You’re a Radio

Our Thoughts Create Our Reality ❤ 🙂

You Are The Light That You Always Have Been

Comment from Ines: Excellent article, it is in essence what we are and this is why I often write about creating our own reality. Our thoughts create our own reality. Period.

RAMBLE MAN – You’re a radio

Posted By: Nemesis
Date: Wednesday, 3-Aug-2016 14:09:01

2 – AUGUST 3 2016

(Short story at end)

Mostly I’m a radio dialing into the information matrix or thought matrix, and I get and you get whatever kind of station you or I dial or tune into. If you want junk-mail, think junk thoughts.

It is dark and light in the information matrix and you’ll get what you put out, like a mirror. If you have mean thoughts you dial into the mean portion of the matrix. If you have kind thoughts, that’s what you get. If you quiet your mind you have no thoughts. If you want chicken jokes, just ask, and start making…

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