Oh my, this was supposed to be a one-liner; however, we were compelled by our heart to write this and let this go out; there is definitely a soul out there for who this is meant for; if this is not for you then just give it a miss; if something raises an emotion within us, it is time to perhaps look within and discover the root of the objection; the world without, is merely a mirror within; humanity is but an interface; be blessed;

There are at least 9 levels of grid matrix also termed “heavens”, interconnected with portals that run in a closed loop system: the holographic effect; the sun is one such portal; it really started with an artificial vacuum being created which then draws in light from the dimension it was programmed from; each star in this matrix is a soul group or powerful individualized life-stream whose life-force have been drawn into this matrix, in this last age it has been by employment of cosmic law in a deceitful manner: opposite living entities created artificial grid star matrixes such as this one; these are soul traps; were drawn like moths to a flame from formlessness into an artificial world of form; and “they” claimed that we made a “free-will” choice; remember, as above so below; on our website one will read how courts trap the living as a legal fiction entity; it’s very much the same thing on another level; there is a matrix management of souls on every level; back to the sun model;

Imagine a Torus and that the sun is at the centre of the torus and we are on the inflow side spiralling out and seemingly forever to expand, yet through the ages, space and time slowly create a horizon and fold over into a hollow ball which will complete the full spiralling around the torus until we are all once again purified and transmuted through the Central Sun from the other side of what we can see now; which is the “front side” of the black hole that we see in the centre of our galaxy; meaning the other side of a black hole, is a sun; and, the other side of a sun is a black hole; the side that draws in energy/light is black (full of light) the other side is the Central Sun which radiates the energy/light sun (void of light);

So, too is our galaxy a torus AND NOT A FLAT DISC; there are at least 9 levels with fractal branches; we do not have a camera out in the void which can photograph an entire galaxy; we do not know what it looks like; this is very simplified, hope you get it;

Back to the explosions and the tree being trimmed; what we are seeing is explosions which originate from the other side of the sun; where there are spiritual equivalents of our worlds and us; our future selves, if you will; there is a battle raging in every heaven and on every plane, right now; people who watch lasco and the others probably see lots of objects coming in and out of the sun; these are beings who live in the equal and opposite flow of we, “light” beings; “non-light” beings, archons, non-entity/sat-an, whatever you call it; as there are 9 levels to the sun too; and, which we cannot see or measure or map, yet; at times in the past these inter-dimensional explosions have reached the earth and molten gold rained down, literally from the sun; origin of much alluvial and sea gold;

The ancient Mayans showed that this age will be ended by the sun with a sword sticking out of its mouth; meaning focused energy, meaning an energy spike; a pulse energy wave if you wish;
this pulse wave happened last year and now travelling out, towards us; when it will reach us, no-one knows…

How this will play out for each soul is completely up to what we believe will happen; each of us will experience our own belief system, whatever path we choose; we, as humanity will either be in harmony when it arrives in which case it will AMPLIFY us and our blessings will multiply; OR, we will remain as we are, out-of-sync and therefore be flat-lined/neutralized and all energy transmuted by the energy spike will return back to the Central Sun; sun explosions is the effect of “un-conscious” or “non-individualized” energy transmuted back to the Central Sun;

The Native Americans call this the time of purification; when all energy not in alignment will be “burnt” for lack of a more descriptive word; for those who have chosen the path of The Great Mystery, now is the time to purify the body, mind and soul; sweat-lodge purification ceremonies are good for the body, mind and spirit; a sauna works just as well, but only for the physical body; there are great energy clearing meditations by Cameron Day which one can download at; Thai Chi and Qi Gong are still the best physical exercise for any age to do: it massages all organs bringing perfect health and a deadly self-defence technique, especially for women; it’s truly empowering; download any of the 4 traditional styles, not the hocus pocus new age ones; go authentic;

Tom Kenyon talks about chaotic nodes and transitional states of consciousness such as what we perceive as death; death is the doorway, people; investigate it, make it your first friend; dance with death as the Naguals still do: read “The Sorcerer’s Crossing” by Taisha Adelar; they separate the “ego” and the “true self” in a process called “Recapitulation” where one literally unhooks etheric negative emotional ego experiences which hold the soul journey back; and, they learn where the ego mind ends and the intuitive all-knowing heart, the true-self starts; and, communicating between the two; and, then literally turning the true self out of the physical body without it being aware it’s doppelganger is operating elsewhere…
thus, the ancestors of the Toltec mystics called Nahwal, know that the ego gets transmuted at death, but that that their fully aware consciousness is re-born fully intact; their motto is: if you honour death then death will honour you; these people are walking amongst us: also known as the “twice-born”; we have met one who has been fully conscious for 35 000 years with memory fully intact; these folk will never allow one to come to them; they will come to the true seeker when they are ready and they have made the right call; death told us 8 times: “you are not ready”; read the book which takes one through the process, if this interests you;

At the end of the day, our energy was here at the beginning of Creation and it will be here at the completion of this Creation, and each in turn, eternally spiralling into the next, and the next, forever and ever; life is a journey and not a destination; enjoy the ride; be blessed.





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