10 Life Changing Effects Of Cosmic Awakening By Morag O’Brien


For the times they are a-changin’ 🙂 – 10 Life Changing Effects Of Cosmic Awakening
By Morag O’Brien
” We are here to change the world one ripple of higher frequency wavelength at a time. Listen to your gut, find and go with your flow. Be heart led. Speak up about things that matter to you. Find your voice, your inner strength, your warrior. In love and light beautiful people. Be safe, be cosmic, be love. ❤ “
Keep rolling with the ebb and flow of cosmic recalibration friends. This transition to quantum is being kick started for many and really kicking in for others. Expansion of consciousness, bonding with our bodies, spiritual awakening…it’s all happening. We are surfing waves of higher frequencies as they roll through and round us, and Gaia. This is deep, profound and magical. Waking up to a world of hope, possibility, beauty and abundance. We can co-create our own existence.
Quantum transformation is the name of the recalibration game. We are transitioning from carbon based to crystalline structure beings. We are raising our cellular vibration in response to higher cosmic frequencies. What this actually means is we are waking up to free will, manifestation and universal oneness. We are becoming 5d and beyond.
10 life changing effects of cosmic awakening.
1. We realign our lives. We simplify, downsize, de-stress our lives. We make fundamental changes to our home life, work life and relationships creating calm, positive vibrations.
2. We break free from mind programming algorithms in the 3d matrix reality. We filter and censor carefully what we let in from mainstream media, popular culture, advertising and marketing. We take steps to clear, cleanse and protect our subconscious, our energy field and our sovereignty.
3. We realign our bodies. We become one with our physical being. We see and reconnect with our organs, our muscles, bones, blood and tissue. We take responsibility for our bodies. We deprogramme from matrix mind control algorithms of self hate, envy and competition. We learn to value our bodies as essential to our trinity mind body soul wellbeing.
4. We release past life karma, ancestral and present life karma. We lance dark heavy orbs of trauma from our beings. We learn to use mantras, meditation, soul tribe and nature to regain equilibrium after intense periods of karmic release.
5. We step out of fear frequency, we train ourselves not to give into it. We learn how to transmute negative emotional energy. We become aware of our chakra system and how to increase flow through our heart chakra enabling us to clean out low frequency emotions from ourselves and others.
6. We learn stillness, connectedness sovereignty and spirituality. We can raise our frequencies consciously. We float in zen spaces of higher planes of existence. We ground regularly and effectively. We transition to quantum, connected through our crown chakra to universal love, drawing this light through our energetic bodies securing us back into Gaia.
7. We trust our instincts, our intuition, our energetic responses to situations and people, more than our eyes or our mind. We respond to our inner and outer environment as mind body soul beings, unplugging our ego led matrix avatars. We see past masks to the true nature of people. We drop our own masks, revealing truth and authenticity.
8. We increasingly see through veils into other realities or dimension. We experience heightened awareness of sliding doors moments, deja vu and time fluctuations. Our consciousness expands through dreams, interaction with nature and political awakening.
9. We begin to use language, crystals, smudging and holistic therapies as tools for healing, protection and guidance. We seek out like minded people to share our awakening and magnify higher vibrations on Gaia.
10. We open our hearts to universal love frequency. We learn to manage, nurture and calm the ego. To approach life with love not fear. With calm not anxiety. With hope, trust and belief not depression. We respond to confrontation, chaos and catastrophe from our heart. We integrate gratitude, humility and grace into our lives.
If we let the fear in, the fear will win. We use what we are being shown and taught by our earth warrior, lightworker friends and multi dimensional soul tribe. We practise self care. We embrace and integrate upgrades. We face the dark night of our soul, let go of shame, guilt, grief and anger. We take better care of our minds, bodies and souls. We learn how to deal with trauma, tragedy and deception, realigning and resetting our equilibrium. We are here to change the world one ripple of higher frequency wavelength at a time. Listen to your gut, find and go with your flow. Be heart led. Speak up about things that matter to you. Find your voice, your inner strength, your warrior. In love and light beautiful people. Be safe, be cosmic, be love.
Mantra: I am safe, I am safe, I am safe.
I am connected at all times to love light frequency.
I ask my higher self for protection guidance and healing in gratitude, humility and with grace. Namaste.

AL : Here’s Hoping That The Heart Is Something They Have Not Mastered




Just listened to the Crow777 interview called The Age of Deception and had a few thoughts –

We all know that throughout history we have lived under a complete control grid, and that those of us who are awake and trying to follow the White Rabbit, are discovering that the rabbit hole goes far deeper than most of us ever imagined.

For thousands of years they’ve controlled ‘everything’ we know. All of history, all of education, where we came from, what our future holds, what are truths, what are lies. Total control. So opaque and convoluted is the trail of knowledge throughout history that we are virtually unable to verify what is real and what is not. I believe there is an answer, and that we can find it, though I believe they understand us well enough to know that if they create enough chaos, they can stop this process.

I understand that the internet was a military project which was released to the people as a technology ‘hand me down’. When they did this, they knew exactly how we would flock to it. What the uptake would be like, what we would use it for, how it would be searched and how we would seek the truth. Books and written history look to be disappearing, as we rely more and more on their digital info – ( think Wikipedia which I believe is dubious at best ). Google looks to be promoting propaganda via controlled search results, whilst suppressing truth. They have the net under control and are playing us like a symphony in my view.

If you had 100 million people waking up and independently, and without influence, seeking the truth through research and logic, then this would be a threat to them. To stop this, they divide and conquer. When I look around today, I see ‘so many’ different versions of what is held out to be ‘truth’ that I cannot but think that most are orchestrated to scatter the 100 million people in so many different directions, that we become our own worst enemies re: finding the answer – Sphere Being Alliance saviours, Nibiru-Annunaki owners return, Inner-Earth ancient humans, Atlanteans / Lemurians, Wave X and Ascension, Flat Earth theory, YRFT / M Theory, Archangels Michael and Gabriel, Pleidians, Reptiles-Draco-Black Goo, blah blah, blah blah….

Like the Pied Piper, if they can get enough people following any one particular theory, then all they need do is direct that theory in order to control the thoughts of those followers over the cliff. People seem to research enough to latch onto a particular belief system or theory, then rest easy in wake of that theory as it drags us along – conservation of energy ( I think I did for a while). A continuous search for ‘our’ truth is exhausting.

Lily Earthling once said that after years of researching every possible theory of ascension and such, she finally determined that it was all a crock…and that she focused on her own belief system which incorporates Mother Earth. When I first heard that, I didn’t want to believe her, because I had my hopes if other theories which I wanted to be true and that someone would save me. Again, lazy perhaps and me wanting to rest in the wake of a saviour idea?

Now, after seeing this and other forums decay into a sort of chaos, with the dark in people coming to the fore ( which I suspect is exactly what the puppet masters want )…I’m electing to step back, simplify and revisit where my heart stands. I think about it all of the time, effort and energy put into understanding the theories, images, words and information put forward…and it is an enormous amount of energy. It’s all there in the cooking pot that will eventually formulate my belief, but from this point forward I think I’ll use my energy internally. There is a way to the subconscious heart and its truth serum, and I will now focus on that as my barometer as to what is real. The conscious mind and its use of logic seems to me to be a poor navigator in a world where ‘they’ understand so well how to manage our logical brain.

Here’s hoping that the heart is something they have not mastered.

Peace everyone. You, me and all others are in the same life-raft, trying desperately to work out which way to sail in a world where rolling mists to hide the land from our view, and the wicked winds seem to blow in all directions.

