A Message to Women, the Architects of Humanity




By Robin Thoreau

Despite my name, I am not a woman. I am a man. I am a man who treasures the Sacred Feminine and wants the world to embrace it and understand it for what it is. The tug and pull of the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine is like an electromagnetic current, with each empowering the strengths of the other to create a balanced perception of the world. The balance that each individual has with their own left-brain and right-brain manifests how the two genders co-exist with one another through our actions in the world. In other words, the level of cohesion between ourindividual Masculine, analytical left-brain and our Feminine, creative right-brain reflects the cohesion between men and women in everyday collectiveinteractions.

A free, cooperative humanity must operate under the principles of Anarchy in order to be a sovereign race. Anarchy simply means “without rulers/masters.” It does NOT mean “without rules.” It is understanding that I own my body and mind and you own your body and mind, and we are 100% responsible for our own actions, and the community works together to uphold morality without an authority figure. The concept of authority is immoral, illegitimate, and irrational and is derived out of belief in authority created by perpetual fear and anxiety, a state ofenergetic imbalance. When one creates a magic dance between the left-brain and right-brain, wonderful things happen.

When one links together the Feminine Principle of Non-aggression and the Masculine Principle of Self-defense, the concept of Anarchy becomes a lot clearer. A “right” can easily be defined as ANY action that does NOT do harm to another living being (directly or indirectly). An immoral action is one that infringes on a “right” of another living being. In other words, if everybody operates under this simple understanding, the concept of slavery is non-existent. Do not harm another living being (Non-aggression Principle), but if somebody uses an act of aggression against you, you have every single right to defend yourself appropriately (Principle of Self-defense).


2. Anarchist


You may be wondering why the title of this article is such as it is. Women are theArchitects of Humanity, because their gifts of creativity and intuition are what ultimately form the blueprint of society. The power of influence that Women hold is so astronomically powerful because the Sacred Feminine is the cosmic force that magnetically attracts energy that so wishes to manifest such beauty to experience subjectively. This is where Men come in. Men are the Engineers of Humanity. Men represent the cosmic force that electrifies the Feminine force, providing the energy to bring forth the inspiration to life.

This Feminine force of Creation is what is commonly called The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the sacred, cosmic energy that inspires us all to create through our imagination. Mother Earth has a unique personality, and therefore has a unique blend of Holy Spirit that She radiates for us humans to weave a society for our evolutionary development. It is up to Women to use this energy to craft a blueprint for us to explore ourselves subjectively, and it is up to Men to use their own gifts to make it a reality. The Masculine force of Creation is commonly referred to as The Father. Once The Father and The Holy Spirit come together and have their magic dance, they give birth to The Son, which is the manifestation of our actions. And thus we have the Trivium: The Father (Thoughts) + The Holy Spirit (Emotions) = The Son (Actions).


3. Chalice


Women of the world, I call out to you to realize your potential and to unlock your hidden power. The actions of an immoral society are a manifestation of a blueprint that was crafted with your pen that has been dipped in poison by an intruder in secret. The state of humanity is a direct result of the corruption of Feminine consciousness through deliberate social engineering and mind-control. If Women understand the difference between right and wrong behavior, and use theirPower of Influence on the rest of the world, then and only then will humanity become moral and in balance.

Do not get me wrong, my lovely Feminine comrades. Men are just to blame for the creation of such a society, but you must understand that it is your compliance with their dirty deeds that has allowed their actions to go unabated for so long. A large problem within society is that we worship physical strength as a representation of the pinnacle of human possibility. Physical strength is generally a trait gifted to Men, which is why we have a society built around a survival-of-the-fittest paradigm. We need to change our perception of the world, and realize that EMOTIONAL strength is just as important (if not MORE important) as physical strength. And of course, my wonderful Feminine comrades, you hold the key to emotional strength.

Stop letting society tell you what you can and cannot do, how you should look, how you should act, and how you should value yourself. Women, EVERY single one of you is absolutely GORGEOUS both inside and out just the way you are. Each and every one of you is so powerful and each of you represents a unique personality of The Holy Spirit, which was gifted to you so you could form a beautiful tapestry woven with your individual yarn. Women, take out your knitting supplies, and weave the reality that you want to see!

Women, it is time for you to stop complying with the immoral actions of Men. Your Power of Influence is so strong, that you have the ability to stop every single war, famine, government corruption, torture, inequality, animal and child abuse, and environmental degradation with one very powerful word: NO! I implore you to get angry and say “I am ANGRY, and I am NOT going to take this ANYMORE!” To the Women who have boyfriends, husbands, and best friends who are going out in the world and doing immoral actions, it is time to use that one powerful word.

If you have a husband who is a police officer whose job it is to act as an attack dog for the elite, who goes around infringing on the natural rights of everyday people, tell him “NO! I will NOT give you my love and affection anymore if you continue to be a part of this cult.

If you have a boyfriend in the military whose job it is to blindly follow the orders of politicians by depriving people abroad of their natural right to live, tell him “NO! I will NOT give you my love and affection anymore if you continue to be a part of this cult.

If you have a husband who is a politician whose job it is to rule over people by crafting laws that infringe on the rights of people, including taxation as a form of theft, tell him “NO! I will NOT give you my love and affection anymore if you continue to be a slave-master!

If you have a boyfriend who is a logger whose job it is to needlessly and ruthlessly demolish an entire rainforest without a hint of regret or remorse, tell him “NO! I will NOT give you my love and affection anymore if you continue to destroy Mother Earth.

