People are used to taking sides, and naturally assume that other people take sides, and that there is a side that MUST be chosen which is what we are conditioned to do.
Any time you believe ANYTHING on face value alone, THAT is operating on ego, because the reality is NEVER just the surface alone. Discernment is not the ability to choose one side or another, but to see BOTH sides, and to acknowledge BOTH points of view, and not to be blind to just a choice of black or white.

In the meantime, plan for the worst AND plan for the best, but keep your options open, and your mind open and not closed to merely accepting things on face value. Learn to see beyond just the surface, and then you will start to have real power to break the spell of mind control and manipulation, and you’ll start to see beyond the veil of duality.

Maybe Humanity is starting to become awake, now, and instead of just going along with the masses and accepting the realities that you are told is true, that you create your own knowing and understanding. To quote Barbara Marciniak, “instead of absorbing the frequencies around you, when you can emit your own frequencies, then you are acting empowered as a self-sovereign being capable of knowing your own truth instead of relying on other people telling you what the truth is.” That is the very basis of the very foundation of Philosophy. Nothing will change otherwise, as long as there exists conflict that is unable to be resolved, but only perpetuates aeon after aeon after aeon in one way or another.

As long as there is conflict, there is no evolution or healing of the planet and of our own genetics, it remains destructively stagnant and will only get worse. I hope this is received with intelligence, and not with ego or anger, OR accusation.”

The pictures below represents the unifiable paradox. X and Y are two arguments that bicker eternally, yet in their UNITY the wholeness creates the Circle — not only the combination of both arguments, but also in a Third unique inclusion of both X and Y. The Wholeness.

There are no dualities because a duality is X negates the existence of Y. True OR False. But True OR False is a dualistic argument. In Reality, matter itself is 1/2 of the whole. Matter unifies as Light. Light is the Unity, Matter is the PARADOX, whereas there are no real dualities.

Any sufficiently evolved civilization knows this as true. However many Humans don’t, and so you get DISTORTIONS of the truth.

Yin and Yang is Motion AND Stillness, and together creates a wholeness of that which is beyond merely the physical, but also a unity of Light, an expression of the Soul.




X and Y = R … but R (the name of the circle, not just the radius but ALSO it is considered the wholeness; “circle of R”) is not just X and Y, it is UNIQUE, of it’s OWN validity, not merely an addition of two opposing arguments. This is why when you look beyond the veil of opposites and dualities, you receive an infinite plethora of information, once the veil is UNLOCKED.

Light is a unique form of it’s own, without time and without space, BUT also since Light CREATES time and space, then light is MORE AND Beyond. Therefore it is NOT a duality, and also it cannot be said that matter physical reality is a duality, but a PARADOX. Because time is a thing of the physical, and time is very much ridden with paradoxes, then that should be intuitively obvious. Grandfather paradox is a prime example of the nature of physical matter reality.

The Yin Yang has never been associated with good and evil. It’s meaning is “motion and stillness.” It has nothing to do with positive or negative, that’s not what the universe is about. Duality is not the nature of the universe..

The proton is a positive charge and the electron a negative charge. However the proton is MUCH bigger and composed of three quarks. The electron is basically a lepton, the same size of a single quark, but it’s negative in charge because of it’s momentum to exist within equilibrium, and is basically only a 2-dimensional particle, which is a paradox unto itself. So you can see the “negative” has much less mass and force than the positive. If you want to look at it like that …..

The electron isn’t even a real object. It’s a paradox of ACTION, which is not an object. You cannot track it’s position simultaneous with it’s momentum. It’s not a rock that if you throw it you can see where it goes. It’s not like that at all. You can ONLY see EITHER where it is, or where it’s going to be, but never both simultaneously..



SOURCE : https://outofthisworldx.wordpress.com/2015/12/09/yin-and-yang-is-motion-and-stillness-and-together-creates-a-wholeness/#like-20181


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