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From the moment that you stand tall in the morning until the moment that you fall asleep, one prayer a day, two prayers a day, three prayers a day, until you have built the great architect of prayers. I say architect of prayers for a very distinct purpose. It is you that is creating this ever present co-created prayers.

As you listen to me expand and control and understand the very nature of the spiritual working from me to you, there’s an art there, an architect we all may connect to, and that architect is Earth Mother’s high mind. She allows you to understand her love and you allow her to understand your love in a creative moment.

You built that love, you build those prayers, you build that sharing moment until you can conquer domination and control, until this world is no longer under the thumb of beings that do not belong here.

“It is you that is creating this ever present co-created prayers.”
– Andrew Bartzis ❤

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Andrew’s Insights : Crow




By Andrew Bartzis


I ask the shamans of this world to step boldly forward, ascended masters of this world to step forward, and ask the Earth Mothers to step forward in our power to reject the forces of domination and control, so we may return to heart mode, heart space, and the heart that tells us we are creating this all. We allowed this to happen a long time ago. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are the ones changing it now.

Caw, caw, caw from the crow of the great beyond, it says “Be inspired by the future, be inspired by the present, be inspired by the past, because we are here to change the future.”

Caw, caw, caw says the crow from the great beyond. I’m doing this specifically with the shamans that are stepping back and wondering, what do we do next? What you should do next is stand in your power, own that power, and bring it to the world. That is what I ask of you all. Bring your power to the world. Wear it on your heart space so all may understand we create the future, we create the present, we are the ones that can let go of the pain and bring the love back into our heart space.

I speak in this way because I’m connected to the dream time fires, still connected, and I am reaching into the dream world, and I bring this energy, this palpable energy to all that are listening now and in the future energy and all archives. Feel this energy of crow’s secret law, the past is your creation, the past is your teacher, the present is your creation, the future is your inspiration, the message of the crow as I spread to all this in you now. Feel this energy of love. Feel this energy, dominant in love, and brotherhood and sisterhood, all the shamans above and below and within.

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