Are You Ready for a Spiritual Revolution? By Wes Annac




By Wes Annac

If we want to create a new system out of the ashes of the old, we should think about the role we’ll play in creating it.

We should figure out what we can do right now to reflect the paradigm shift the world needs, and we should remember that if we continue to be angry, greedy or judgmental, a new world will be impossible because we’ll fail create it from within.

Any changes we’re able to make will be nullified shortly after, because we’ll fail to heal the underlying cause of the world’s broken condition; namely, the anger and greed we’ll continue to sustain.


A Few Questions

There are a few questions we should ask ourselves if we really want to change the world.

The first is if we’re committed to what will undoubtedly be a stressful, strenuous process that will stretch us to the limit.

The second is if we’re willing work with people whom we consider different or whose presence might make us uncomfortable. Even the most enlightened person may still have latent prejudices they haven’t addressed, and addressing them is a crucial step in bringing the world together.

The third is if we’re willing to forego the comforts provided by the system. As oppressive as the system is, it provides a lot of things people think they can’t go without.


The system fosters dependence by providing things we need and things we think we need, and we’ll have to give up some of our creature comforts if we’re going to create something new.

self-sufficient-lifestyleWe’ll have to be self-sufficient; grow our own food and provide ourselves with what the system currently provides for us. Any help it gives the masses now will stop when the revolution picks up, and this will require us to be strong and self-sustainable.

We’ll have to rely on ourselves and each other to not only make it through the difficult conditions we may have to deal with in the beginning, but to create a fairer system that will eventually provide what we lost when the previous one fell. Or, maybe we won’t create a new system at all.

We may be sustainable enough by then that we don’t need something new to provide what we already have, and we’ll be glad we took the leap and learned to provide our own needs and comforts.

Revolution of Love

The most important question we can ask ourselves if we truly want revolution is how much love we can give to mankind. This might not seem important to most activists, but the revolution I intend to help create is a revolution of love.

It’s a spiritual revolution manifested out of the need for a better world where our rights our honored, which includes the right to experiment with our consciousness and formulate a personalized religion that frees us to explore higher states of awareness in whatever way works for us.

“You can find religion in the freedom you choose.” – Ziggy Marley

This will be a revolution of human potential where we finally realize what we can do. It will reveal to us that we don’t need the government, big banks or multinational corporations to run every aspect of our lives, and then, our eyes will be open to the ways we’ve been lied to and manipulated.


We Don’t Need Them

We don’t need Big Brother watching our every move for ‘national security’ purposes and pouncing on us when they think we’ve done something wrong.

We don’t need militarized police forces causing mayhem in the streets, and we definitely don’t need political pundits in expensive suits screaming at us to conform to a corrupt system that serves them and their rich friends.

We need a new way of life free from the greed and corruption of the one percent, who’ll tell us any lie imaginable just to push their agenda forward. We also need a world free from the greed and corruption of the common man, whose negativity enables the world’s suffering.

We need to come together with respect for our differences and reject a system that controls us and makes us into victims, and the sooner we act, the sooner we can put a stop to the next coordinated tragedy.

Are You Ready?

If we can work together now, we can stop the elite’s criminal activity before it even happens and effectively vacate them from their self-created thrones.

It’ll require a lot from you, which is why you should ask yourself if you’re truly ready. Are you up for the challenge, or would you rather remain in your comfort zone and hope the system that keeps you comfortable never crashes?

It will inevitably crash, and while this might sound like bad news, it’s actually good news because this system was not put in place to serve you. It was put in place to turn you into a mindless worker bee and a consumer who lets large corporations provide for you in every way imaginable.

The system sees you as nothing more than a commodity that can be used to its advantage, but you’re much more than that.

You’re a human being. You’re a soul with incredible creative potential, and if you can remember the place you came from, you’ll realize in a heartbeat that there’s something insanely wrong with this world.

You’ll see that a monumental lack of love is responsible for the corruption, greed and hatred all around, and you’ll be promptly inspired to do something about all of it.

You’re Not Powerless

You’re here to create a new world, and you can do it with love in your heart, centeredness in your mind and creativity in your soul. We can raise the collective vibration while dethroning the elitists and rejecting the corporations hurting the earth and damaging our health in the name of profit, but we have to do it together.