SOURCE : AL Comment : https://outofthisworldx.wordpress.com/2016/03/28/yellowrosefortexas-ummm-rev-michelle-whorekins-on-roids/#comment-28093



10 Differences Between A Child Who Grew Up In The 70s Compared To Today




As a child who grew up in the seventies, I’m flabbergasted at the degree of generational differences in health, medicine, food, safety, and general well-being of children. Don’t get me wrong, I love technology and all the advancements we’ve made in several areas, but at the same time when you break it down to the simplest ways of managing human lives, we’ve taken one step forward and three steps back. The level of fear we currently exhibit as parents and as a society towards children is at an unprecedented level. When comparing the two time periods, an element of certainty exists where we have now immersed our most precious assets into an toxic, overly hygienic, medicalized, obsessive compulsive, paranoid, anxious and at the very least, a “cowardice culture” where children are being trained and almost indoctrinated into a world where “the norm” is to fear everything and everyone.



1. Our Entertainment Was Each Other
We had no internet, cell phones, computers or video games. Not only were our lives free of close proximity electronic devices and their constant electromagnetic radiation, but this allowed us to entertain ourselves through peer interaction and physical activity. You’re talking about a dramatic decrease in the level of physical activity from just 40-50 years ago and it’s manifesting itself in obesity, insulin resistance, and precursors to diabetes in children as young as ten years old. We didn’t have these distractions taking us away from each other’s presence, which allowed us to interact, manage and entertain our emotional states with friends. Texting, instagraming and facebooking has turned our children into a generation of mindless drones who can only interact when they’re behind a keyboard, earpiece, speaker or headset–anything else is just too scary.

2. Playing Outside Was Normal, Not Prohibited
Most people who pass by a park today and see 10-year old children playing alone, think “why” as fear strikes a chord. Why are they without their parents? Why are they playing alone without supervision? This was normal and just a way of life in the 70s. We stayed outside until the lights turned off in the summer or heard our parents screaming to come inside. Nobody called the police because a group of kids were playing alone on their street or in the park. When parents had people over, we were expected to go outdoors. We didn’t live in nanny state where unsupervised children were seen as having negligent parents. We should all be ashamed of creating a society where children are prohibited from playing outside with their friends after 6pm or chastising parents for allowing them to. And yes, we had child murderers, molesters, kidnappers back then too. We just didn’t freak out about the “what ifs” at the expense of our children’s freedom and expression of who they are. Now we have them cooped up in front of iPods, iPads, playstation, xbox and any other device that can lock their attention to a screen as long as they’re at home and our perception of security is at ease. Some people call that technological progress, but it’s nothing more than a safety net to ease our conscience and societal expectations gone adrift.

3. Children Were Not Labeled As ADHD, ADD, or Hyperactive. They Were Just Kids Being Kids
Children today are being medicated at alarming rates for what appears to be normal childhood behavior. Yes, there are some children with legitimate behavioral issues but they are an extreme minority and none of these issues are solved by medication. The big problem is that we’re diagnosing and labeling common temper outbursts and other disruptive behavior in millions of children as attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). If you took a subset of 3-year old children from 1970 and transported them to our current timeline, you would see that not much has changed , however the way we deal with them has. We are putting kids on long-term stimulants as if it was candy. A nationwide CDC survey found that 11 percent of children ages 4 to 17 have received a diagnosis of ADHD, and about one in five boys. A vast majority are put on medications such as methylphenidate (commonly known as Ritalin) or amphetamines like Adderall which cause growth suppression, insomnia and hallucinations. About half a trillion US dollars is being wasted on unnecessary medication of young children for ADHD, of which almost 100 million is funded by Medicaid. The youngest kindergarten kids are 60 percent more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than the oldest in the same grade, and also, by the time those groups reached the fifth and eighth grades, the youngest are more than twice as likely to be on prescription stimulants. We’ve taken all “hard to control” kids and lumped them into a couple of diagnostic categories of what we perceive as mental illness. That’s ridiculous. Let’s stop targeting children and start being present with them with new activities, adventure, and change. They need balance with activities that are calming, relaxing, and nurturing. Only then will these children respond to a support system that cares about their development rather than a pill to suppress the symptoms.

4. Total Accessiblity To Children Was Not A Need And Neither Was The Incessant Nature Of Constantly Hovering Over Their Safety
If you took a survery of how many 10-year olds today have cell phones, the results would probably shock most people. More than 60 percent of kids between 11 and 14 own a cell phone. The rise in cell phone use by children mostly stems, at least in part, from the incessant nature of wanting to constantly connect with our children. We want to know where they are at all times. This wasn’t a problem in the 70s because there were no cell phones. But cell phones are not really the source of the problem. The problem is the parents who operate those cell phones. Helicopter parents in the 70s were a Mom a Dad who had a license to fly a helicopter. Today they are parents who are so attached to their kids that it’s almost impossible to focus on anything else; daily activities, constant conversations and every ounce of effort is reserved for the children. They fall for all the “gimmie” traps. They feel obligated to provide all the cutest clothes and latest gadgets and they’re terrified of their child making a mistake. They don’t want their children to know what it feels like to reap the consequences of their actions or deal with conflict. They critcize teachers for all the shortcomings within their children’s education. They’re germaphobes and don’t want their children exposed to anything, even the simplest of colds. They harbor a huge amount of guilt and are so overprotective and over-prepared that you can spot their kids a mile away with an overstuffed backpack, knee and elbow pads, a four-course meal along with a miserable expression. These types of parents did not exist forty years ago because our parents gave us more freedom in our decision making processes. They didn’t feel they had to cater to our every whim to please us. They knew we loved them regardless of the gift giving or brand named purchases. They let us make our own mistakes no matter how painful it was for them. They allowed us to accept responsibility for our actions and deal with the consequences. Most of all, they were more present for us, playing less of an enabler role and more of a supportive role. 1970s parents could school many of today’s helicopter parents in ways that would radically transform the way they think of themselves and their children.

5. It Was OK To Get Hurt
And We Didn’t Call Every Person That Hurt Us A Bully
Not only was it ok, but it was expected. Kids get hurt, both physically and emotionally. Get over it. They’re kids. We got bumps, bruises, cuts and were roughed up on a regular basis. Our feelings were hurt and we somehow had the support systems in place to overcome this adversity. We didn’t have the need for a closed room meeting with a child, their parents and teacher and possibly litigate because a child was pushed or shoved. We didn’t make a big deal about avoiding bullies…we dealt with them We just worked things out. We think we have a nation of responsible, justice-minded adults when all we are is a bunch of whiners. Anti-bullying programs and campaigns don’t work! You will never address a problem by addressing its symptom. We live in a world run by short-sighted, trigger happy, control-obsessed, illogical people who don’t understand a thing about human wisdom. Would you like to empower children with the wisdom to be responsible for their own actions based on solid moral principles and empathy, or would you prefer teaching all kids to fit into a behavioral template and abide by certain rules to create a completely safe utopian environment in which everyone is always nice to each other by default, without moral responsibility and the wisdom to know the difference? You can’t have both.

6. The Sun Was Our Friend and We Weren’t Terrified Of Being Exposed Without Lathering Sunblock

This is perhaps one of the biggest misinformation components of primary school curriculums that needs reform immediately. We were never taught that sun was the enemy. What a coincidence that the more studies that surfaced on the benefits of Vitamin D from sunlight, the more it was demonized in school curriculums. The risk of the sun’s rays had nothing to do with the myth about a dangerous ozone. When traveling from either pole to the equator, UV exposure increases up to 5000% whereas ozone depletion only increases UV exposure by 20%. If UVB exposure and ozone depletion were the cause of skin cancer, those populations living closest to the equator would be diagnosed with malignant melanoma at a phenomenal frequency. The opposite is true. We spent hours out in the sun all day every day. We had less incidence of skin cancer everywhere. Millions of children are slowly relearning the sunlight is not our enemy. In fact, using sunscreen leads to mental health disorders and critical illness. It’s time to set the facts on sunlight exposure straight in schools and once and for all teach kids the growing body of evidence which shows that blocking the sun’s rays from reaching our skin dramatically influences our optimal vitamin D levels, leading to higher mortality, critical illness, mental health disorders and ironically, cancer itself.

