Knowledge Makes The Matrix Stronger Whilst Enslaves YOU





By Arno Pienaar


Extra data from knowledge-based constructs in the matrix limits all possibilities available to reality. Knowledge kills. It makes up the identity that is an enemy.


Can you remember how easy life was before you were introduced to how it works? You could eat anything and not give a damn about the calorie content, this additive and that E number. There were no difficult obstacles to overcome to any venture you took upon.

Life was incredibly mysterious and excitement awaited in every new moment. Pain has not crept into the NOW yet, you were fully present and more aware than you can imagine today.

As I can recall, manifesting anything I needed was no problem. The simple idea of finding money on the streets presented enough for me to enjoy a bag of sweets, and this sorted me out every time, in just one journey to the shop.

I did not have exceptions operating in my mind such as the belief that money is scarce and hard to come by. I could program my own reality at the time.

I could implant the idea that “I will find money” into my reality, and it would manifest such as in a lucid dream. The mind was not programmed as of yet, and reality responded obediently.

NOTE: There was no notion of try, ONLY DO. Trying is the result of relativity. Trying originates out of weakness and helplessness and the absence of power.

You see, the more we learn about life, the way it “should be” processed by the collective unconscious mind that we are initiated into by taking on life in 3D, the more exceptions start operating. This prevents the free flow harmonization with the universe.

I am sure you have heard this quote before:

The universe wants to give you everything you need, it is only your thoughts and beliefs blocking it.

Now, I am not in any way saying that mainstream society is to blame for a negative mind that renders souls powerless. I have met many uneducated souls from African rural areas to Thai hill tribes, and they were all trapped in some kind of relative self-created prison, inherited through the ancestral line — the work of the “magnificent mind”.

How Knowledge Makes the Matrix Stronger

You see, exceptions in the mind are much like “IF” statements in computer programming. You can eat a chocolate with no knowledge of it and enjoy the simple pleasure, or you can have knowledge of it, which changes a simple act into a calculating nightmare.

Now come the “IF” statements, and there can be many programmed into a mind — countless. “IF” the chocolate has more than 50% sugar then it is detrimental to my physical health. “IF” it has Soy Lecithin inside I’d better throw it away, because this soy contains minute aluminiumdeposits.

“IF” the chocolate contains artificial flavors, it is also not good, because that means thinking becomes impaired.

Suddenly, eating a chocolate becomes a huge nightmare in a mind that has been programmed with extra knowledge pertaining to the classification of substance according to science.

The chocolate is just an example; extra intelligence can make reality for a mind-orientated being robotic. Who said artificial intelligence is merely science-fiction? Most of the world are currently operating under AI!

The more knowledgeable you are, the more complex reality becomes, to the point that the mind drains you of all your elements and you become a zombie relative to the world that holds you in stasis by everything that you stand under by. You become a statistic!

I am not saying that we should go ahead and shove anything down our throats, as our bodies are built upon the the dust of the Earth, which means that we should feed it whatever makes it strongest for maneuvering across this dimension.

The mind and body are interlinked with each other in a sort of feedback loop. Changes in one of the two, affects the other. When the mind is depressed, the body lacks energy; when the body is diseased, the mind cannot function optimally.

But this is only reality in the mind-body-soul or body-mind-soul state. When the soul, the “I” (NOW) is in the center, body-soul-mind, this cause and effect cannot function anymore because all mortality fades in the light of immortality.

The soul has the power to act as a solvent to any problem.

Ask any sickness, any cancer this question: “are you mortal or immortal”?

Remember, these problems only have consciousness because you gave up your center and put (data) mortality in your now. When the activated soul enters the picture, all of the illusion that crept into the eternal space turns back into the five elements.

Consciousness has the power to negate all illusory effects arising from food entering the body and affecting the mind.

You see, knowledge, laws and scientific facts affect beings that are unrooted and disconnected to consciousness, beings caught in relativity to the matrix.

Doomsday Prophecy

Knowledge mind - chariot of the body

All the data, facts, knowledge controls your life when you are part of the illusion, mind orientated. This is where the creator of the Matrix needs you to fulfill his empty doomsday prophecy. Only then can your psyche be used to fuel his desire, which is the ultimate destruction of the universe.

It must be highlighted once and for all that all mind, collective unconscious, the me, the ego, is built negative, so to serve a positive creator. This is so because the reality is set up with the objective of fooling souls to create a world that was envisioned by the creator a long time ago.

This has expertly been achieved by incepting the souls with data that manipulates them to believe they are nothing and IT is everything.

From nothing, anything would do, and the mind seems to be the next greatest power after the great disconnection.

The creator’s objective is achieved only by giving souls a mechanism that would make them think they are in control, or give them the illusion that they have a hand in the matter of fate.

The addiction to this mind and disconnection to the source (soul) that keeps ITS created constructs in function, is an identity that is based on data, and beliefs that data is God, and the more data is employed, the more control can be achieved over a world that is constructed by data.

Easily but steadily, you become a Luciferian worshiper, albeit unknowingly.

The Fate of the Planet

The fate of the planet lies in the operation of the mind, and if we do not thrash the reliance on it to construct reality, we will have the fate foretold by the bible: Armageddon and all.

