I’m just going to make this in simple language. To show you the door. How you get there is up to you… The point is to just get there before time is out.

There are beings on the earth that resided here long before mankind was thought of… these beings are fallen angles. Some stories call them Enki, Enlil, An, Apsu, the igigi, the annunaki, to name a few. These beings killed the guardian of the abyss to create a world of their own, in their image. Her name was Tiamat. They sliced her intestines, pierced her heart and made her body into the sky to separate the abyss from the earth.

These beings are evil.

They took the fathers creation of the earth and manipulated it into their likeness. Using the powers that the father had given them in the first place; they contorted the creation called mankind and turned him into a slave and a food source.

They took extra measures to punish the females, because these females embodied the creation of the father. So they set men above the woman.

These beings are devils, demons, aliens, djinn, watchers, and so much more.

They set aside a group of men who successfully interbred with them in front of all the other men… These are the illuminati.

These illuminati are in control of every aspect of the lives of men.

We are in their house.

We used to live for hundreds of years, but they found a way to consume our time. The more the population grew, the less they needed us around. We were recycled, time and time again. Reincarnated.

The only way out is to wake up, and when the time comes, should you die, do not enter the light. If you enter the light you will be sent back to the earth to be fed upon again.

You are more powerful than you know. Remember who you are. Go inward. Find yourself. Remember.






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