We are natural co creators of our reality … What you believe is what manifests … Thought forms can become very real … We are like antennas and we pick up thoughts … Education system also does this … Telling us what to believe in … The mind needs to rest or else it goes into overdrive … It is best to get back in touch with nature IMHO and let go of ones thoughts … To just be … And not give any importance to distracting thought forms that are mere phantasms that don’t belong to the natural world of being a co creator … thoughts are AI … nature wasn’t created by thought … That is why it heals … Just my observation within

Don’t try … Just watch your thoughts without engaging in them cos it’ll just carry on into your sleep … Even seeing the horrors of life one must put that aside … I’ve seen some horrors and had to learn to chill out … By observing myself within cos I do not want to manifest the horrors … One can experience a lot that doesn’t seem right … We don’t know the answers nor the truth … But we must watch and listen and learn in quietness … The brain does a lot of chattering and the imagination plays foul … Try to rest before you sleep and then your dreams will be restful for it will BE AWARENESS … And you will SEE more clearly and INNERSTAND your own inner nature without doubting it

Thoughts are the hologram … Nature has the cure … naturally








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