The negative vibe is not one you should subscribe to,

But it’s hard to see the light, when things just seem so dark

BUT really they aint you just letting circumstances get the best of your heart.

But know that you’ll get through. Maybe with some scars …but scars just represent

Wounds that were open deep inside your soul, when you let LOVE into your

Life, hey, maybe making you whole.

It’s so easy to be negative but to always see the GOOD is taking affirmative

ACTION against anything trying to bring you down

Did you get found? By yourself?

You aint some doll to be gawked at on the shelf!

F*uck what THEY say, I’m here to STAY. Like it or not the SUN will shine another day!

Beating warmth and rays down on my skin so brown, feel so GOOD to know the

Can and will always be found. We just gotta open your eyes and see

We’re on the brink of change, but we’re so far gone, it seems outta range.

But we can’t lose sight, cause even harder we must FIGHT

To keep our dream alive and well, to change this evil world living in hell

When HEAVEN on EARTH should be our inspiration,

Instead people are like sheep following blindly, giving conformation and submission

To the EVIL powers that be, but HEY if it were up to me…

We’d blow up all the guns and arms dealers of the earth,

Surly giving rise and hope to a new birth

Of GOOD and loving people who actually CARE…and don’t look now

But these people would actually be fair,

To one another and not deceive, such a thought they would never conceive

Because these people would be above lies and deceit and follow a Universal Law

How many wishes on the monkeys paw…must we use before we finally change-

But perhaps the time has come and it’s really out of our mortal range.

And we’re back to our idea of CHANGE and the deep desire to do so

Will be seen through rearranging civilization and Time,

Being in sync and rhyme..rhythm..flow… with our cosmic energy and synchronicities yo!

The ending of one world BUT the beginning of the next!

This time it’s gonna be way different, without being stressed.

My words are my power and ALL can be known,

But yet we don’t use words, instead grunts and groans.

Because people are lazy and for some reason refuse to believe,

Not knowing the potential and power within them

To be seen.










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