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Earthing is a truly ground breaking rediscovery. One of the many pieces of data that helps us understand the relationship between our bodies and the Earth.

In Dan Winter’s epic video Series, he reviews the Science of Coherent Entrainment. We discussed this in detail in the post Science of Intentional Healing | Scientists Observe Brain Cells While Healing Intention Is Directed Towards Them – Here’s What Happened and Precognition Explained: Science Shows How Our Body Reacts To Events Up To 10 Seconds Before They Happen. Entrainment is the phenomenon whereby a greater system imprints itself onto a lesser one, creating a new system which connects the two.

Our bodies use EM Fields (auric fields) which are synchronized with the Earth’s fields. The more our bodies are able to access these stabilizing and health imparting fields the greater our health and vitality are.

Let’s consider the ability of the human voice to shatter a wine glass, which reveals how entrainment works. The wine glass has a resonant frequency, which is dependent on the material it is made of and the geometry (shape) of the glass itself. When the singer emits a pitch which matches the same resonant frequency as the glass, it begins to vibrate because the waves being received are at the same frequency of the resonant signature of the glass. The singer increases the volume of their voice, which adds energy in the form of increased amplitude of the vocalized frequency, received by the glass. The glass shatters because the amount of energy received causes vibrations in the glass which overwhelm the stability of the crystalline structure it is made of, causing it to ‘shake itself to pieces.’

Within this context of understanding, it is easy to see why Earthing can be so powerful. It literally stabilizes our bodies and all their manifold processes. Modern Technologies create destructive interference patterns in our Auric field (destructive entrainment), which Earthing can restore within a few moments. The more we connect with these entraining fields the better we are able to function; mind, body and soul.

– Justin

SourceEarthing OZ

Earthing Produces Unique Electrical Function In Brain & Muscles

In 2003, electrophysiologists Gaetan Chevalier and Kazuhito Mori at the California Institute for Human Science investigated the impact of Earthing on nervous system function. Fifty-eight healthy adults participated in the randomized, double-blind experiment involving a series of sophisticated brain and muscle measurements. In individual sessions, a conductive adhesive electrode patch was placed on the sole of each participant’s foot while seated comfortably in a recliner. The patches were connected to a wire leading outside through a door. Half the participants were actually grounded, that is, the wire was connected to a ground rod, thus replicating the act of sitting or standing barefoot outside. The other participants were not grounded. They were similarly patched, but the wires were not connected outside to the rod. Individuals were then monitored, first for a half hour pre-test baseline period and then immediately for another half hour when they were either grounded or “sham” grounded.

The sham group served as what researchers refer to as “controls.” The purpose was to make sure the documented effects were real and not just due to people sitting and relaxing in a comfortable chair. The randomized experiment was double-blind, meaning that neither the participants nor the researchers knew which group was assigned to real or sham grounding. Blinded research is an important tool in many fields of research. Only after the data from the experiment have been recorded do the researchers learn who is who, enabling them to then analyze and compare the results.

EEGs record the electrical signals from your brain as measured on the scalp. Abnormal results may indicate the presence of epilepsy and seizures. EMGs detect the electrical voltage generated by muscle cells. In this study, EMG electrodes were placed on the big shoulder muscles on each side of the neck – the trapezius muscles, so named because of their diamond shape.

The EEG and EMG readings showed that grounding significantly influences the electrical activity of the brain and muscles, even within a mere half hour. In fact, dramatic changes were recorded almost instantly (within two seconds) of Earthing.

In the brain, there was an overall decrease in activity at all frequencies, with a crisp change showing on the left side – the one associated with thinking. Thus, Earthing appears to calm down the busy mind.

As far as the muscles were concerned, Earthing produced two intriguing results:

1. Participants with a high level of tension showed a decrease in muscle tension (on both sides). Individuals with little or no muscle tension showed an increase in tension. The result suggests that grounding re-establishes a normal level of tension. The finding paralleled the effect of the earlier cortisol study in which a normalization of the stress-related cortisol level was seen.

The grounded subjects – but not the undergrounded ones – showed large and very slow oscillations (between twenty and forty seconds per oscillation, depending on the individual). This type of oscillation has never been seen before in physiology research.

Keep in mind that the body operates electrically, including your muscles. Nerve impulses instruct muscle fibers to contract. The contractions naturally generate electricity and small mechanical vibrations, both of which produce fluctuating frequencies of electrical potential at the surface of the skin. This is the electric “noise” that EMG measures. An oscillation (a slow vibration) means that contractions generate electricity in a more rhythmic pattern. An analogy would be to compare people walking randomly in a crowd without any particular order versus a military unit marching in unison. The unit is more coherent than a random crowd. The influence of Earthing on muscle suggests more orderly and efficient activity.

The result of this study call for an experiment designed to determine whether greater electrical coherence translates to muscle being able to work longer and harder without fatigue. The implications for improved muscle function go far beyond athletes to the possibility that elderly individuals, at a time of life when they normally lose muscle strength, may achieve longer muscle “mileage” as a consequence of incorporating Earthing into their lifestyles. We believe the findings may represent a normal mode of muscle function not hitherto observed simply because no studies before have involved grounded subjects! Such precedence aside, the overall results provided additional proof of reduced stress and tension levels, and a shift in nervous system balance from a stress-stimulated sympathetic mode to a calmer parasympathetic mode. The study was published in a 2006 issue of the journal ‘European Biology and Bioelectromagnetics.’

Source: “Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?”


SourceNatural News

Earthing can reduce inflammation
Earthing, the process of obtaining a sense of connectedness with the earth by honing in on the body’s naturally occurring electrical frequencies and those of the earth, is an ideal way to optimize overall physical and mental health. Pioneers in the concept maintain that the earth’s electrons help neutralize free radicals, and by using the body as a conduit, it’s possible for such beneficial energy to be directly transferred to an individual.(1,2)

Removing barriers that hinder this process — shoes, gardening gloves or any other insulating item — and instead engaging in activities like walking barefoot on the grass or a beach for up to 30 minutes daily, or gardening (carefully) with bare hands, has been shown to be an effective way to stave off health problems.(1) Holistic and herbal experts explain that, by wearing rubber- or plastic-soled shoes, people are literally shielding themselves from the earth, putting up a barrier that prevents them from accessing better health; “we are limiting ourselves from untapped resources and thus restricting our exposure to the greatest antioxidant source in the world.”(2)

For those who are unable to engage in such activities, grounding technologies like earthing sheets, sandals and car seat covers serve to accomplish the same or similar goals.

How earthing helps health

Studies have shown that becoming grounded in this manner boosts energy, enhances the immune system, promotes faster healing and reduces stress. Research published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine has linked earthing with the ability to resynchronize cortisol secretion so that it is more balanced with its normal rhythm.(1) Cortisol is also referred to as the stress hormone.

Dr. Daniel Chong, who is a naturopathic physician licensed in the state of Oregon, says that earthing “saturates the healthy tissue in your body with negative electrons, creates a barrier through which these free radicals cannot pass, in turn protecting you from the outlying damage they would otherwise cause.”(3)

Earthing is effective for those looking for ways to reduce inflammation

He notes that earthing helps reduce inflammation which can lead to the development of chronic diseases such as cancer and arthritis, and also explains that touching the earth helps boost blood flow.

Earthing is also a great way to reconnect with ourselves.

Getting outdoors and feeling things like soil, leaves and grass in this way has been said to be nourishing for the mind, body and soul, allowing people to feel at one with nature and the world.(4)







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