7. There Were No Constant Promotions For Drugs and Vaccines For Every Human Symptom That Existed

In the 70s we still had significant trust within the medical and pharmaceutical industry. That’s probably because we didn’t have a drug or vaccine being shoved down our throats for every human symptom. In the early 70s there were about a dozen vaccines administered to children for seven different diseases in the United States. By 2013, if you followed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) endorsed annual childhood vaccine schedule, your child would have received over 36 vaccines by the time they were 6 years of age! That’s 36 vaccines filled with detergents, neurotoxic, carcinogenic, immunotoxic, and infertility agents at a time when a child’s immune system is at its most critical point in development. We trusted vaccination because we weren’t fully aware the false statistics that were produced by pharmaceutical industries and we certainly were not aware of the lies andquestionable contribution of medical measures relating to mortalitythat we know of today. To those who inform themselves through diverse research interests, there is only one conclusion that drugs and vaccines are currently more risky than beneficial to human health. No longer is there a unified trust of the medical system among the population. We now know that most scientific studies on drugs and vaccination is not true science but industry funded propaganda. When we examine how medical science will cut, poison and burn via surgery, chemotherapyand using CT scans and radiation to diagnose and treat cancer, or if investigate how the use of psyche drugs to manage symptoms are usually at the cost of interfering with other precious physiological functions in young bodies, or any of the other myths medical doctors have been parroting for the last several decades, it’s a no brainer that children must be further educated on the downfalls of a system which is designed to keep us sick rather than healthy.

8. We Played in Dirt and Wiped Our Hands and Faces With Soap and Water, Not Antibacterial Nonsense
What ever happened to soap and water? Who was the genius that started convincing parents to keep their children out of the mud and dirt and keep them saturated in chemical concoctions to remove bacteria? Antibacterial soaps didn’t exist in the 70s and the incidence of allergies was quite infrequent among children. Today we know that parents who adopt and overly hygienic lifestyle for their children are at an increased risk of developing asthma, allergies and eczema. When babies’ exposure to germs is so limited, their immune systems are deprived of the opportunity to learn how to fend off pathogens properly. Consequently their immune systems become so sensitive that the babies develop allergies. Scientists at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have at least partially admitted that anti-bacterial soaps may pose a threat to human health. The widespread use of these products containing the antibacterial agent triclosan are promoting growth of dangerous superbugs that didn’t exist several decades ago.

9. Chemical Toxicity In Consumer Products Was Still Low Compared To Today
BPA, fluoride, parabens, phthalates, PFOA, fiberglass, oxybenzone, BHA and dozens of other chemicals makes up a very long laundry list of environmental toxins which didn’t affect every households in the 70s as they do today. Combine this with geoengineering initiatives polluting the entire atmosphere with toxins, and you have a toxic planet from soil to sky. Developing children are at even greater risk than adults for harm from the above chemicals. A child in the 1970s was far less poisoned overall than children are today. Current generations are exposed to toxic effects which are far reaching affecting almost every body system, so it is imperative that they learn how we must change our planet into one that is environmentally friendly with consumer products that benefit the planet and all its organisms rather than destroy it.

10. There Was No Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Fat-Free, Dairy-Free, GMO-Free, Etc.
The 70s and 80s became the downfall of modern agriculture in terms of toxicity. We saw the introduction of the world’s greatest selling and most toxic herbicide glyphosate, which entered the marketplace in 1974. The herbicide quickly established itself as a mainstream product for widespread agricultural and consumer use. Monsanto quickly began manipulating plant genomes to develop genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) that not only tolerated glyphosate-based pesticides, but required their use. Up until the mid 70s we still had an amazing diversity of organic farms with very minimal pesticide use. The nutrient content of foods was still very high compared to today. With the advances in modern food technology came extended shelf life which added a tremendous diversity of emulsifiers, preservatives, artificial sweeteners to replace full-fat in dairy products, which led to low-fat and sugar-free products being introduced thereafter at the expense of our health. Only then was there an influx of dozens of harmful ingredients that were incorporated into many foods. It was also at this point when wheat, the world’s most popular grain became the deadliest for the human metabolism. At some point in our history, this ancient grain was nutritious in some respects, however modern wheat really isn’t wheat at all. Once agribusiness took over to develop a higher-yielding crop, wheat became hybridized to such an extent that it has been completely transformed from it’s prehistorical genetic configuration. All nutrient content of modern wheat depreciated more than 30% in its natural unrefined state compared to its ancestral genetic line. The balance and ratio that mother nature created for wheat was also modified and human digestion and physiology could simply could not adapt quick enough to the changes. The concept of gluten being a very dangerous protein was then investigated and hence today, many foods are gluten-free. Dairy-free is another term that was absent from food labels. As milk became more harmful to human health through the introduction of more antibiotics, growth hormones and pasteurization, more people became increasingly ill in the 80s and onwards as factory milk farms created a liquid devoid of practically all nutrition. Besides the popularity of veganism today, more people are choosing dairy-free products due to what is now the inherent toxic nature of all processed cow milk.

I have fond memories of the 1970s and I’m sure people who grew up before this time also enjoyed even greater health and abundance. We must realize that with every passing decade comes a cycle of change. We can never go back to who we were and our focus should be on making our future better for ourselves and our children. We can continue on this cycle of fear and raise a generation of timid and paranoid children, or we can empower them to become all that they can be, accepting consequences and responsibility of becoming mature, benevolent, conscious and loving beings. When love is in the equation, fear usually takes a back seat. At that point, anything is possible.

Marco Torres is a research specialist, writer and consumer advocate for healthy lifestyles. He holds degrees in Public Health and Environmental Science and is a professional speaker on topics such as disease prevention, environmental toxins and health policy.


SOURCE : http://www.transients.info/2015/12/ten-differences-between-child-who-grew.html?spref=tw



A Message to Women, the Architects of Humanity




By Robin Thoreau

Despite my name, I am not a woman. I am a man. I am a man who treasures the Sacred Feminine and wants the world to embrace it and understand it for what it is. The tug and pull of the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine is like an electromagnetic current, with each empowering the strengths of the other to create a balanced perception of the world. The balance that each individual has with their own left-brain and right-brain manifests how the two genders co-exist with one another through our actions in the world. In other words, the level of cohesion between ourindividual Masculine, analytical left-brain and our Feminine, creative right-brain reflects the cohesion between men and women in everyday collectiveinteractions.

A free, cooperative humanity must operate under the principles of Anarchy in order to be a sovereign race. Anarchy simply means “without rulers/masters.” It does NOT mean “without rules.” It is understanding that I own my body and mind and you own your body and mind, and we are 100% responsible for our own actions, and the community works together to uphold morality without an authority figure. The concept of authority is immoral, illegitimate, and irrational and is derived out of belief in authority created by perpetual fear and anxiety, a state ofenergetic imbalance. When one creates a magic dance between the left-brain and right-brain, wonderful things happen.

When one links together the Feminine Principle of Non-aggression and the Masculine Principle of Self-defense, the concept of Anarchy becomes a lot clearer. A “right” can easily be defined as ANY action that does NOT do harm to another living being (directly or indirectly). An immoral action is one that infringes on a “right” of another living being. In other words, if everybody operates under this simple understanding, the concept of slavery is non-existent. Do not harm another living being (Non-aggression Principle), but if somebody uses an act of aggression against you, you have every single right to defend yourself appropriately (Principle of Self-defense).