If you have a husband who is an IRS agent whose job it is to harass and coerce innocent people while stealing their hard-earned cash from them from the product of their labor so their money could be used for something they don’t even support or believe in, tell him “NO! I will NOT give you my love and affection anymore if you continue to steal from people with threats of violence!

If you have a boyfriend who works at a slaughterhouse whose job it is to abuse and defile animals so people can enjoy a cheeseburger at McDonalds, tell him “NO! I will NOT give you my love and affection anymore if you continue to disrespect animals!

If you have a husband who works as a biochemist for a pharmaceutical company whose job it is to create poisonous pills and vaccines to weaken the psychic potential of humans and destroy their immune system for profit, tell him “NO! I will NOT give you my love and affection anymore if you continue poisoning humanity!

If you have a boyfriend who works as a vivisection scientist whose job it is to needlessly torture animals in experiments so humans can wear make-up or do something else harmful or unnecessary, tell him “NO! I will NOT give you my love and affection anymore if you continue to disrespect animals!

If you have a best friend who is a pilot whose job it is to dump chemicals in the sky to infect humanity with harmful particulates and to block the sun from aiding our evolution, tell him “NO! I will NOT give you my love and affection anymore if you continue to harm humanity and Mother Earth!

If you have men who pressure you into sex with the intention to manipulate you and use you for your body, tell yourself“NO! I will not allow myself to fall in love with bad men simply because they are confident and sexy and are able to trigger my hormones, and instead will have self-love until I find a nice man who will love me for who I am!”

And on and on and on…

When you stop giving your love and affection to your male counterparts, they WILL listen. I promise you this. There is an inherent NEED for men to make you happy and satisfied, as your Holy Spirit is necessary for our own happiness. Your tender Feminine empathy, sympathy, creativity, and Motherly Love is what holds everything else into balance. Your emotional fortitude is needed now more than ever.

Please do not interpret my message as Feminism. The Feminism Movement is not only about gender equality. It is about victimization and destroying the Sacred Masculine by mercilessly and militantly eradicating the role Men have to play in this sub-luminary existence. The reality is that you, my Feminine Darlings, have been free and equal this entire time. You have allowed Mother Culture to warp your perception of morality and you have allowed your passive nature to be taken advantage of. You have willingly taken the back seat of Creation by complying with the immoral actions of your male counterparts. If any of you have jobs that are responsible for doing immoral things unto humanity and the planet, then you need to seriously reconsider your life path. If you have boyfriends, husbands, or best friends who have these jobs, then you need to put your foot down and say NO!




Don’t get me wrong, as Women have indeed been victims. But Men have been victims as well. Let us set aside this victimization, and let us end these insane Gender Wars by attacking the REAL culprit: THE SYSTEM. It is this system that has created this gender disparity and brain-schism by preying upon both the strengths and weaknesses of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine. It is the inherent belief in authority that has damaged the heart and soul of humanity, and the misunderstanding of the difference between right and wrong behavior. THIS is where we need to focus all of our attention.

My beautiful Feminine warriors, it is time for you to fight. But this is not a physical fight. It is a war on consciousness, and it starts inside of your own head. It is time to do shadow-work and pick out all of the contradictions, fallacies, and un-Truths inside of your own head. It is time for you to emulate the courage of Eowyn ofThe Lord of the Rings, to follow the footsteps of Katniss of The Hunger Games, and to follow the inner strength of Tris from the Divergent series. You are more powerful than you realize, and until you take up your sword and crown and realize your Power of Influence, Men will continue to ravage this planet until Mother Earth has given up her faith in us and our evolution.

You have allowed Mother Culture to dim your light that Mother Earth has bestowed upon you. My siSTARS, your light was once so radiant and powerful, that us Men couldn’t help but to bow down in your beauty, strength, charisma, and conviction, and bask in your glory! It is nigh time to radiate your Holy Spirit once more and heal and repair the schism that has divided humanity. First we must individually heal the schism in our own brains by breaking down the dam that has been holding back the currents of a once Mighty River. We must reconnect the two brain hemispheres and embrace what it means to be a sovereign being: upholding both the Feminine Principle of Non-aggression and the MasculinePrinciple of Self-defense. Then and only then will we be able to heal the rest of the world and both Men AND Women will be able to perform the most magical, beautiful dance than we could ever imagine.

So take up your paintbrush and paint together a NEW blueprint for humanity and do not allow men to deviate from your plans. Make this societal structure built around morality where everybody understands the difference between right and wrong, and where everybody understands the difference between Truth and Perception. If Men deviate from the plans, then this structure will not be built with integrity, and it will collapse. Let us together create a better world that supports Mother Earth and allows Mother Culture to take a back seat so she could do her shadow-work until she understands morality and centers herself on the path to Truth and Freedom.

As a visual, please refer to this video. This is what should be happening inside of all of our brains individually, and as a reflection should manifest a reality for both Men and Women to explore and grow in Harmony.



Friend Robin, thank you so very deeply for reaching deep into the Heart of the Feminine, She is the Force of Love Manifest. I will only add these few words; achieving a state of Being Love is the true gift of the Feminine, it is the answer and the Way and for Her to reach a state of Grace, she gives in free flowing rivers of gratitude, truth, harmony and beauty. My body is my sacred temple, She is not for hire or desire.

So dear Lady Warriors who have heard the call, stand in blazing glory of Freedom, Love Unbound … and only say NO to the acts that degrade, to those who commit them have the courage to keep Loving. That is all we can really ever do.


SOURCE : http://earthempaths.net/wp/2015/12/06/a-message-to-women-the-architects-of-humanity/




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