Humor And The Spiritual Path

Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

With all the crazy changing energies we have been encountering lately, I am seeing so many people losing touch with their inner child.  Remember, the children inherit the Kingdom of God.  This is not to be taken to mean that you have to be under 18 to partake of this Inner Kingdom, it means you need to be light in spirit.  Which children certainly are the best example of this lightness, and it comes from their ability to LAUGH.  With all the fear porn that is being circulated these days, not only in main stream media, but in spirituality as well, it is crucial to have a sense of humor.
When you encounter someone that is perpetrating fear or outdated information, use humor to protect yourself. If you refuse to take them seriously, by using humor you will deflate their egos and they will find it extremely difficult to enter…

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