In my many years of studying earth-based religion, I have found one common denominator which seems to link them all. There are many who may at first struggle with this idea, but, if one were to do the research then it becomes blatantly apparent. This common denominator entails the worship of light, or…”the sun.”

To my knowledge, “light” equates to ONE SOURCE…

For those who are not familiar with my philosophies on “light,” I only consider light to be a means of creation or a translator of information. I do not consider it to be the “divine source” nor do I consider it to be the unifying “god” of this reality. Since both positive and negative can exist within the functions of light, it only serves as a finite containment system which hosts creation. This does not necessarily make me correct, but, if one were to look through a different write-up of mine, it might give one some insight as to my personal interpretation of how light operates.

As the majority of us already know, our very earth and everything that resides within it is woven of light. To further the point of this world being made of “light,” Einstein gave us a very specific equation of which has been found to be accurate…E=MC2. Energy equals Mass multiplied by the speed of light squared. Keep in mind that our entire reality is based upon the planetary orbits that weave themselves around “the sun.” The sun, or atom, is the major point of mass that keeps the planets, or electrons, orbiting it’s gravitational pull.

Let’s look at the nature of light:
Think about the digital light of which every computer runs on. Very similar to the way you stare into a lit computer and type on a screen, and then press the “enter’ button…light is sent from one location to the next, translating your typed thoughts onto the digital binary code, then re-translated into HTML etc. so that others using the internet can read what you wrote. Does one typically worship the light emanating from one’s computer? No? Then why would one worship light that comes from anything else? Again, this very “earth,” including you and I are woven of vibrating frequencies, meaning…we are all composed of “light.” We are woven into the very creation that many perceive as “god,” therefore, are we not all worthy of the very worship that people so willingly give? Personally, I don’t see much sense in self-worship; therefore, I choose to give LOVE in place of false reverence.

But, Let’s look deeper into the supposed “sourcing” of “light.”
Light Bearer/Morning Star = Lucifer

Jesus = Bright and Morning Star

Keep in mind, I am using RELIGION here to explain something that religion itself invented. Those who are not religiously affiliated, or who are scientifically minded might find themselves completely confused by this message. If so, skip it. Hopefully, those who are very religiously prone will see some of this and scratch their heads a bit and try to play a bit of “connect the dots.”

Islam- worships the “Light of Allah.”
Christianity – “Light of Christ.”
Buddhism – “Light of Buddha.”
Hinduism- Have a literal “light festival” of worship called, “Diwali.” Hinduism also has several different light based gods and goddesses.
Wicca- Light of the Goddess/Mother Earth/Light of the Earth
New Age- Worship Light as “Source.”
Satanism- Light of lucifer, light of satan.
Paganism- worship of several gods, most notably, the “Goddess.” It intertwines many notable religions into one system including Christianity and the worship of light.
Even Santa Clause was based upon being guided by the LIGHT of Rudolph. This is a myth which has survived long the test of time.
Norse Legend Odin- Light of Odin. Odin has a son named Baldr who is a god of light and purity. Thor also travels by means of lightening bolt.

Side note: Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and Satanism are all Abrahamic-based faiths. One does not survive without the other, and each are absolutely dependent upon the other for a continued existence…yet, for the sake of a soap opera tale, they find themselves at odds with one another by those who need the adversity.

Again, all earth religions have ONE COMMON DENOMINATOR. – Light-

I could go on and on here due to the fact that I have studied this inside and out. I think it very important that those of “faith” would consider looking into this quite deeply and understand the implications.

Think about the division that all of this has caused. There are literally over 20,000 competing forms of Christianity. All of which believe their faith to have the one and only monopoly on the soul. Which one of these 20,000 sects definitively brings the soul to heaven? And, if not one of the many Christian faiths, then how about the “non-christian” faiths? Only one can be right…RIGHT???

What are the chances that it all works under the same pretenses? From religion to religion it would appear that everyone is converting one another back to the same identical source…light. Therefore, It would seem to me that the only thing that matters to the architect of all religions is the direction of the worship itself (light)…and it doesn’t mind playing both sides (positive or negative) to get that energy. To this source, It doesn’t matter what name is invoked or what polarity is chosen, just as long as it is a pre-approved, pre-fabricated, template religion where the choice of source is clearly defined in terms of luminosity. Just like a moth to a flame…there’s more than a distinct possibility that ALL religions are worshiping the same thing, not even realizing it’s truest of origins.

Have you ever watched a moth go towards light? Whether they continuously bump into it over and over until it concusses and kills them, or fly right into a bug zapper, they will do it repeatedly until it becomes their end. This is something that should be studied by all human beings so that they can understand the deceptive nature of what light does to the human, animal, and insect psyche. This isn’t something that is limited to the human mind because we can constantly see the effects of what light does to a deer a night time when traveling on the roads. We can see what it does to insects as they repetitively go to it regardless of the countless deaths of all their friends before them. And…we can see that same effect occur in the countless stories of people who have supposedly “crossed over,” due to near death experiences.

Until human beings realize what they are inside of and the “game” that they participating in, the gambit will continue to run unabated and uninterrupted. It will continue until we can identify the cycle and make the correct, coherent changes.

By the way, I will offer a piece of knowledge that one may welcome, or, curse me for. As I have been “shown,” by intelligences more advanced than I…The “light” at the end of the tunnel that is often described by people who have had “Near Death Experiences,” is the very world of “light” that one just left at the moment of death. Yes, it is merely the soul finally leaving the earth realm. And Remember…that “light” is a thinking, sentient, intelligence that changes upon observation and interaction (Double Slit Experiment). To it, you are a source of energy. To it…you are another battery of which can continue powering it’s regular cycle. That’s right…light still needs energy to shine, just like the flashlights we carry in our pockets, and it will do anything to keep you within it.

According to my knowledge, when you turn around and go back into that light…you are reincarnated here to begin the process anew. This is fine for some, but, not so fine for others. Therefore, one has to choose what is right for them with the knowledge that they have been given.

Every description I have ever heard of a NDE always ends with the moment where the person becomes enveloped by a warm, welcoming, “loving,” light of which they enter, and then…, just like magic, they awaken right back here on planet earth to tell their tale. Again, this “light” that they all experience is the very light that composes this realm and sucks them right back to where they just left. With so many of the same accounts being told, this is the only viable conclusion that I can come to. Think about it carefully.

Now…with all of this being said, I will not try to defend a word of it. One is welcome to think me of me as off, wrong, insane, or whatever suits their needs. I am merely giving this out as I know and understand it.





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