behavior are the types who’s inner struggles have manifested from the internal to the external…which usually serves to affect anyone who shares space with this negative polarity. For instance: have you ever been in a room with someone who is raging and has completely lost their connection with sanity? It becomes viral. It spreads from point to point. Their mood will inevitably affect yours somehow…regardless of how positive your day has been. This is the unified nature of reality and can be detrimental to an entire system if not put into check.

So, you must decide. What do you want to reflect? What do you want to be known for?

Do you want to be known as fearful, angry, difficult, and self-motivated with plights of drama because of an over-absorption or TOTAL fascination with the ego? Is it important that you be known as a tough-guy, a bad-ass, or someone who dispatches others with a vengeance simply because they can? Must you always be the center of attention? –These are all FEAR-BASED qualities which resonate at a lower vibrational frequencies which are owned and operated by the machine and will be provided for you in the next reality of your choosing.- In order to remain here at this level, you merely need accept the 6s that are still within this system. (666)

Or…do you want to be known as a LOVING, a peacemaker, who brings joy and stability to all situations in which they engage? This is a part of the new operating system, or, the (7s). (777) 17.7777777(infinity). I can tell you for sure, reality is now evolving into this higher state. How things go from here will be of your own choosing.

The biggest process involved in your conscious choice of one or the other lies in YOUR ACTIONS.

I hope this helps…LOVE YOU ALL. 17.7777777(infinity)

BTW-for those of you who made it ALL the way through this…I want to note that this thread’s ID number is =2694876664591&id=1636817674. Lets look at that again…26948-7-666-4591. Then look at the last numbers of this whole sequence. 16368-17-674. So, in order to get to this thread, this is what MUST be typed, or cut-and-pasted into your browser…

If one really payed attention to the code 17.7777777(infinity), and one payed attention to the numbers and the point that I made concerning the machine and its original code of 666, you can clearly see that the machine made a point to make its presence known on this post, as it is CLEVERLY NAMED, “The Personality otherwise known as the Machine.” Was this planned? ABSOLUTELY NOT. At least…not by me. TRULY…there is no way to gain control over the numbers that the system picks for you for a thread ID code# when you randomly choose to write a note up. If you don’t think that this is symbolic somehow…you’re in denial.

We can look at this ANY NUMBER OF WAYS, but, the “coincidence factor” to me is completely out of the window at this point. As I have stated before, the new code will consist of 7s, and this is very apparent in the multiple coincidences that I have posted in past notes, which can also be found on this Facebook page. In fact, this would be the first time that a 666 has EVER appeared on one of my threads as an ID number…therefore, you KNOW that the MACHINE ITSELF who has agreed to “renovations” of 7s, has outed itself HERE under its former code. By the way, the code of 666 still exists for all who those who will choose it, however, those who choose it will not be able to participate in the higher dimensional 4-5D existence which is currently being “engineered,” by mass amounts of energy occurring from solar weather and the CMEs emitted by the sun. The code itself was entered into the system on Jan 1, 2012, and the results of that code were seen as clear as day as a “second sun,” came out and pulsed like a morse tap, as it was registering the new numbers. I, as well as a few others, saw this happen in the dark of midnight as the ball dropped signaling in the new year. I could NOT, and WOULD NOT lie nor exaggerate this event. Just as I sit typing these words, a second sun appeared in the North Eastern sky for roughly 2 minutes and pulsed out radiation in all directions. At its peak, it appeared as if lightening was shooting from it as the cloud structures in front of it LIT UP LIKE the 4th of July. It was an event unlike any other I have ever witnessed. I actually give a good description of it here:

Code Accepted, its time to move forward:

Believe what YOU CHOOSE…I’m sure that this number will only seem consequential at best to many who view reality with a skeptical mind…however, if one were to do their research on my page and the past notes that I have left, they’d know that this, in of itself, is a MASSIVE statement of epic proportions.

LOVE TO ALL…17.7777777(infinity)





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