The Universe is an Artificial Dimension

Elders_of_the_Universe_(Earth-616)_from_Contest_of_Champions_Vol_1_6_001COMPASSION is the GATEWAY, the CHOICE to use your FREE-WILL to KNOW and AWAKEN is the KEY, and the MIND connecting the INNER and OUTER reality is the CRAFT that takes you there (beyond the limits of the physical dimension).

DNA Activation The Unveiling

The universe is an artificial dimension. Look around you. Everything takes the energy of something else, this means ultimately there will be a diminished return, the universe will end up eating itself.

Everything that is eternal, consciousness including, pure awareness, will leave this place in order to return to eternity. Everyone staying here will ultimately shrink into oblivion.

This is what the concept of liberation is all about. There is a finite amount of time, of seasons, of breaths, of opportunities to utilize one’s free-will to tip the scales towards the negentropic ratio of energy usage and build up enough energy to auto-propel themselves past a veil or a dimensional barrier.

The projects are about a plan to make liberation available. This universe was literally a project akin to something by a mad scientist, what we have now is a frozen system, a stand-still where time is repeating so that…

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