The bible is the great architect’s handbook and within it is a timeline that holds reality only in accordance to the souls that know not of their actuality and absolution.

A new, unprecedented world awaits all those that step out of that timeline, which is based on a beginning and an end, Alpha and Omega. That which has a beginning must have an end. In the Beginning was the word.

The digital Holographic Reality is constructed with words and numbers. The bible spells out that this has an end.

A word is a vibration, vibration is energy, and energy is light. What constitutes our present reality has an end.

Instead of fearing this end due to all the threats of judgement and punishment, we should embrace the beginning of a new, self-created reality, where me and you are the writers of whatever it is that we want to manifest.




Resisting the Matrix is Encoded in Your DNA




By Arno Pienaar

Reacting and resisting the matrix is in your DNA, because your ancestors — unknowingly — fought the invisible system, no matter what it threw at them. The time has come to let go.


Without reaction, there is no problem. Reaction is the start of any problem. In fact, reacting is the problem, for without it there can be no chain reaction to even more problems.

It sounds so easy to just stop reacting to all the bumps and curveballs thrown at you by the matrix, isn’t it?

But even when you think about not reacting it’s already too late, as you have, in fact, already reacted. And the thought that you should not react to a matrix-created situation is evidence of the guilt resulted from already reacting.

So, it seems that the matrix is one step ahead of our vehicle’s (i.e. 3D physical body) top capabilities.

How on earth are we supposed to stop reacting to life, which is what is strengthening our resistance to what is not wanted in our lives?

Reacting is resistance

Realize that reacting is part of our genetic makeup, part of the DNA that constitutes our physical sentient bodies. We are hardwired to react to the matrix, and especially to what we have been programmed to perceive as “bad.”

To test your susceptibility to reaction you may simply ask yourself if any of the occurrences in this world are bothering you.

If the answer is yes, then whatever has the power to disturb you, will never seem to disappear from your life, following you everywhere like a shadow.

You may try and find the root cause of your problem through psychological or spiritual therapy, but you will never find the answer as the answer is you — like a software encoded in your DNA.

Emotions are the main catalysts that make us react to outside stimuli, which are thrown at us by the matrix, whilst academia teaches that emotions are caused by mental perceptions and reactions to the external environment. Another lie bites the dust.

Emotions are internally coupled with the body, as they are felt. Only the body feels, and the DNA tells the body what it is, so this means that how you predominantly feel is how your family predominantly felt as far back as your family-tree goes. All baggage is carried from one generation to the next.

This body-consciousness of most of humanity gives rise to all physical diseases experienced on Earth.

Feelings/emotions of a low-vibratory rate slow the body down so much that the electromagnetics start malfunctioning, leading to insufficient power for all vital necessary functions.

In Chinese medical literature it has been documented expertly how different emotions in excess cause different bodily functions to malfunction.

This lack of power is first and foremost contributed from vaccines that alter the DNA with toxic smog, causing it to mutate and receive and transmit light-codes inadequately for optimum health.

Our bodies are targeted immensely on this plane, and besides the vaccines that people are still taking into adulthood, your genes also hold the reactionary programming of your family and ancestors.

Poor health is not just simply poor genes. Poor health is also based on the beliefs that reform our DNA in life as we go. Some of the detrimental catalysts were making mom and dad the center of your world involuntarily when you were young, allowing school to tell you what is real and what is not, what is right and what is wrong, invalidating your soul and idolizing a fake god…

In fact, every experience after the great disconnection from your united connection with everything plummets you further into never-never land.

Because of the amnesia, all these events change our DNA and then the DNA feeds our bodies with the beliefs we were programmed by. Most importantly, poor health is experienced by the subconscious belief that the body is real and subject to time, matter and space.

These are also beliefs and all beliefs shape the matrix.

Are you a body-mind-soul being, or a body-soul-mind being?

The Karma Deception

Karma is a Eastern doctrine that arose while attempting to explain why some people experience so much suffering, while others bathe in glory and pleasure.

A person that incarnates here, initially has to deal with the result of the aftermath between the matrix and the souls of all his/her ancestors.

The DNA is the first obstacle to maneuver around for success in the matrix. If your ancestors were all perfect slave/clones to the matrix, then you will most likely experience the bliss and joy of total ignorance. The monks would say you are a good man and deserve good karma…

The more your ancestors have worshiped the illusion, the greater suffering is in fact in stall for you as you come here, especially with the mission of deprogramming what your ancestors have been up to for the last few millennia.

Remember that your DNA is connected with the DNA of your family members and especially with that of your mother and father, depending on your attachment to them and your willingness to accept that beyond the physical you are not “related family members”.

The Agents Smith affect you though those you least expect, this is why it is so important to cut ties with anyone that in not beneficial to your mission of unplugging from the matrix.

The unconscious goal of having a child in the matrix for most is to share the burden of all the negativity so that one can be sparred longer by the weight of the demanding matrix.

Many children are victims of the projections of parents’ shadow-selves… They did not ask for it, they were not bad in a previous lives, it is just how the cookie crumbles in the 3D virtual reality.

We are all but the shared negativity of our collective families.

