MICHELLE A : I believe it was a message to be given to others…only thing is they gave it to me and I share it when I can






Okay…I may have some helpful words. I know two people who had dreams with some of the details you may want.

The first one was from a relative who was a child of 12 at the time and woke up with this dream.

He said “We had to physically travel to a place but knew where we were going instinctively. We were wearing white and the Creator came down to the people in a ‘fiery sun form’. He describes the Creator as having what looked like white flowing hair and white clothes (which sounds like energy to me) and gold eyes. The Creator said to the people “Do not be afraid of me. I have come to rid the world of evil in everyone. You have been deceived”.

Then little balls of light came down and they turned into angels and they went all over the…

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