Limitless Oscillating Vibrating Energy ….   our original ESSENCE   …..   Rebirth … NEW BEGINNINGS







Did you know that the Electromagnetic Field in your Heart, your Brain – and every cell in your entire body, gets their ‘Fields’ from The Schumann Resonances, the Electromagnetic (EM) Field in the Earth and Sky (It’s made by the vibrations from the bolts of lightning that pulsate between the Earth’s surface and Ionosphere.), which gets its ‘Field’ from the Infinite Field of the Cosmos?

It’s true. Our bodily field does this so our system can remain in correlation with all of the other fields surrounding us and know exactly what emotions are required to interact with them.

In other words, the fields outside of us, be they trees, air, water, plants, animals or people, send our bodies their Electromagnetic information – in the form of pulsed resonances. The signals received then create the specific hormones, etc., we need to –…

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