This is until we recognize that we must forgive them, because they don’t know what they do, and then it is a natural thing to simply let go.

Like all doctrines, karma is a lie! We are all self-created, we are all bestowed with the same amount of free-will.

The deeper one falls victim to unconsciousness in the matrix, the more it takes from your five elements which is what gives you free will and manifestation capabilities.

The only one to blame for selling out to an illusion is yourself, as the more you take of it, the more you lose yourself in the fake reality and, in doing so, you step further into the dark, and deeper into suffering.

Fire, oxygen, earth, water and ether are the building blocks of the entire universe, and what constitutes your soul.

The matrix was conjured by a malevolent group wishing to control the power of our souls and manipulate them into creating a illusory world of their liking…

Your own capitulation to the Luciferian mindset is the only problem you need to deal with, as every soul will eventually have to come to terms with the impermanence of all the wealth the matrix can promise.

If karma meant suffering through detaching oneself from Luciferian egoistic constructs, ridding oneself of the entity within that survives off the seven deadly sins, then it would have been closer to the truth.

Karma is fear induced by religious nonsense, creating both the cause and the effect!

These two doctrines are the same, as it is only the belief that all prior actions in an illusory time-track determine the reality one finds her/himself in presently. In other words, time-based!

In the present moment, it hangs like an overshadowing cloud over the head of the devotee prohibiting free choice to only what is seen as good or safe in the eye of the all seeing eye, that can punish you with effects hailing from your actions/causes.

The only punisher here is your fear-inducing beliefs that cause guilt — the catalyst to fear a non-existent future event waiting to settle the score with you.

It is exactly the same as the threat of hell in the bible all over again, though disguised in more terms and deeply thought out doctrines.

Whenever a notion lends relevance to the possibility of guilt and fear relating to timelines, then you must label it a lie. Cause and effect, karma, is a lie.

There can only be cause and effect if you believe in it. Fear is the major determiner of effects, hence cause and effect is disguised fear.

Cause and effect is only available for those matrix-bound.

Can you feel the vibration of the plead to let go of everything this world gives you in the form of information technology that molds and shapes the mistaken identity of the mind that is programmed to download information technology in order to create a matrix of its own unaware that it is actually running on an malevolent alien algorithm pretending to be it?

Use the mantra IT IS NOT IT! And use it consistently!

IT IS NOT IT also shifts the problems arising from the DNA that feed ancient emotions, tendencies, habits and behaviors, which lead us into repeating the past, becoming trapped in a circle of “time” that is always the same.




Memory Turns You Into A Battery For The Matrix




By  Arno Pienaar


Memory is the greatest artificial construct that keeps us bound to the matrix that we have co-created with the ego. It’s also the main attachment that bounds us to a limited reality.


The time-track, especially past and future, can tremendously drain a soul that places the data of these constructs in the now to the point that suffering becomes a reality for the subject.

The more attachment one has to the time-track, the less space there is to breathe. It is as if you are being suffocated by all your memories that are enforcing you inside the matrix of your identity, which stems largely from the memory.

A metaphor I can use is, somehow forcing 100Gb of data into a computer processor that can only properly function with 50Gb. Now it cannot function optimally anymore, and malfunction soon becomes prevalent.

In order to manifest your own reality, you must not place your stories from the hologram in the NOW, because what you will end up with, is the limit of your own programming. Basically, your experience becomes filtered to fit you.

Ask yourself, who would you be if all your memories had been stripped away from you?

Memory in computer processing and memory inside the mind, both serve the same function: they allow you to continue where you had left off.

It grants the ability to write a story from start to end  — a story that arises out of time, needs memory attached to time. The possibility for learning is also enabled by memory.

For a computer it is useful, as programmed input can add to the functional repertiore and for a human-being it is essential too — or is it?

Memory serves to hold and preserve data that our minds download through the five senses — data of a digital hologram. Remember that it is the job of the mind to translate the information of the hologram into a matrix.

Inside of the matrix we are made to choose what it is we wish to embody as a construct within it, lest we suffer the consequence and shame of failure and having no life or nothing to live for. And no money equals also no potential survival in this reality.

It is only sentient beings (5 senses) that need something in the material world to live for. This is an early stage of spiritual development and, unfortunately, too many are blocked here.

In order to have something to live for, you have to become something. Only words have the power to turn us into something in this reality that the architect constructed in an attempt to break and divide the ONE consciousness.

This is why, in fact, nobody is equal inside of this reality, because we are all something, and how can something be the same as something else? Impossible, when we deal in terms of random innumerable codes that makes each and every individual on the planet solely uniquely different.

The axiom of this reality is divide and rule, and there is no better way to divide than to provide an information-based reality to souls. This is the origin of a dualistic world.

So we choose what we want inside of the primary matrix and we do the necessary to build a ME (identity) or a personal matrix (persona) which most get entangled with and lose their sense of I (soul) in the process.

It must be understood once and for all that all of us have lost touch with divinity, though embracing the product of Trinity or Split consciousness.

Religious teachings regarding the Father, son and holy spirit forms the great spell of trinity consciousness. This is resembled also by the triangle that is bent at murdering the soul, resembled by the circle.

