JAY ESSEX : Biggest Mass Whale Deaths, Annunaki War, Star Ships





Whale Deaths,

Annunaki War,

Star Ships

Published on 4 Dec 2015

There’s a whale extinction event happening as well as an Annunaki Civil War which includes Serpoian involvement, and there’s also a large Star Ship involved that’s popping in and out of our local space here on Earth. Just FYI..



Apocalyptic Die-Off:

337 Dead, Biggest Mass Whale Death

Known to Science

Published on 3 Dec 2015

In the most shocking case of mass animal deaths to date, 337 endangered Sei whales have been found dead in Southern Chile.

According to Chilean news agencies. the whales were discovered by scientists on November 17, but only now has the mass death been reported to the authorities (and leaked to the press). In May, in the same part of the Aysen region, biologist Vreni Haussermann discovered 30 dead Sei whales. Baffled scientists suggested at the time…

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