CORINNE: THE FIRE IGNITED … Leaving only those whose hearts were lighter than the feather






So. I had a dream last night on December 11th, 2015.

There was a fire set ablaze in the abyss, and shadow beings were trying to put it out. Try as they might they weren’t able to do so. Eventually they left to inform their masters and a call went out. Armies of two opposing sides amassed; one in white armor and one in black armor.

The fire ignited more sending out a barrier between the two armies. Eventually a figure emerges from the flame and steps forward with a feather and a scale. The two armies send forward their leaders to meet with this figure.

In order to determine the worthiness of these individuals to have access to the fire’s strength, their hearts were weighted against the pure feather of the figure. They both were found wanting.

Another being in armor that shone with light stepped…

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