How can you be three when all is one?

If you ever watched The Matrix before, you should well remember that Trinity died, only to be brought back to life by the ONE, who eventually realizes that the one is immortal.

I have seen lots of symbolism regarding the Triangle within the circle and, of course, nobody has an idea about the hidden meaning of this symbol. It is a shame because that which is unconscious inside the reality of the subject, is able to control (especially if it is a lie that has gone on so long that it has been assumed as truth).

Alchemising memory in the now back to the Time-track

That which is in the now is energized not only by your own consciousness, but by all consciousness, due to the law of ether which cannot be broken.

If you hold hatred in the now, then everyone you encounter will confirm that which you hold. Your entire experience will revolve around what you hold in the now/soul-center.

The reason that this matrix is so negative is due to consciousness predominantly energizing the negative in the now. 

The powers-that-be (i.e. the minions of the Archon Architect) know this very well and make us energize the now by constantly feeding us negativity (via the mainstream media, scare tactics to make us afraid, poverty, wars, low minimum income, abusive laws, etc.).

Matrix battery — memory

People are mostly worried and overwhelmed by the negative malefic aspects of themselves, which stems from the past/time-track and possesses them, so to say.

When you allow a memory to tell you who you are in the NOW, it effectively makes you negative in the now.

The obsolete construct of the time-track, assumes absolute power over you due to you nominating it “the positive pole” through the attachment to your own identity that needs data — any data — to exist.

This is how memory suppresses the soul and limits it to various anchor points on the time-track. “I” is the only general that gives permission for this massacre that memory can cause when granted absolute power.

Every time you are confronted with a random pop-up of a memory in the NOW, you can use the opportunity to use the mantra “IT IS NOT IT” which effectively puts the memory back onto the time-track.

Memory is, essentially, stored information. One must not identify one’s eternal nature with information and data that has its source inside the dream of the creator, inside the matrix.

You can be sure that the identification with time is what causes mortality in its own rights.Memory is a by-product of time and, within time, things age and die.

Outside of time is synonymous with outside of memory.

Memory timetrack

You can do this with all data and information disturbing your inner peace by simply scanning everything and everyone you know and witnessing if any of these constructs trigger an emotional spark.

Anything that can influence you in the NOW means that it is actually in the NOW and forms part of your own NEGATIVITY in the now.

Why? Because it is alive in your psyche due to you energizing the attachment of an event on the time-track. In order for this to occur, you have to be a terminal and give up energy to an obsolete construct.

Bad memories result in the physical manifestations such as regret, shame, guilt, sadness, introversion, secrecy, alienation, anxiety, stress, withdrawal, etc..

Good memories result in the idolization of self, pride (a deadly “sin”), anchor points, attachment, suppressing ideals (suppressing your now with highs from the past), pressure to further live up to high expectations, spiritual stagnancy (believing that the highest has been attained already), etc..

Due to duality, we can compare good and bad memories and maybe some would argue that good memories serve at giving meaning to our lives.

This belief and attachment, together with faith and hope in data, materializes even in the next life.

All problems and issues that form part of the ego/identity, cross, together with the soul, into the next life due to it also having consciousness, which it gets from its host (i.e. the soul).

Your demon (ego) follows you into the next life.

Now you have the opportunity to finally cut the shackles you have to this entity that survives for the matrix. This is necessary if you want to disconnect from the matrix and salvage paradise.






The Matrix Literally Has Your Soul — Reclaim It!





By Arno Pienaar

The matrix program has us all where it needs us, energizing everything besides our own souls, serving the illusion and rendering it in dominion over our creative birth rights.


It seems there are very few of us still left that are really basking in our own light of consciousness. Living life in the timeless now is the prerequisite to becoming empowered by enough life force to fuel you with no sustenance whatsoever.

This is the real secret that the so called breatharians and “sun-eaters” will not tell you.

Immortality then also becomes a likely possibility when one is really unsubscribed to time.

Why would you age when you are outside of the laws and consequences of placing past/ present/ future in your now, where only consciousness and the soul should be?

Indeed, I think this is the biggest secret in the world today, living outside of time yet, for many, can be a very daunting endeavor.

You may quickly realize that you are currently placing many things in the center of your consciousness which have no belonging in the now whatsoever.

The Body

The body forms an integral part of the matrix program that serves to keep you centered on its flaws and limitations (which is what materialism is all about) instead of the soul.

The body holds the DNA, which receives the input transmissions emitting from the programmed matrix. Also, take into account that your body and mind have their own programs which serve to drain you from energy when they are mistaken to be yourself.

The conflicted thoughts that most of us experience are a pure product of the geometry that the body was created from, the phi ratio, or five. The pentagram is also symbolic of this ratio.

We have five fingers and five senses because the creator used the phi ratio to construct us and everything on our planet (including Mother Earth herself). We are in a phi-based reality.

With the five senses, we inadvertently create a world of conflict, because the five senses create a world that is divided and separated. Nothing resulting from the five senses is real in the first place, since the physical senses are part of the illusory construct of our virtual reality — hence we are experiencing maya (i.e. illusion) through illusion.

Bare with me.

