JOY TO THE WORLD : Correcting Our Course – It’s Time






Our humanity is divided in many ways: Statism, Sexuality, Race, Religion.
We have been convinced we are here to “work” to earn “money” to “pay” someone else who “owns” the resources we wish to use, and that someone other than ourselves has the “right” to limit our thoughts and actions.
The solution to statism (government) comes down to our individual real-eyes-ation of the self-sovereign nature of each of us to determine our own LIFE, and the inherent harm caused by ANY effort made to govern another against their will. If we take the time to listen to the LIFE force within us, the TRUTH of our individual sovereignty becomes clear.
The very nature of our individual experience of this LIFE informs us that we cannot be sovereign if we accept or follow another’s perception of the inner workings of this realm.
The deepest of ironies, to…

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