DISCLOSURE! In Case You Missed It







The Ruiner Author
I am blessed with many beautiful and wonderful creators in my life as friends… This is one of them.
There are a few topics that have my focus right now, this is one. We have come so f#%king far… More than we know. We have some way to go, but… We can do it. All we need to do is keep our energy under our own observation, as to not allow it to feed anything we do not wish to feed.
Everything we need is within us. Everything they feed us is sh!t.



In Case You Missed It

by nielskunze on June 11, 2016

What still needs to be disclosed? Scant little, I’m afraid.

Just in case you haven’t noticed, everything has already been disclosed. It’s all out there already… in the public domain. You’ve heard of the internet, right?

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