2817dd13794e3f1883d2fb20ea1a8aeeAs I’m fond of writing, you’re not powerless to stop any of this.

You have more power than you know, but you have to realize it exists before you can utilize it.

You can step into it and inspire change on a personal and global level when you become aware of it, and the elitists want us to think it doesn’t exist; there’s nothing we can do to stop them and we shouldn’t even try.

They want us to assume it’s hopeless and relinquish our freedom, and they think that a world under their control is inevitable. They’ve worked tirelessly to make it happen, and they think they’re on the verge of success. They’re not.

Global Revolution; The System Will Buckle

We’re on the verge of global revolution, and it’s apparent in the things happening all over the world. People are fed up with a system that favors the upper class by keeping them down, and they’re finally coming together to change what doesn’t work.

They’re returning to the heart and finding compassion for those who struggle, and they’re meeting like-minded people who, like them, are spreading knowledge and helping the world wake up.

The system can’t help but buckle under the pressure of billions of people rising up to reclaim the planet in the name of equality and prosperity for all, and each of us is an integral part of this movement who has work to do.

We don’t have much time left, and if we wait, corruption will continue to thrive. If we do something about it now, we’ll hopefully create the conditions for a world free from corruption and hate.

We can do anything if we commit and work hard, and with more people joining this movement by the day, I can only imagine what amazing things we’ll accomplish from here.

Source: Culture of Awareness  Thank You Wes 🙂  Let’s DO THIS! ❤





Nigerians Are Building Fireproof, Bulletproof, And Eco-Friendly Homes With Plastic Bottles And Mud




These colorful homes are bulletproof, fireproof, and can withstand earthquakes. They also maintain a comfortable temperature, produce zero carbon emissions, and are powered by solar and methane gas from recycled waste.


Plastic is everywhere. In fact, the environment is so riddled with it, researchers predict that 99% of all birds on this planet will have plastic in their gut by the year 2050.

It is not enough to persuade people to use less, plastic needs to be repurposed and reused to be kept out of landfills. Despite informative infographics, emotional statistics, and recycling programs, many nations – especially the United States – continue to toss plastics into landfills without much care.

This unfortunate reality has spurred many to get creative with the discarded byproducts of society. Some have used plastic waste to construct marvelous sculptures and raise awareness about the issue, while others are repurposing it entirely to construct eco-friendly homes.

As reports, the housing crisis has become so bad in Nigeria, nearly 16 million units are required to address the shortage. Because crafting traditional homes would be far too expensive for most, locals adopted the idea put forth by two NGOs and are now building plastic bottle homes.

Credit: Andreas Froese/ECOTEC

The solution not only cuts costs for building a house, it is beneficial for the environment.

Credit: Andreas Froese/ECOTEC

Founded by Kaduna-based NGO Development Association for Renewable Energies (DARE), with help from London-based NGO Africa Community Trust, the project is solving two problems at once by addressing the homelessness issue and helping the environment. Not only will there be less plastic in landfills, the house is designed to produce zero carbon emissions.

In addition, it is completely powered by solar panels and methane gas from recycled human and animal waste.

Credit: Andreas Froese/ECOTEC

To create a two-bedroom bottle house, workers fill plastic bottles with sand and then hold them together using mud and cement. This forms a solid wall that is stronger than cinder blocks.

That’s not all: These colorful homes are bulletproof, fireproof and can withstand earthquakes. They can also hold a comfortable temperature year round.

Credit: Andreas Froese/ECOTEC

The buildings can be built to three stories, but no higher, due to the weight of the sand-filled bottles. And, of course, the magnificent diversity of recycled bottles give each house a unique and bright look.

A two-bedroom house requires 14,000 bottles to complete. To put this into perspective, Nigeria throws away three million bottles every day. Clearly, there are plenty of bottles which can be repurposed to build every individual in their own abode. 

Credit: Andreas Froese/ECOTEC

At least Nigeria isn’t as wasteful as the United States, which discards 130 million bottles per day. That’s 47 billion bottles every year – nearly 80% of which end up in the landfill. 

If the United States were to save these bottles and repurpose them into houses like folks in Nigeria are doing, 9,257 houses could be built per day. That is nearly 3.4 million houses a year, reports Off Grid World. With 3.5 million people living on the streets in the U.S., is this the solution needed to remedy the homelessness crisis? 

