Innerstanding your fears … Psychologically … Is recognising false thoughts … Hence avoiding any lights (energetic thought forms) after death






Rose I innerstand that no one can destroy a soul correct? So sealing ourselves withour soul and oversoul’s God/Creator/Maker/Dad is safe correct?
Adaline C
Excerpts from TEXT: Meditation
People are guaranteed to have at least one Spiritual experience. That experience will happen when they die. If it is their only Spiritual experience, then their ability to handle it is likely to be limited.
The purpose of meditation, when used for Spiritual purposes, is to cause the event sequence which takes place at the time of death to happen earlier when the person is nowhere near death. The common phrase is “Dying Daily”. The reason to “practice dying” is to solve problems in the practice sessions which, if left unsolved, will be likely to result in re-incarnation.
Let’s take an example from the Tibetan Book of the Dead: A person dies. He sees a bright light.

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