2. Anarchist


You may be wondering why the title of this article is such as it is. Women are theArchitects of Humanity, because their gifts of creativity and intuition are what ultimately form the blueprint of society. The power of influence that Women hold is so astronomically powerful because the Sacred Feminine is the cosmic force that magnetically attracts energy that so wishes to manifest such beauty to experience subjectively. This is where Men come in. Men are the Engineers of Humanity. Men represent the cosmic force that electrifies the Feminine force, providing the energy to bring forth the inspiration to life.

This Feminine force of Creation is what is commonly called The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the sacred, cosmic energy that inspires us all to create through our imagination. Mother Earth has a unique personality, and therefore has a unique blend of Holy Spirit that She radiates for us humans to weave a society for our evolutionary development. It is up to Women to use this energy to craft a blueprint for us to explore ourselves subjectively, and it is up to Men to use their own gifts to make it a reality. The Masculine force of Creation is commonly referred to as The Father. Once The Father and The Holy Spirit come together and have their magic dance, they give birth to The Son, which is the manifestation of our actions. And thus we have the Trivium: The Father (Thoughts) + The Holy Spirit (Emotions) = The Son (Actions).


3. Chalice


Women of the world, I call out to you to realize your potential and to unlock your hidden power. The actions of an immoral society are a manifestation of a blueprint that was crafted with your pen that has been dipped in poison by an intruder in secret. The state of humanity is a direct result of the corruption of Feminine consciousness through deliberate social engineering and mind-control. If Women understand the difference between right and wrong behavior, and use theirPower of Influence on the rest of the world, then and only then will humanity become moral and in balance.

Do not get me wrong, my lovely Feminine comrades. Men are just to blame for the creation of such a society, but you must understand that it is your compliance with their dirty deeds that has allowed their actions to go unabated for so long. A large problem within society is that we worship physical strength as a representation of the pinnacle of human possibility. Physical strength is generally a trait gifted to Men, which is why we have a society built around a survival-of-the-fittest paradigm. We need to change our perception of the world, and realize that EMOTIONAL strength is just as important (if not MORE important) as physical strength. And of course, my wonderful Feminine comrades, you hold the key to emotional strength.

Stop letting society tell you what you can and cannot do, how you should look, how you should act, and how you should value yourself. Women, EVERY single one of you is absolutely GORGEOUS both inside and out just the way you are. Each and every one of you is so powerful and each of you represents a unique personality of The Holy Spirit, which was gifted to you so you could form a beautiful tapestry woven with your individual yarn. Women, take out your knitting supplies, and weave the reality that you want to see!

Women, it is time for you to stop complying with the immoral actions of Men. Your Power of Influence is so strong, that you have the ability to stop every single war, famine, government corruption, torture, inequality, animal and child abuse, and environmental degradation with one very powerful word: NO! I implore you to get angry and say “I am ANGRY, and I am NOT going to take this ANYMORE!” To the Women who have boyfriends, husbands, and best friends who are going out in the world and doing immoral actions, it is time to use that one powerful word.

If you have a husband who is a police officer whose job it is to act as an attack dog for the elite, who goes around infringing on the natural rights of everyday people, tell him “NO! I will NOT give you my love and affection anymore if you continue to be a part of this cult.

If you have a boyfriend in the military whose job it is to blindly follow the orders of politicians by depriving people abroad of their natural right to live, tell him “NO! I will NOT give you my love and affection anymore if you continue to be a part of this cult.

If you have a husband who is a politician whose job it is to rule over people by crafting laws that infringe on the rights of people, including taxation as a form of theft, tell him “NO! I will NOT give you my love and affection anymore if you continue to be a slave-master!

If you have a boyfriend who is a logger whose job it is to needlessly and ruthlessly demolish an entire rainforest without a hint of regret or remorse, tell him “NO! I will NOT give you my love and affection anymore if you continue to destroy Mother Earth.

If you have a husband who is an IRS agent whose job it is to harass and coerce innocent people while stealing their hard-earned cash from them from the product of their labor so their money could be used for something they don’t even support or believe in, tell him “NO! I will NOT give you my love and affection anymore if you continue to steal from people with threats of violence!

If you have a boyfriend who works at a slaughterhouse whose job it is to abuse and defile animals so people can enjoy a cheeseburger at McDonalds, tell him “NO! I will NOT give you my love and affection anymore if you continue to disrespect animals!

If you have a husband who works as a biochemist for a pharmaceutical company whose job it is to create poisonous pills and vaccines to weaken the psychic potential of humans and destroy their immune system for profit, tell him “NO! I will NOT give you my love and affection anymore if you continue poisoning humanity!

If you have a boyfriend who works as a vivisection scientist whose job it is to needlessly torture animals in experiments so humans can wear make-up or do something else harmful or unnecessary, tell him “NO! I will NOT give you my love and affection anymore if you continue to disrespect animals!

If you have a best friend who is a pilot whose job it is to dump chemicals in the sky to infect humanity with harmful particulates and to block the sun from aiding our evolution, tell him “NO! I will NOT give you my love and affection anymore if you continue to harm humanity and Mother Earth!

If you have men who pressure you into sex with the intention to manipulate you and use you for your body, tell yourself“NO! I will not allow myself to fall in love with bad men simply because they are confident and sexy and are able to trigger my hormones, and instead will have self-love until I find a nice man who will love me for who I am!”

And on and on and on…

When you stop giving your love and affection to your male counterparts, they WILL listen. I promise you this. There is an inherent NEED for men to make you happy and satisfied, as your Holy Spirit is necessary for our own happiness. Your tender Feminine empathy, sympathy, creativity, and Motherly Love is what holds everything else into balance. Your emotional fortitude is needed now more than ever.

Please do not interpret my message as Feminism. The Feminism Movement is not only about gender equality. It is about victimization and destroying the Sacred Masculine by mercilessly and militantly eradicating the role Men have to play in this sub-luminary existence. The reality is that you, my Feminine Darlings, have been free and equal this entire time. You have allowed Mother Culture to warp your perception of morality and you have allowed your passive nature to be taken advantage of. You have willingly taken the back seat of Creation by complying with the immoral actions of your male counterparts. If any of you have jobs that are responsible for doing immoral things unto humanity and the planet, then you need to seriously reconsider your life path. If you have boyfriends, husbands, or best friends who have these jobs, then you need to put your foot down and say NO!




Don’t get me wrong, as Women have indeed been victims. But Men have been victims as well. Let us set aside this victimization, and let us end these insane Gender Wars by attacking the REAL culprit: THE SYSTEM. It is this system that has created this gender disparity and brain-schism by preying upon both the strengths and weaknesses of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine. It is the inherent belief in authority that has damaged the heart and soul of humanity, and the misunderstanding of the difference between right and wrong behavior. THIS is where we need to focus all of our attention.

My beautiful Feminine warriors, it is time for you to fight. But this is not a physical fight. It is a war on consciousness, and it starts inside of your own head. It is time to do shadow-work and pick out all of the contradictions, fallacies, and un-Truths inside of your own head. It is time for you to emulate the courage of Eowyn ofThe Lord of the Rings, to follow the footsteps of Katniss of The Hunger Games, and to follow the inner strength of Tris from the Divergent series. You are more powerful than you realize, and until you take up your sword and crown and realize your Power of Influence, Men will continue to ravage this planet until Mother Earth has given up her faith in us and our evolution.