Five is also an uneven number. When the odds are uneven, there is always a fight. The body, coupled with the DNA, also holds the programming of the parents and, in every sense, keeps the traits and characteristics of the parents dominant, as if there is nothing the individual can do about the so called “inherited genes.”

There is much power to be hold coupled with the realization that the body is part of the matrix construct, which means that it is an illusion that we fuel because we believe it to be real and, in so doing, place it before consciousness, which is the only unchanging, real, aspect of this reality.

The Illusion of Time

The illusion of time is actually not so much about time, but more about finding yourself on different lines of space instead of the one, eternal, space that is now (i.e the present moment).

For instance, anything belonging to the past, whether it be a past heartbreak, disease, the school that taught you or made you to believe, what mom and dad have turned you into, etc..

These things that have a reputation of telling us who we are, only have power over us if we believe time to be real.

In other words, parts of you that are trapped in past timelines, only remain fragmented when the consciousness believes that there is a separation between the past and the present.

The famous qoute that many spiritual teachers like to use is “all mind is useless.”

The mind is also part of the matrix and only works towards unity under the guidance of pure consciousness. Unfortunately, when the mind takes over consciousness, it becomes a reality distorter. This results in countless challenges, because the mind perceives the world as separate and not one with the soul.

In other words, the mind is in conflict, arising from division. Remember the number 5, an uneven number, full of conflicting impulses.

The Present Moment

The present moment also does not exist and should never exist in the now. The present moment belongs to an ever-fleeting moment we like to call now, yet we can never pin it down and say “here I have it”. It is for forever changing, get it?

The now, though, is something very few individuals on the planet can say they have felt, because it is only felt by those that have totally removed themselves from the material laws governing this plane.

All laws proposed by science on this plane are based on the five senses, and all stem from the limitations of the matrix — which serves only to diminish the true essence of a soul that, unwillingly, sells its infinite potential out.

The now is only felt by those that are back in touch with the five elements that result from connecting with the soul center once again.

In the light of consciousness all that comes from darkness (i.e. false) dies and becomes transmuted back to the five elements. This is another great secret of alchemy.

Think in terms of algae: when it spreads, the algae attaches itself to everything, turning the worst of toxins back into usable energy. When the light of consciousness is turned on, it transmutes all that is not immortal.

The only real things in the whole universe are the five elements: fire, water, earth, oxygen and ether.

Air and wind are not part of the five elements, as oxygen is the life-giving force in the form of air.

The soul consists out of these five primordial elements, and the soul loses them temporarily when the five senses take over in duality. This results in the undermining of the soul and the five elements, due to the illusion that is taking the center stage over one’s consciousness, whilst “milking” it of everything that is valuable.

Taking back your Soul from within the Matrix

The battery has two poles, negative and positive. The positive needs the negative to generate power, hence the positive has no power without the negative.

The same counts for the matrix reality that we find ourselves in — the matrix needs us to remain negative terminals in order to keep itself energized.

The greatest revelation is that we live in a system (i.e. the matrix) that is parasitizing on our souls’ energy.

If we are negative and the matrix is positive, then how can the matrix still have any power when we turn ourselves into positive terminals?

You can compare this reality to a battery. Most souls in this realm are negative and give their energy away to a positively charged creator/matrix program. How do we do this? The matrix is set up to make us lose touch with our universal cosmic selves (a.k.a our souls).

After birth, our parents take the center stage, together with the control systems of the matrix:

  • religious doctrines — keeping people fearful and obedient with fairy tales;
  • indoctrination and conformity disguised as education in primary school;
  • our life partners — which, involuntarily, keep us unaware and unrebellious against the matrix;
  • further indoctrination and conformity in high school and college, now coupled with brainwashing;
  • dull, unstimulating, jobs;
  • Facebook and social media — further layers of this virtual reality;
  • politics — dividing people and keeping the matrix in place;
  • false teachings in books that are aggressively promoted by the mainstream;
  • secret societies constantly conspiring against the people, enslaving their minds and souls;
  • true knowledge kept hidden from the masses.

We end up on a quest seeking meaning for ourselves, because the disconnection from divinity goes too far back to remember something very simple: the pure, innocent, potential at the moment of birth.

Once you release yourself from all that is not real, you turn yourself back on is a sense, and you are free to create once again the reality that you want. After reclaiming your consciousness from the deep pits of the matrix, you can start exercising influence over the fake reality and liberate your soul.

Once becoming a positive terminal, you will start using your energy to your own goals, instead of unknowingly giving it to the matrix.

The time of cosmic consciousness and mass awakening draws near.




Learn The Anti Thought-Form Hack Technique


Learn The Anti Thought-Form Hack Technique



Learn The Anti Thought-form Hack Technique and free the mind once and for all. How aware are you of these beings each stealing the limelight from awareness.


We all desires stillness and control within our minds, and prefer our inner domains to be free from disruptive thoughts that cause us to react.

Reacting in this context means thinking more thoughts resulting from one that was primarily implanted by the Luciferian Archons that know you better than you know yourself! (The ego)

These entities live by thought alone and use it to manipulate this reality by implanting thoughts into all of humanity by suggestion.

