New Age Cloud By freefall | POEM






New Age Cloud

There is no pain
There is no strife
And pretty soon
There is no life

And with the fame
Then come the crowds
You’re floating on
A New Age cloud

Come down from there
Feet on the ground
Before you spin us
Round and round

It’s time to take life by the reigns
When stating that there’s none to blame
You miss the ones who cause the pain
And even though they look the same
It’s plain to see that they’re insane

I refuse to identify
With those who don’t expose their lies
The greatest fault of ours, you see
Is that we still allow them to be

Our rulers keep us swatting flies
As long as we believe their lies
Then humanity will never rise

So get off of that New Age cloud
Before it turns into a shroud
And lend your voice both clear and loud

The enemy that resides inside
Came from a system they devised
To keep us clean and sanitized
From any truth that we could find

If the advocate’s Devil you play too long
You could lose sight of right and wrong
And all that’s left for you to take
To be a winner of debates

So get off of that New Age cloud
And raise your head above the crowd
We’re here to lift both hearts and minds
Come back to yourself
And continue your climb


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