You have allowed Mother Culture to dim your light that Mother Earth has bestowed upon you. My siSTARS, your light was once so radiant and powerful, that us Men couldn’t help but to bow down in your beauty, strength, charisma, and conviction, and bask in your glory! It is nigh time to radiate your Holy Spirit once more and heal and repair the schism that has divided humanity. First we must individually heal the schism in our own brains by breaking down the dam that has been holding back the currents of a once Mighty River. We must reconnect the two brain hemispheres and embrace what it means to be a sovereign being: upholding both the Feminine Principle of Non-aggression and the MasculinePrinciple of Self-defense. Then and only then will we be able to heal the rest of the world and both Men AND Women will be able to perform the most magical, beautiful dance than we could ever imagine.

So take up your paintbrush and paint together a NEW blueprint for humanity and do not allow men to deviate from your plans. Make this societal structure built around morality where everybody understands the difference between right and wrong, and where everybody understands the difference between Truth and Perception. If Men deviate from the plans, then this structure will not be built with integrity, and it will collapse. Let us together create a better world that supports Mother Earth and allows Mother Culture to take a back seat so she could do her shadow-work until she understands morality and centers herself on the path to Truth and Freedom.

As a visual, please refer to this video. This is what should be happening inside of all of our brains individually, and as a reflection should manifest a reality for both Men and Women to explore and grow in Harmony.



Friend Robin, thank you so very deeply for reaching deep into the Heart of the Feminine, She is the Force of Love Manifest. I will only add these few words; achieving a state of Being Love is the true gift of the Feminine, it is the answer and the Way and for Her to reach a state of Grace, she gives in free flowing rivers of gratitude, truth, harmony and beauty. My body is my sacred temple, She is not for hire or desire.

So dear Lady Warriors who have heard the call, stand in blazing glory of Freedom, Love Unbound … and only say NO to the acts that degrade, to those who commit them have the courage to keep Loving. That is all we can really ever do.


SOURCE : http://earthempaths.net/wp/2015/12/06/a-message-to-women-the-architects-of-humanity/




Re-Classifying Dogs as Sentient Beings: It’s Time, America, It’s Time



Photograph by Michael Blakeney

By Sarah Hodgson

Last week, Quebec welcomed pets into the circle of “sentient” beings by granting them many of the same rights as children in the eyes of the law. The legislation, hailed as the “Animals are Not Things Manifesto” lifts the legal status of specific animals from mere property, i.e. inanimate objects like toaster ovens and iPhones that can be manipulated any which way, to sensitive, emotional beings that require nurturing and respect.

Quebec’s new regulations also address the psychological care of dogs, cats, horses and certain wild animals, requiring that each animal be given necessary stimulation, socialization and environmental enrichments. Any actions or activities that expose an animal to extreme anxiety or suffering are subject to legal consequences.

This shift in how we think of our pets — from animals as property to animals as sensitive beings — isn’t just happening in Quebec. New Zealand and France changed their laws this year, too.

Perhaps it’s time for America to lead our planet in something other than gun violence, low test scores and obesity. Eye rolls aside, what do you think? Could America rally to treat pets like family — like children — with a legal right to human sensitivity and love?

In my upcoming book, Modern Dog Parenting: Raising Your Puppy or Dog as a Loving Family Member (Fall 2016, St. Martin’s Press, New York, New York), I reflect on the story of Mary Ellen who was whipped, beaten and only allowed outside at night.

What makes Mary Ellen’s story so remarkable is that she wasn’t an animal, she was a 9-year-old child. In 1873, two years after the ASPCA (the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) was founded, both pets and children were considered property, with no more protection under the law than a lamp.

At the time, Mary Ellen’s neighbors reached out to the police, but they were turned away. In a last ditch hope, they notified Henry Bergh, the ASPCA’s first president, and although he too was told he didn’t have any legal jurisdiction, he didn’t back down. In a trial, the ASPCA claimed that if Mary Ellen were a dog, horse, or cat, their association would have every right to protect her.

After the trial, Mary Ellen was placed in foster care and went on to lead a reportedly happy life. Two years later, her case moved our nation to change its laws, granting children the same rights as other citizens, protected until their 18th birthday.

However, dogs and other animals still protected under the ASPCA continue to be considered property, some 142 years later. Few but the most monstrous acts against them are ever brought to trial.

But times are a changing. Scientists around the globe now promote dogs as emotional, thinking animals who need lawful protection. Dogs think. Dogs feel. Dogs love.

At Duke University, Brian Hare studies how dogs think and learn using online surveys and laboratory experiments with pet dogs. On his Dognition website, you can register your dog’s results in tests that are similar to experiments used on infants and young toddlers. Hare’s work, inspired by the early interests of many great scientific minds — including Charles Darwin, Konrad Lorenz and author, professor and theorist Staley Coren, Ph.D. — continues to explore, expose and expand the way we are regard dogs today.

Newer on the canine biomedical scene are Dr. Elinor Karlsson, an assistant professor in the bioinformatics and integrative biology program at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and her associate Jesse McClure. Their free online outreach program, Darwin’s Dogs, in collaborating with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), focuses on collecting DNA samples and recording the health and behavior of pet dogs. Dr. Karlsson reflects that dogs are best model for studying the effects of modern life on humans — from its pollutants and stresses — as dogs are living it with us. Their hope is that discovering genetic similarities in both physical and mental diseases will lead to innovations in treatments as well as cures for both dogs and people. Parallels have already been drawn in other studies of osteosarcoma (bone cancer), epilepsy (a neurological disorder) and narcolepsy (a sleeping disorder).

If our feelings, emotions and physical health are this closely woven into the fabric of our life with dogs, who then can justify treating them as property? There isn’t one inanimate object that responds to our devotion like a dog will, nor anyone, save a young child, who will unconditionally affirm our hopes that just by showing up, we truly count.

Now is the time for America to rewrite its own legislation regarding animal welfare. Collectively we can lift our dogs into the realm of beloved family members where they ultimately belong.

SOURCE : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sarah-hodgson/reclassifying-dogs-as-sen_b_8717888.html



A $300 underground greenhouse offers a year-round DIY growing sanctuary





For growers unlucky enough to be living at high elevations or further than arms length from the equator, frost and cold relentless winds are constant enemies. Twenty years ago in the mountainous regions of South America, frustrated growers set out to pull the arrow from the Achille’s heel of productive year-round growing in cold climates and temperate climates. Their solution? A DIY greenhouse that can be built for less than $300.

The walipini was designed to grow food year-round in the colder and more temperate climates for less than $300.

2_underground greenhouse

Traditional greenhouses composed of glass walls are typically as expensive as they are fragile. And while “common sense” would lead you to believe that maintaining the heat necessary for optimal growing conditions would be stretching closer to the sun or manufacturing its rays with an expensive lighting system, designers of the walipinidecided to make use of an alternative natural source of heat. A walipini is a passive-solar heating structure that burrows closer to the magma that flows beneath the earth’s crust. Actually, walipini is the Aymara Indian word for “place of warmth”.

3_underground greenhouse

By digging just six to eight feet below the earth, growers can take advantage of what is called a thermal constant. The design uses a wall of compressed earth at the spine of the building and a shorter wall as its chest. This makes an angle for a plastic sheet roof that is permeated by the sun’s rays to create the ideal temperature for plant growth. The design should incorporate an entrance that is slightly deeper underground than the grow floor to prevent warm air from exiting the environment. This is because cold air sinks downwards.

The DIY walipini is built six to eight feet underground in order to take advantage of the thermal constant to keep the environment warm enough to grow plants.

4_underground greenhouse

The in-earth greenhouse should stretch longer on the east and west and be shorter on the north and south to maximize the solar harvest. Eaves troughs can even be incorporated on the roof to harvest rainwater. Additionally, you could take notes from Earth Ships and line the walls with rubber tires to create additional insulation or incorporate ventilation to use the wind as a natural cooling system on unusually hot summer days. Ladybugs and pollinating insects can also be introduced.

