The Summer of Chaos

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

We are officially in the summer of chaos. Prepare for things to escalate. Peace and soul knowledge is the answer. Everything is a show, a trick, part of the plan.

Research the underground bases, the individuals talking about soul and spirit, consciousness and reality. Ancient history, sacred geometry and knowledge. This is the answer, these are the keys.

The events taking place are meant to corral the herd, they are mass control tactics, do not follow the herd mentality.

The pawns and props are not the problem, it’s the whole game. So how do we change things? By tending to the source of the issues, the mind and the allowance of the herd mentality.

This is all about the unveiling of the hidden knowledge. The secret projects, the reality of the human soul, of creation, of the Universe, of the source of human existence, and of the nature of the…

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