We direly need to be free from all thought-forms. A thought-form is a thought that has been energized to the point of gaining it’s own life and dominion within the psyche of the captive’s mind. It literally is a created entity that lives within a person that wants its own way.

A thought-form can be compared to a stuck tape — its patterns and reasoning are repetitious and serve to keep you in frozen malfunction, or an unconscious existence.

You become like a computer trying to function with a virus; everything is a struggle and your frequency is slower than it should be.

Thought-forms become ingrained into your mind and rule your life while you are unconscious.

Many of us have become slaves to the consequences of being a victim to the Luciferian egregore group of thinking entities, that gain more access to our minds through matrix-based information constructs, such as words, numbers, shapes, colors and sounds.

The sad fact is that the more thought-based illusory knowledge and information you have uploaded, that has arisen out of this 3-dimensional experience, the easier it is for you to become a victim from the very data that you have absorbed.

Once you start considering this holographic realm to be real and science or religion guiding beacons to the truth, then you become imprisoned into the Matrix.

The longer you live by the thought-based laws, the harder it becomes to regain your conscious mind from within the holographic reality.

Remember that words originate from thoughts, and that thoughts create light. Thoughts are a frequency because they have an energetic vibration; vibration is energy and energy glows as light.

Although this light cannot be perceived with our limited sight, it is real and it is what creates this light-based reality that conjures matter.

We learn the alphabet and the number system in school so that we may curse ourselves and render ourselves spellbound by all those letters and numbers that quantify our eternal, omnipresent nature.

We all have thought-forms uploaded into our consciousness, otherwise we could not manifest in this reality. At the very least, you believe you are real. That thought will, by all means, keep you around on the face of the Earth.

Gravity is a thought-form, energy is a thought-form, and even time is a thought-form.

None of these written thought-based laws are real, but they are made very real by us, by the beliefs we absorb from the mainframe thinking construct that permeates its frequencies through our minds, which are programmed to receive from this false light, which is the great deceiver.

Everything of the light is broadcasted from all knowledge-based institutions that insist reality is only what we are able to perceive with the five (very limited!) senses.

The senses are open to though-form suggestions

All the senses are, are receivers that are tuned to tune into the third dimensional matrix experience. They only serve to experience the illusion. The belief that they, alone, experience reality, creates the limited world of a physical third dimensional existence.

Once you believe that all the input you receive through them is real, then you subconsciously give yourself away to this light-show going on around you.

Believing this is all there is to it, you use this light-show every time you have a chance for addictive pleasure that your senses find gratifying (not you!), and if you are anyhow religious, you then feel guilty, for most of the pleasures are considered to be sins. And guilt manifests a whole lot of remorse, regrets and fear.

If a human being experiences fear in any form, then it is like a bleeding seal in shark infested waters. Fear opens you wide open to the destructive thoughts that lead to all sorts of devastating effects.

Those that experience the most fear, exhibit the highest degree of dysfunction in their realities. The further you sink into fear manifesting from guilt, the deeper you sink into the vortex of negative imagery and destructive thought patterns, which you cannot yield in any way.

You may term this “demonic possession” if you like. Possession is much more common than most people believe. Most people are indeed possessed today by all sorts of thought-entities living inside them. Understand that thought gave birth to your demonic opponents.

I think, therefore I am — René Descartes

Descartes was half right, but, it is not you and never was you that thinks, although if you understand that the word “I” actually insinuates EYE, the all seeing eye, representing God/Thoth (i.e. Thought), which conjures up reality, then Descartes was right on cue!

The deeper the consciousness resides in duality, the more thoughts may be implanted to freak out about and react to, triggering you into bouts of unconscious feeding to the illusion, that is mostly conjured by negative streaming.

That’s why religions are all fear and duality based. What a clever plan by the secret societies, such as the Freemasons, to erect a platform and a foundation for the reality construct of this world!

It is very important to remove yourself out of duality so that you may not feed two different sides of the same illusion with thoughts. Once duality is un-programmed, you have much more space available to you, where before you had conflicting thoughts between good and bad.

Life and death is also duality based.

The two conjured notions are only made real by the existence of each other, and if you remove one, then the whole paradigm seizes to be.

The unnecessary fear of the bad one (i.e. death) would have never originated. The ancients were never afraid of death; they knew that dying here meant “waking up” somewhere else.

What if there was only life? What if there was only death?

Its all thought-based deceit, mean to confuse us. The real you is eternal and now you are only in a third-dimensional illusion that has thought itself into something, that you believe to be real. It is time to come out of the box and play!

How to alchemize a thought-form

Many spiritual traditions from the past have used fasting to eliminate harmful thought-forms from the mind. This reality is light/energy based, and food supplies energy to the mind and the thoughts that are being generated.

Have you ever had an incredible amount of energy and you had been forced to sit in a room and do nothing? Your brain must have probably exploded, as you thought yourself into a short circuit.

Your mind needs a disc cleanup every now and then. There are viruses in the form of thought-forms running the show and you need to do something about them!

The point of abstaining from food for a long period of time is so that you can target the thoughts that are the last ones to survive and prevail in the psyche from a diminishing energy supply. Once you can identify them, you can alchemize them.