5_underground greenhouse

The Benson Institute is an organization concerned with using locally-available resources and community efforts to solve food security issues. Using volunteer labour, they built a community-sized walipini that stands at an astounding 74 feet by 20 feet for just $300. The beauty of the walipini is that its simple but effective design can be built by anyone with a small budget and a few free weekends. Not only is locally sourced food better economically and nutritionally, but as shifting climate affects soil-fertility, permaculture initiatives are a regressive solution to the problems permanent agriculture is currently experiencing.

Walipinis are cost efficient and simple solutions to the current problems faced in agriculture, and are economically and nutritionally better for communities.

6_underground greenhouse

Image sources: pinterest.com,  wordpress.com,  naturalbuildingblog.com

SOURCE : http://www.theplaidzebra.com/a-300-underground-greenhouse-offers-a-year-round-diy-growing-sanctuary/




Learn How This Family Grows 6,000 Lbs Of Food on Just 1/10th Acre




Ever thought of growing your own food but didn’t think it was possible? It’s more that possible! It might even be the way of the future. If the Dervaes family can do it while living in Los Angeles, I think you can to.

The Dervaes family live on 1/10th of an acre 15 minutes from downtown L.A.. In itself that’s not strange. What’s crazy is that they manage to maintain a sustainable and independent urban farm. Complete with animals!

In a year they produce around 4,300 pounds of veggies, 900 chicken , 1000 duck eggs, 25 lbs honey, and pounds of seasonal fruit. There are over 400 species of plants. What?! They have everything they need to ‘live off the land.’ From beets to bees. Chickens to chickpeas.

What the family doesn’t eat they sell from their porch, making around $20,000 a year. Local organic food is so popular that they don’t have any problems finding customers. Even chefs/owners from local restaurants seek them out.

I tried to figure out how big 1/10th (0.1) of an acre is in perspective to other things . I used this website, findlotsize.com, and put markers around my ‘house.’ I got a rough estimate that mine is 0.062, but my math seems wrong since my place looks way smaller. It’s interesting to know all the same. Check it out … if you’re curious to learn what size yours is.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Source: “Learn How This Family Grows 6,000 Lbs Of Food on Just 1/10th Acre,” from themindunleashed.org

Video creditFoodAbundance

– See more at: http://theunboundedspirit.com/learn-how-this-family-grows-6000-lbs-of-food-on-just-110th-acre/#sthash.TmVP1rip.dpuf

Meat the Biggest Climate-Change Issue No World Leader is Talking About in Paris




The goal of the UN Climate Conference (COP21) in Paris is to address the most pressing issues facing our planet’s environment and work to make global policy-level change to mitigate the worst possible impacts of climate change. While there are many topics at the table ranging from fossil fuel emissions to handling droughts and food shortages … there is one thing that isn’t being talked about that MIGHT just be the singular thing that can save us from the brink of total destruction.

The role our food choices play in climate change.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization accredits 14.5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions to the animal agriculture industry. That’s more than the entire transportation sector. But that’s not where it ends.

This destructive industry currently occupies over half of the world’s arable land resources and uses the majority of our freshwater store. Additionally, this system causes rampant air and water pollution, land degradation, deforestation and is pushing countless species to the brink of extinction. And yet, one in eight people still suffer from food scarcity.




As Nil Zacharias, co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of One Green Planet says, “The real war against climate change is being fought on our plates, multiple times a day with every food choice we make.”

So while this topic might not be the center of discussion at COP21, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t something that we all can’t take action against. In fact, you can start making a difference with your next meal! By simply leaving meat off your plate, you can HALVE your carbon footprint – if everyone in the world made an effort to even eat less meat and dairy, it would make an enormous difference.

“Years from now, when we tell the inspiring story of how our broken food system was transformed into a more equitable and sustainable one, will you be on the right or wrong side of history?” asks Zacharias; a question that is more important than ever for the world’s leaders to consider, and yet, many have yet to recognize.

Are you tired of waiting for legislation and ready to make a change to save the future right now? Join One Green Planet’s #EatForThePlanet movement, here and find out how our food choices have the power to heal our broken food system, give species a fighting chance for survival, and pave the way for a truly sustainable future.

Click on the graphic below for more information



As the largest independent green site on the Internet with the largest vegan recipe database, One Green Planet is the leading voice in the sustainable food space. Using this authority, the #EatForThePlanet campaign aims to inspire the public to take control of the damage being caused by animal agriculture, and show them how the fork can be an incredibly effective tool in the fight against climate change.


In the past 40 years, we’ve lost 52 percent of wildlife from the face of the planet; there is currently more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than there has been in the past 800,000 years and our oceans are riddled with over 400 massive dead zones, completely devoid of life due to our pollution. While it may be difficult to fathom the fact that humankind has been responsible for this enormous amount of damage, it is the reality. But what is possibly even more challenging for people to understand is that something as simple as the food choices we make every day can be intrinsically tied to this destruction. Especially, our appetite for meat, dairy and eggs.


statwhitebgrnd*The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that livestock production is responsible for 14.5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, while other organizations like the Worldwatch Institute have estimated it could be as much as 51 percent.

These statistics illustrate the devastating use of land resources, freshwater supplies and sheer volume of greenhouse gases produced by the livestock industry, and yet, 850 million people across the world still suffer from lack of food. Not to mention, animal agriculture is also the leading driver of deforestation and habitat loss which has pushed countless endangered species on to the brink of extinction. As our population grows to nine billion by 2050, these percentages are set to grow exponentially, pushing our planet’s finite resources to their limit.

“Since we launched One Green Planet back in 2012, we have been unapologetically committed to highlighting how the real war against climate change is being fought on our plates,” said One Green Planet co-founder and Editor-in-Chief, Nil Zacharias. “If we want to have any hope for a sustainable food system that can feed our growing population, business as usual is just not going to cut it any longer. It’s time for us to recognize that animal agriculture is the leading cause of the climate crisis and exercise our power to be a part of the solution with every food choice we make.”

If every person in the U.S. were to choose more plant-based foods, we could cut our carbon footprint in half, save around 200,000 gallonsof water each redirect enough grain from the livestock system to feed roughly 2 billion people. We have the potential to make an enormous impact.


#EatForThePlanet is more than just a social media campaign, it’s a movement with the simple goal of changing the way we all think about our food choices.



No matter how you look at it, the animal agriculture industry is a losing bet for the environment, animals, and people. It is time that we stop looking for ways to make this archaic industry “less inhumane,” “less environmentally destructive,” and “less unhealthy,” and choose an option that is not “less bad” but undeniably better: plant-based. You can choose to do this once a day or for the rest of your life, the decision is up to you! So Green Monsters, are you ready to take your passion for animals, the environment, and just plain amazing food, and change the world? Yup, we thought so.

Take the first step by trying any one of the following:

1. Try eating meatless one day a week

2. Make one meal a day all plant-based

3. Recreate your favorite foods without meat and dairy

Eating for the planet has never been easier … or more delicious. One Green Planet just happens to be home to the largest vegan recipe database on the web – and trust us, once you dive in, you’ll probably ask yourself why you never considered eating plant-based before. Or, if you’re a seasoned plant-based eater, you are sure to find hundreds of fresh recipes to add a little more excitement to your life. Click here to access the 5,000+ out of this world recipes. Worried about getting all your nutrients on a plant-based diet? Check out a Green Monster’s Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition.

