Wake Up You – Poem


By Randall
Contributor, ZenGardner.com

The coming of the time
Is upon your restless sleep
A voice inside your dreams
Speaks from somewhere deep

Messages burn inside your being
The world has cast asunder
Pure essence is stirring about
To awaken you from the slumber

Listen to the whispers
Telling you something’s wrong
The spell you have been under
Casting your design for ages long

You are approaching the moment
A portal appears of fearless might
Brings a choice for you to make
A decision to claim your life

If you can no longer ignore
Or deny the obvious quandary
Be it understood if you enter
Freed spirits have no boundary

With this freedom births a warrior
With no direction on what to do
Embrace yourself for the first time
And welcome this being called you

You shall find much treasure
Saying words you dare not before
Steadfast with this new mission
Unique but alone no more

Hear the sound of resonate voices
A chorus of enlightened minds
Singing a song of invitation
And things to be left behind

So different from those lullabies
A new tune has found your ear
Dance along with what you know
Finding purpose for being here

There is no promise of comfort
In these words of season and rhyme
Just a chance that you might wake up
Finding the you in step with your time


SOURCE : http://www.zengardner.com/wake-up-you/





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