Approaching The Zero Point Singularity

For the first time in millions of years we have reached a point where the machine world will start malfunctioning, making us completely functional for the first time ever.

This article is a confirmation of where we are heading now fast. Back to one zero point! All that has come will return to the one soul center. In other words all possibilities will once again be possible because in the singularity there is no matter, time or space, no mind, no rules, no laws or limitations where the absolute impossible is only possible. We will finally enter a fully conscious state. End of the matrix.

Feel now this last quote from the film V for Vendetta.

“Dont run from it, you’ve been running all your life, they’ve put you in a cell and took everything they could take, except your life, and you believed that was all there was didnt you? The only thing that was left was your life but it wasn’t was it? You found something else, in that cell you found something that was worth more than your life. When they threatened to kill you unless you gave them what they wanted you told them you would rather die. You faced your death Evey, you were calm, you were still. Try to feel now what you felt then.” – V, V for Vendetta


Before we can jump into the zero point just yet, there is first a few things we have to handle.

Light and Sound

The eternal divine home, the consciousness, the knowing, the primordial sound, was traded for light.

You were tricked to give up your consciousness for one snapshot of the infinite to nestle in. Inside this record that plays there is a finite amount of expression, and now we have reached the point where you can say, all things have been considered!

The whole matrix is one digital template of experience pretending to be the whole, hence why I call it a created copy of the soul. “I”  the soul embraced this copy after the initiation of the matrix  which is how two began together with duality and relativity.

Energy only comes from a split out of the one. Just like an atom continues to multiply and produce copies…

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