Join the fun with other Green Monsters on social media…


1. Choose a plant-based/vegan meal (Yes, vegan donuts count as a meal!).

2. Snap a photo and upload to Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter.

3. Add  #EatForThePlanet and @OneGreenPlanet in your update.

Let’s show the world how eating vegan/plant-based has never been easier or more delicious. We want to see your new favorite plant-based recipes, your go-to vegan brunch selections, and all the amazing vegan donut varieties you can possibly find! (Yes, eating donuts helps the environment.) We will feature all your awesome photos in the gallery below. Make sure you add @OneGreenPlanet and use #EatForThePlanet when you upload and we will share the best, most creative and yummy-looking posts across our social media platforms.

Be a Green Monster! Act for the environment with your forks and let’s get the world to #EatForThePlanet. 



sea_shepherd_mv_steve_irwin_wallpaper_paul_hd-wallpaper-375020Iar-logo-200x200 animal-place 644539_10151464766823353_2108635228_nthe-gentle-barncfafopsALDF_logo_200x200 IDA logo black BGbrandhigh res logo


Want to reach One Green Planet’s 6M+ strong monthly reader base? We want our Green Monsters to know all about the amazing brands out there that create and/or support sustainable food (i.e. vegan food). Today, we are offering vegan, natural, eco-friendly brands, whether big or small (including ones that have worked with us and those that have not) an opportunity to participate in this campaign and feature your logo/product in the gallery.

1. Choose a photo of plant-based/vegan meal or of your product/logo (if it is plant-based/vegan)

2. Upload to Instagram or Twitter.

3. Add  #EatForThePlanet and @OneGreenPlanet in your update.




When you “Eat for the Planet,” you make the conscious choice to reduce the impact you are having on the world around you. You have a choice at every meal you eat to opt for a cheeseburger or you can make the decision to grab an equally (if not more so) tantalizingUltimate Veggie Burger. The more plant-based choices you make, the larger your positive impact. You might not become the perfect “vegan” overnight, but it is more important that you simply start to include your meal choices in all the other amazing things you do to minimize your impact on the world. You already recycle, ride your bike to work and carry a reusable grocery bag – it’s time to start eating for the planet.

To learn more about the relationship between animal agriculture and environmental destruction, check out these resources:

The Meat Industry and the Environment:


Water Use:

Air Pollution:

Water Pollution:

Greenhouse Gases:

Species Extinction:

Global Hunger:

Be a Green Monster! Join us and let’s get the world to #EatForThePlanet.

Change begins one meal at a time!

SOURCE : http://www.onegreenplanet.org/news/meat-biggest-climate-change-issue-no-world-leader-is-talking-about-in-paris/







The Ultimate Distraction


Elva Thompson
Contributor, ZenGardner.com

“There is nothing worse for the lying soul than the mirror of reality.” Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: reflections on life and the Human Experience

Encyclopedia Britannica defines distraction as: something that makes it difficult to think or pay attention.
Something that amuses or entertains you so that you do not think about problems, work, etc.
A state in which you are very annoyed or upset.


Distraction…it’s everywhere in our materialistic culture. It shouts at us through friends and relatives, cell phones, TV, computers, facebook, twitter, comment sections, politics, fake news and the entertainment or should I say, the distraction industry. We live in constant fear of a dozen kinds of holocausts; climate change, solar shot, methane, pole shift, ice age, pollution, nuclear war, terrorism, disease, poverty, poisonous food and water. The list of nebulous terrors waiting to engulf us is endless and many spend their lives distracting themselves to cover up there fear and apprehension of what might lie ahead.

There is so much information, disinformation and distraction in the media and our every day lives, it’s enough to make our heads spin…and spin they do. It’s no wonder we live in a state of confusion/distraction and information overload.

The busy mind

The mind of Impostor Consciousness [see my article] cannot be quiet and has to be constantly distracted. It has no inner being, cannot observe itself, and can only live through our emotions: our loves, intrigues and entanglements, our disappointments, fear and woes. It is a shell of desire, and when not tempered with spiritual understanding creates conflict within and without, for physical reality is nothing more than a mirror of human thinking.

Many people are busy prisoners of their beliefs, and often try to force their dogma on others. They are blinkered and blinded by the narrow spectrum of awareness about what is true or false, and many question nothing, they just accept what is dictated to them by their peers and absorb the lies as if they were the truth. The idea that we have been hoodwinked by deceptive information and blatant lies from ‘those in charge’ is often met with dismay and denial by our frail ego’s. Many of us can’t accept the challenge of information contrary to our programming and are quick to jump on the bandwagon of scorn and ridicule. In our self conceit, we can’t be bothered to be our own investigators, find out for ourselves whether the dogma we carry is true or even belongs to us! We allow our minds to be invaded and distracted with other people’s theories and conjecture, and if we can make it fit our beliefs we tend to look no further. We don’t realise that our minds no longer belong to us, and that from the cradle to the grave, we are sleeping slaves of a matrix of control.

The distraction of intellectual bullshit

Intellectual bullshit is a billion dollar industry; a self important salve for the busy mind that cannot face itself. Billions of dollars are wasted in re-hashing outdated paradigms and tweaking the results to keep the boat of bullshit steady, and when the truth is presented, it’s immediately dismissed by the experts because they all want to stay at number one in their respective fields. One example of this intellectual blindness is genetic modification.

The distraction of playing god

The materialistic mind of Impostor Consciousness believes in a mechanical reality where everything can be reduced to numbers and equations, but lacks the intuitive capabilities and spiritual understanding exemplified by Pythagoras and Plato. Most ‘accepted’ scientists and experts are blind to the fact that there is an underlying energetic connection between every organism on the planet.They do not realise that any interference with the ‘original blueprint’ of an animal or plant will cause stress and energetic discord within the vibratory pattern of the whole.

Genetic modification

“Human kind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread in it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.”  Chief Seattle.

Our reality is dual and the Law of Nature is predator and prey, and just as lions pick off the sick and weak, so do the bugs. A sick plant like a sick person attracts the undertaker. Any organism giving off a negative field will attract a predator to destroy it.

Nature’s undertakers

Genetically modified crops give off bad vibes, and the reason they are failing worldwide is because they no longer resonate in harmony with the natural world, the resonant web of life…and how does nature deal with them…she destroys them. It doesn’t matter how much poison is sprayed to control pests whether they be insect or viral, they dance to a different drummer. In line with the matrix programme and the Cosmic Law of Balance, it is frequency that calls the tune.

So called pests are nature’s undertakers and they have a job to do. If crops give off a sick energetic field they will be called upon by the matrix to destroy them no matter what we do. Poisoned insects transmit information about the toxins to their eggs and the next wave is immune, we call them super pests. And so it goes on: the pesticides become stronger and the super pests mutate into super super pests.

The upshot is that the intellectual bullshit of so called experts will lead to mass starvation.

The ultimate distraction

Impostor Consciousness and its reality is the ultimate distraction. It is the love affair with the ego self that wants to be king or queen of whatever jungle; to be a winner, to be on top in the world of glamour, sensation and self gratification. And, the third dimension is its geometric fractal backdrop for self congratulatory consciousness and the sensory driven game of ‘us and them.’

Mindset of the game

This materialistic mindset of ‘me versus you’ and ‘us versus them’ has soaked every inch of grass on this planet in the blood of mankind. Age after age its the same bloody story of conquest and greed, and the harvesting of human emotion takes place on every level of our being. It’s called the Loosh Rote.[see my article Meet the Firm]

For more information on the sacrificial nature of our reality:

The who dunnit distraction

There are all kinds of theories [and they are just that] about what has created the sacrificial dual world of which we are part; we want to know who the villain is, the creator of the human farm, and there are many faerie tales to fill in all the details, and vast amounts of money made printing bullshit to further distract our minds. Does it matter who built the fractal geometric matrix? Does it matter who or what enslaved mankind and chained us in a narrow band of frequency, a prison for the mind? Whether it be an archon; a reptilian frequency pattern; a parasite that changes our reality to fit its needs; it really doesn’t matter.

