AM I HOME YET? – MY PERSONAL CHECKLIST written by Irina Andreea

written by Irina Andreea
This reality is not my home.
Never has been. Never will be.
I carry vivid memories of home, always have, and this is most definitely not it.
I still remember crying as a young child at the realization of how far away from home I was here. It felt dreadful to be on this planet, so much so, that in first grade I actually convinced all the other 6 year olds in my class to come outside with me and help me pray for my true star family to come back and get me out of here.
I’ve always known I don’t belong here, and I’ve always known that many others just like me don’t belong here either.
There are many of you here who feel within your very core that something isn’t right about this place, that this isn’t where you are supposed to be, and that there is something more to life than this. You can feel the sense of home being something altogether different, and feel a longing to return to a different world, a different way of life.
If you feel this way, than your home isn’t here either. I write about this in my other posts (so please refer to the rest of my blog for further details), but this current reality is a distorted, unnatural replica of home. It holds elements of home, but it also holds many elements that have nothing to do with home, and are actually here solely with the purpose of trapping us and feeding on us.
Thankfully, there will soon come a time when we will all be presented with the chance to go home, to return to that which we all long for so much. When that moment comes, we will be offered a set of choices – some of them will lead to our true home, and some of them will deceptively come from this prison matrix itself, trying to mislead us into new matrixes, and new prison realities.
If we are not clear within ourselves about what home truly is for us, it will be difficult for us to stand our ground, and avoid being pulled into new simulated realities, that sell the concept of home, but aren’t truly home. This is why we need to feel and understand what true home means to each one of us before that moment comes, so that we won’t settle for anything less than that.
I feel the best way to clarify what home represents to each one of us, is by creating a personal checklist of all the things that we expect to find home (and we need to allow ourselves to set BIG expectations, and dream beyond the limitations of this reality, or this universe as we know it – home isn’t within it after all). Only and only when we can tick all the boxes, will we know with certainty that we are home. Until then, we will always be haunted by a feeling of “this is not good enough”.
And to give you an idea of what your own list might look like, I want to share with you my own personal checklist. Please use it as inspiration, and try to find your own words, your own dreams, your own desires and intents for what your home should be, and try to truly feel into it every day. By you doing that, you are also speeding up the process of returning home, as our intents are very powerful and dictate how soon the correction will take place (a topic that I will write about in more depth in my future articles).
So here goes.
My own “AM I HOME YET” checklist:
When I’m home, I don’t require sustenance (food, water, air, sunlight) in order to exist. My body is fully self-sufficient. Everything that I ever need, is within me already. I have no need for something external. I am free to just be myself, I don’t have to hunt, forage, breathe, or sun bathe. The act of existence implies no effort whatsoever on my part. I have a never ending supply of resources within myself, and that is all that I require. If I do partake in the act of eating, or taking something from another being, it is solely as an act of sharing (and only if that being invites me to do so – like a tree wanting to share its fruits with me for example).
When I’m home, my body doesn’t deteriorate, get sick, grow old, or die, and I never feel hot or cold, or uncomfortable. My body can fully self-regulate and adapt to any environment, and I am always comfortable within myself. I can communicate to my body and ask it to make all the changes that I desire, and it will listen to me. I am free to live an eternity if I so choose, but I am also free to leave my body at will, and move into a different expression. This is as simple as lying down and willfully removing my consciousness and awareness and moving into a new creation. There is no such thing as death. And nobody can take my life either. Nobody else has that power over me.
When I’m home, I can instantly connect in awareness to all aspects of myself within creation and outside of creation. I will know all that I am, and be able to connect at will to any fractal of me in the universe. I can travel between planets, between galaxies, between universes in a mere moment, and even be in all places at once if I so choose. There are no limitations getting in the way of me connecting to myself. My entire existence is at my own disposal always.
When I’m home, all my memories are fully intact, imprinted within my soul. I can remember all my lifetimes, all my journeys, all of my existence, all the eons and eons of time of creation, nothing is ever outside of my reach. I can of course choose to not have all the memories in my conscious awareness, but that doesn’t mean that the moment I want to look back at my journey, I can’t instantly do so.
When I’m home, there is no being greater or lesser than me – we are all equal. Unique in our differences and our journeys, but equal in our power. There are no hierarchies. Absolutely no one and nothing rules over me. I am sovereign, and rule my own self. Always.
When I’m home, I am free to be anything that I desire to be, free to create anything that I wish to create – I have full free will to manifest exactly the life that I want to manifest. There are absolutely no limits to my imagination, or to my power to bring that imagination to life. I can literally do anything. If I want to, I can jump from planet to planet, or dimension to dimension, I can fly, teleport, bi-locate, manifest things out of thin air, there are literally no boundaries as to what I can do.
When I’m home, honor and respect are superlative. We celebrate each other’s journeys with absolute esteem, and never impose our free-will on the free will of another being. Every life form’s healthy boundaries are sacred, life itself is sacred, and we are all safe to just be ourselves. There is no concept of needing to defend ourselves or be on alert.
When I’m home, I no longer feel jealousy, insecurity, or fear. I shine in full confidence of all that I am, and because I am no greater or lesser than anyone else, I have no need to prove myself. No need to live up to another being’s potential.
When I’m home, I can intimately feel, see and communicate with every life form in creation. I can truly share and show myself, and they can truly share and show themselves to me. There is no hiding, no holding back – we operate from a place of full honesty, authenticity and transparency. This gives us incredible empathetic abilities, where we can truly understand one another so effortlessly. I could be sitting in the middle of a forest, and be able to understand and communicate with every rock, every tree, every plant, every particle of air, every drop of water, every animal. There are no barriers in our dialogues. We all speak the same language.
When I am home, we are masters of sacred relationships. We operate from a very balanced give and take dynamic – for everything that we take, we offer something equal in return. And this takes place so effortlessly, so naturally, we never have to ask, or be asked, all life forms inherently know how to maintain the delicate harmony and rhythm of sharing themselves with one another.
When I am home, we all live in tight, safe, authentic communities, where we truly support one another, not compete with each other. We are true family, and operate from a place of absolute trust and intimacy. We love each other’s company, and we love to share our journeys together. We are never alone, or isolated, or having no place that we belong to. As a matter of fact, every community that we encounter will be joyous to take us in as one of their own.
When I am home, my own experiences, my own wisdom are sacred. I have no need to follow the path of another, or replicate their experiences, or their wisdom. I am happy to move and expand at my own pace, to learn my own lessons, and create my own path. I discover myself through my own experiences, not through the experiences of another. We all enjoy our journeys, our achievements, our realizations, and have no desire to borrow somebody else’s. This is actually how we measure our age within a certain creation – by measuring our own experiences in it. And whether we are ancient or just starting out within a certain universe, we are always proud of our own age and level of wisdom. There is no desire to rush to the destination.
When I am home, everything is once again about fun, about truly experiencing joy, about playfulness, and spontaneity. We don’t take ourselves seriously in the way we do in this reality, we love to tease each other, to play games, to be very child-like, always exploring, discovering, constantly with a smile on our face. Life is not somber in any way, ever! It is pure raw happiness, every step of the way.
I would love to hear about your own list, I think there could be great value and significance in sharing our intents of what home represents to each one of us. And don’t ever forget to dream BIG! REALLY BIG!
Thank you for reading!

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