It may be a difficult emotional process because you will be in a battle with your demons that do not want to leave, as they only live because of you. Once you identify the pattern, agenda and its origin point (why you gave birth to it), you can then forgive and love it, which will allow you to release it, and breathe a sigh of relief…

But it may come back again, though. If it does, there is another technique I have recently learned on my path to cleanup.

Whenever you are confronted with a problem thought in the mind and body (DNA related to ancestors and parents), then you can use the statement “It is not It”. This stands for “information technology is not information technology.”

Thoughts are information technology (from the matrix programmed reality) that are implanted into your mind, which is also information technology, although YOU are NOT it (information technology, the mind and the program).

Labeling the problem in the psyche correctly, by saying, “It is not it”, you shift the problem where that space was and you take that space where the problem is.

If the problem is what it is said to be, it will alchemize immediately and you will no longer have a problem.

“It is not it!” This statement cancels the mind out. It is a paradox!

It will serve to overcome thought-forms and bring you back to empty space and stillness, where there is only now.



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Disconnect Or Perish — Evolve Or Die




By Arno Pienaar

Disconnect or perish — that is what is being asked of us to proceed unhindered by a timeline that the elite would prefer.


These days there is more going on in the world  of diversity than ever before, and if you were to tune into all the different stories happening everyday it would be enough to drain you empty of all the energy emanating from within you.

The population is now over 7 billion and that means that there are over 7 billion worlds created and orchestrated by every single human being, whether they know it or not.

Obviously, with all this diversity, there are many talented individuals around at this time that offer very attractive illusions for eyes willingly seeking meaning externally.

Individuals sub-consciously seeking worship from fellow human beings are prevalent, and those with no eyes to see lavishly sacrifice their energy over, just like so many of us have done to external gods supposedly caring for our highest interests from other dimensions.

Entertainment, media, sports and arts are major attractions and still playing a pervading role in the consciousness of millions around the globe. Millions seeking worldly material pleasure in a world of materialized spirit.

The so called “stars” are unintentionally keeping those in wonder and awe in a dream where roots of personal internal dysfunction is never even glimpsed, allowing discord to continue unaware of itself, in hibernation, unfortunately, with the only hope of awakening awaiting in a brewing silent cataclysm – the biggest cause of leaps in consciousness, for those too deep in sleep…

Effects of reality do all exist in the projection that is plain to see in the world today.

So many are caught in an effective web of the matrix which serves to keep one occupied and possessed by unending sentimental stimulation that holds never-ending pleasurable bouts, one after the other, never lasting more than a few moments, where life is just lived for moments of illusory gratification making up for a void that desperately beckons a reversal of direction for fulfillment.

Imagine if every being on the planet decided to sit alone in a dark room for several days without seeking answers outside of themselves. Without projecting outside of themselves, just being with themselves and listening…

One facet of this projection is perceived collectively by us all, which is shaped and fashioned by the most deeply held beliefs about what is true and real in the world – which is mainly only a disguised truth that we see as such.

All of us have different beliefs and view the “truth” according to the level of the consciousness, no matter how distorted. Truth changes as consciousness rises.

Disconnect and Evolve

disconnect or perish

In a universe of pure energy it must be obvious that where we send our attention we send our energy to strengthen that which we perceive. Even if it is something which we resist! Everything we resist in the world is hopelessly paid attention to!

Because nobody is paying attention to their immediate field of reality – their own scope of what they can deal with, nobody is dealing with the worlds they are building.

Together with applied intent to better oneself individually, which plays the only part in improving the collective projection, the reality of oneself and others would soon achieve breakthroughs!

The rules of this game are very familiarized by a few number of wealthy individuals we like to call the controllers. The controllers have made themselves well known because they knew that many would rebel and resist them which, by now you should understand, tightens even further their grip over the planet.

We live with a preconceived notion that needs deprogramming as soon as possible in order to save ourselves. This notion is the belief that in order to understand the world, we need to study it, delve into all its religions, experience all the different cultures and customs, and admire the beauty of all the different people. Then we will understand the world wholly.

This could not be further from the truth! The only truth lies within understanding oneself, which is a microcosm of the universe and the only source of the world experienced.

When one understands oneself, one realizes the cause of the terrible effect of what many experience, and wisdom can be gained for applying new principles to ones life that would serve to pierce the veil of illusion everywhere one goes, and to make the all important decision to start activating the dormant infinite potential that lies within which starts growing as soon as the realization sets in that the power one has over creation is insurmountable.

That you, human being, is a supreme being, that lives in a density where all other “selves” are perceived to be separate, to play the roles of enlightening mirrors to the current level of consciousness you find yourself in, so that you may track the progress of your soul.

The time to remove all attention from the crazy world we exist in is now. Instead, pay attention to what you can control: ourselves, our behaviour, our emotions, our lifestyles, our diets, our bodies, our hobbies, projections, our words, our relationships and, most importantly, our purpose – which is to evolve into higher consciousness.

I leave you now with a famous Eckart Tolle quote:

“Evolve, or Die…”





Neutrality — The Gateway To Transcend The Matrix


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By Arno Pienaar


Neutrality is the gateway to transcend this matrix-reality together with all the distractions it constantly poses everyday, tempting us to choose a side.