A being of frequency

What does matter is the fact that the architect of the matrix, the bane of mankind and all living things is a being of frequency, it has an energetic signature…the signature of the matrix. And, as long as we resonate within the parameters of its energy we are caught like flies in a spiders web where every negative thought and deed is calculated in the balance sheet of karma and drags us back life after life into the matrix reality of predator and prey.

Who needs prison bars when we exist in a self determined electronic prison!

The other side of the coin and the quiet mind

‘My young men shall never work. Men who work cannot dream, and wisdom comes in dreams.’ Smohalla.

Holographic reality

Quantum physics has proven that energetic fields create our ‘solid world’ and suggests that we live inside a computor simulated virtual reality, a synthetic world of fractal geometry, that because of our body sensors and mental conditioning, we think is real…solid matter, and for the intent and purpose of the game of ‘us and them’, it is. We are a physical being in a physical world and many of us are so absorbed in the ‘real life’ we have no idea about our secret energetic reality. We are so busy with the fast game of work, family, the matrix game of opposites, and the drama of existence that engulfs us everyday, that for many, spiritual reality does not exist. We have lost contact with our inner being and have no time for the quiet mind, no space to hear the small voice of our souls.

The reset

We soon will enter the final year of the reset: Dec 21 2012 to Dec 21 2016 and everything, including our survival as a species is up for grabs. The devil dogs of war are barking at our feet; electromagnetic smog tries to block our evolution, our food and water is being poisoned and distraction beckons from every door.

The owners of the farm will do anything to stop the ascension timeline engulfing and uplifting humanity, and they are adepts of deceit. They have cast the spell of divide et impere for generations, the game of distraction: ‘me versus you’ and ‘us versus them’.

Evolution of the life waves

We have a unique opportunity to leave the fake world of the matrix, and this opportunity occurs once in twenty six thousand years. It’s called the evolution of the life waves and it is happening Now. This is the shift in conscious awareness we are witnessing, but it needs us, the input of the quiet focussed mind to add to the power of awakening.

We are in the last thirteen months of the reset when the electro magnetic blocking system of our multi dimensional consciousness is at its weakest, and we need to take advantage of it.

The tool kit

Ascending the vibration of this violent and contradictory world is about frequency…not ego; getting for self; or holding onto the anchor weight of dogma and one’s self importance. It is about liberation of the mind; shaking free from the Impostor Consciousness of materialism and exploitation, and re-connecting to the planet and its creatures.

For those who are interested in speeding up the vibratory rate of their consciousness there are several tools that help.

Flesh free diet…live and let live

Vegetarianism versus carnivorism is another playing field for the battle of ‘me versus you’ and many ‘spiritual’ people will defend their right to eat the dead flesh of animals and think they are still spiritual.[now there’s a distraction for you] What they don’t realise is that the flesh of murdered animals contain fear fields, a slow and poisonous vibration that is an anchor weight and death knell for ascending consciousness. There can be no ascension into higher moving fields of energy for a ghoul.

Sonic re-patterning

Birth into this reality is in itself a trauma and the attack on our divine nature never stops until the ‘box beckons’. Is it possible to re-pattern the trauma of the past, neutralise the energy of our pain? The answer is yes. Sonic re-patterning of the chakra fields using Pythagorean intervals is a great tool to lighten our energetic load, clear our minds of fear and the noise of distraction. See my article Symphony of Self.

Profiling of the Atlas bone

The atlas is the first cervical vertebra, and is named after the mythological giant who carries the world on his shoulders. Many people have the atlas bone in a position of malrotation with a tilt to the left. This can be atlasbe rectified by the profiling of the atlas bone. www.atlasprofilax.com

atlas-150x150This picture shows a misaligned Atlas to the left side. The rotation causes a reduction in the diameter of the aperture at the base of the skull and vertebral canal. This disrupts the normal flow of information between the brain and body through the vertebral and carotid arteries, and the lymphatic system, the cerebrospinal fluid, the meningeal system and the spinal cord.



Get your head on straight!

Tai Chi, meditation,yoga and martial arts

Yoga and martial arts help tone our bodies and discipline our minds.

Sun gazing

Entrainment by the sun allows us to shut off the internal chatter of our ego and experience the quiet mind. See my article The Occult Sun.

These tools help to give greater clarity to our thinking, speed up our rate of vibration and bring us into harmony with all life on the planet.

The choice is ours….

“Come to the edge of the cliff,” he said.

“No! We are afraid,” the children answered.

“Come to the edge of the cliff,” he said again.

They came. He pushed them and they flew.

Who is he?

Our divine core… the living truth of Love.

Free your mind from the matrix: Divide et impera: the game of ‘us and them.’

Join the fourth dimensional rebellion. Begin the journey. The ‘Key made of Air’ is the first step on the path of mystical understanding.

Self Distraction by Saqib Hussain

Distractions are so many
And when they seem to decrease
We constantly search for more
As if trying to shut out
That persistent guiding voice
Sounding from our truest core
And to describe this further
Please think of the following
Useful metaphor:The sound of raindrops on your window –
The brief, intermittent, short pauses between them
Are the brief pauses of thought you sometimes have
Of your deepening loss and struggling way
Before you so quickly flood your mind with other thoughts
And keep busy with other, less important
(What is more important than saving the soul?) Thoughts and actions.
Constant self-distraction
Is constant self-delusion
And constant self-harm.

Taken from Saqib Hussain’s book “Contemplate” available for free here

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SOURCE : http://www.zengardner.com/the-ultimate-distraction/



The Last Stand Mixtape: A Celebration of Indigeneity, Love, Strength and Resiliency




“Remember the first time you heard a song, verse, line, beat, or poem that helped you make sense of your world? Remember how it spoke to whatever you were going through at the time?”

For the artists featured on The Last Stand Mixtape, it was these moments that inspired and fortified their belief that music, art, and poetry had the power to impact and empower lives.

“As people who have found art as our medium of expression we know firsthand the power that creativity holds by building something out of nothing, creating something tangible that moves those around us to feel, relate, and empathize,” said Tanaya Winder, director of the mixtape and spoken word poet from the Southern Ute, Duckwater Shoshone, and Pyramid Lake Paiute Nations. “Our youth need examples of expression from people who have walked the talk by practicing their art.”

And this is exactly what The Last Stand Mixtape delivers.

Featuring over twenty of Indian Country’s talented R&B, Hip Hop and Spoken Word artists, every track speaks directly to our Native youth and acknowledges their sacredness and the struggles they face. Each artist sharing their truths and experiences to remind our youth that there is nothing we cannot overcome.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse. Gang Violence, Domestic Violence. Sexual Violence. Environmental Violence. Police Brutality. Mental Illness. School to Prison Pipelines. Stereotypes. Poverty. Racism. Suicide. The list of issues that impact the lives of our Native Youth are endless, but as spoken word artist, Rowie Shebala shares in her poem,Indian Phoenix:

“We Rise From These Ashes, Just Like Any Phoenix.”

As I was listening to The Last Stand Mixtape, I got to thinking about the work that these artists do for our youth and communities and a quote that I ran across that said “Be the person you needed when you were younger”. This is who these talented artists have chosen to be for our youth and I couldn’t be more proud or thankful. The Last Stand Mixtape is a reflection of the love and hope that they have for Native youth and it is a celebration of our indigeneity, love, strength, and resiliency. So, listen and download it now.

You can get The Last Stand Mixtape at http://laststandmixtape.bandcamp.com/releases


SOURCE : http://atribecalledgeek.com/the-last-stand-mixtape-a-celebration-of-indigeneity-love-strength-and-resiliency/