Huge Fireball Explodes Over Argentina,

Sonic Boom Shakes Homes,

Witnesses Shocked

Pinamar and the area are convulsed by the fall of a meteorite. The news was confirmed by the mayor of the town, Martin Yesa, in a series of messages on Twitter.
“He fell an object in the sky in 2125 near Pinamar. The tremor was felt throughout the town. We are finding out , “he tweeted the village headman. He added: “The object would have fallen between Cariló and Villa Gesell. Many people scared, jumped amount of alarm systems “.
The first findings would confirm that the cosmic object crashed into the sea, within walking distance of the coast and the residents of Pinamar are reporting a tremor at 21.25. They are analyzed at the moment the cameras monitoring the municipality to see if images were recorded path..




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