Credit: Andreas Froese/ECOTEC

Comment your thoughts on this intriguing application for plastic bottles below, and share this article!

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25 Little Lonely Houses For The Solitary Soul – Home Sweet Home ❤


25 Little Lonely Houses For The Solitary Soul | Deus Nexus:

Living in a city does have its perks, but even city-dwellers dream of escaping to some small comfortable house or cottage surrounded by wilderness to let their weary souls re-charge. All of these beautiful houses surrounded by picturesque views will inspire you to get away from it all – for a weekend or for good!

Most isolated homes like these had practical uses, and some still do – as hunting lodges or farm houses. These days, however, more and more such homes are instead rented out to people who want a peaceful place to rest or work.

#1 Cottage In The Woods, Scotland

Cottage In The Woods, Scotland

source report

#2 Hofskirkja, Iceland

Hofskirkja, Iceland

source report

#3 A Hut In Winter

A Hut In Winter

source report

#4 Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

source report

#5 The Solitairy House Of Elliðaey Island, Iceland

The Solitairy House Of Elliðaey Island, IcelandThe Solitairy House Of Elliðaey Island, Iceland

source report

#6 Hidden Forest House

Hidden Forest House

source report

#7 Hobbit House, Wales

Hobbit House, Wales

source report

#8 Icelandic Mountain Meadow Retreat

Icelandic Mountain Meadow Retreat

source report

#9 Trøllanes, Faroe Islands

Trøllanes, Faroe Islands

source report

#10 Little Red House, Iceland

Little Red House, Iceland

source report

#11 Holmur Reykjanes, Iceland

Holmur Reykjanes, Iceland

source report

#12 Apuseni Mountains, Romania

Apuseni Mountains, Romania

source report

#13 Arnarstapi, Iceland

Arnarstapi, Iceland

source report

#14 Red House In Snowy Norway

Red House In Snowy Norway

source report

#15 Tiny House In The Fields, Hungary

Tiny House In The Fields, Hungary

source report

#16 House In The Middle Of Drina River Near The Town Of Bajina Basta, Serbia

House In The Middle Of Drina River Near The Town Of Bajina Basta, Serbia

source report

#17 In The Fields Of Gold, Alberta, Canada

In The Fields Of Gold, Alberta, Canada

source report

#18 Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Iceland

Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Iceland

source report

#19 Barrier Highway, South Australia

Barrier Highway, South Australia

source report

#20 Craig Highland Farm Holiday Cottage Near Plockton, Scotland

Craig Highland Farm Holiday Cottage Near Plockton, Scotland


#21 Rice Terraces Of Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam

Rice Terraces Of Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam

source report

#22 Silence – Ioan Balașanu

Silence - Ioan Balașanu


#23 Saint Cado, France

Saint Cado, France

source report

#24 Šumiac – Červená Skala, Slovakia

Šumiac - Červená Skala, Slovakia

source report

#25 House In Nepal With View Of Himalayas

House In Nepal With View Of Himalayas

source: report

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How Having A Tiny House Can Actually Help The World – INFOGRAPHIC


How Having A Tiny House Can Actually Help The World:

You could spend time, money and, ironically, energy trying to make your big house more eco-friendly. Or, you could live in a tiny home.

Trust us, the planet thanks small home owners much more.

Want proof? Consider this: It takes 16,000 pounds of CO2 to power the average-sized home for a year, according to this infographic from TinyHouseBuild. By contrast, it takes just 1,144 pounds of CO2 to power a “tiny” home (a house with the average size of 186-square-feet).

And that’s not all — tiny homes require less lumber, burn less lightbulbs and generate less CO2 from heating and cooling. Take a look below, and have pride in your tiny abode!


The Danger Of Becoming Free: Urban Homestead.


Political Vel Craft

Over 6,000 pounds of food per year, on 1/10 acre located just 15 minutes from downtown Los Angeles. The Dervaes family grows over 400 species of plants, 4,300 pounds of vegetable food, 900 chicken and 1,000 duck eggs, 25 lbs of honey, plus seasonal fruits throughout the year.

From 1/10th of an acre, four people manage to get over 90% of their daily food and the family reports earnings of $20,000 per year (AFTER they eat from what is produced).

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Alternative Homes Video Playlist

Alternative Homes


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