On a continuous basis we are confronted by occurrences in our lives and events orchestrated inside the primary hologram that tempts us to make the choice — good or bad, positive or negative.

The digital hologram is powered by souls (consciousness) and the reactions biased on the extremes of polarities are all that it takes to control the direction in which global equanimity marches.

Once any judgement (an automatic function of the mind) is passed, the choice, either positive or negative, is agreed upon, and the energy is being brokered from the mind in two forms:resistance when negative, and assistance when positive.

For example, whether you are outraged of the extent that the “West” is going to in order to promote war with a shadow force or whether you believe your government is protecting you (even handing them your rights), both means have the same ends in the establishment of the matrix, which is manifested by the attention from consciousness.

The ONLY intent is to get our attention and then the train starts moving forward.

It is not so much attention that is the problem, but intended attention. When you view an occurrence with a positive or negative attitude, there is an unconscious end you would like to see unfold or force out of the obstruction posed in the reality.

Note that the obstruct is there to obscure the reality through our reaction in the first place. Our hand in the collective future is highly underestimated in this reality that we are co-operating in.

I will go as far as saying that we are in the construct of the future already and we are now only being steered like sheep in order to materialize an expired alien reality.

The architect is not in control of his creation anymore and his last hope is to deceive us to control it for him towards his desired end. The end days are well in motion at the moment, thus we are seeing more carnage than ever around the world.

All this havoc is not a co-incidence. This is the last act of desperation for the Luciferian serving elite; it is do or die for the creator of the matrix.

Things may get worse around the world in the coming weeks, but it is calming to know that the storm is always the worst right before the end.

In quantum physics it has already been proven how the intent of the observer affects the end result of an experiment that could swing both ways, accordingly. In a reality that is made of energy, it is time that we become more adept at how and on what we direct our projections.

Nullifying all diametric oppositions in your consciousness and attaining the ultimate unmoved state of neutrality (soul-center) in the face of any obstruct that the reality poses is the answer to the end of the matrix itself. From this state on, there shouldn’t be any more energizing the unwanted.

Oppositions include Justice and Injustice, Right and wrong, Good and Bad, Positive and Negative, Red Tablet and Blue Tablet, dichotomies, polarities, paradoxes and agreements/no agreements, Pass and Fail, Greater than and Lessor than, Mortal and Immortal, Death and Life!,Uppers and Downers, Rich and Poor, Health and Sickness, etc..

Media in Conjunction with HAARP

Media is not merely a tool used to spread disinformation and support governmental agendas, it goes deeper than that. Media is used to manage the digital holographic reality that we find ourselves in.

Due to its far and wide broadcasting range into the sight of billions, global mind-control and hologram management becomes easier than you think.

Governments and armies have always needed justifiable permission before proceeding to the murdering of innocent people in order to achieve their own hidden goals.

In conjunction with HAARP technology, mankind is being blasted with mood-altering frequencies in order to fuel even further the outrage felt by us in response to events such as the recent Paris attacks.

It seems that the odds are stacked, but it must be remembered that none of this can touch a soul-centered, neutral individual.

Neutrality, Non-Resistance, Soul Center

Neutrality can be sufficiently described with four words “I just don’t care” — no emotions, no thinking, only observing the events with absolutely no reaction whatsoever.

This is easier said than done as most of us are programmed to react in certain ways to certain situations. It is embedded within the cellular memory that was constructed during your upbringing.

How would you feel at a restaurant if someone walked up to you and put his/her hand into your food? Chances are you would react instantaneously with negativity, before even starting to think about the event. We have been programmed to react with a spark of the emotions before even contemplating a situation in dept.

This is called “programmed reaction” and we need to rise above this to the point that we cannot react anymore unless we give ourselves the permission to do so.

Attaining the state of non-reaction and non-resistance is so incredibly liberating in terms of the experienced harmony, that one will not give oneself the permission to react to anything ever again.

In the now acceptance is a pre-requisite, and in that acceptance lies the power to work miracles, solve any problem!

Are apathy and neutrality the same thing?

In one way yes, as you don’t take on the plight of the world or anybody inside it and put it onto your own shoulders, but on the other hand, you also won’t allow another being to suffer if you could do something about it.

I leave you with a segment which is tremendously eye-opening to the power within non-resistance from the book A new Earth, by Eckart Tolle.

The Zen Master Hakuin lived in a town in Japan. He was held in high regard and many people came to him for spiritual teaching.

Then it happened that the teenage daughter of his next-door neighbor became pregnant. When being questioned by her angry and scolding parents as to the identity of the father, she finally told them that he was Hakuin, the Zen master.

In great anger the parents rushed over to Hakuin and told him with much shouting and accusing that their daughter had confessed that he was the father.

All he replied was, “Is that so?”

News of the scandal spread throughout the town and beyond. The Master lost his reputation. This did not trouble him. Nobody came to see him anymore. He remained unmoved.

When the child was born, the parents brought the baby to Hakuin,

“You are the father, so look after him.”

The Master took loving care of the child.

A year later, the mother remorsefully confessed to her parents that the real father of the child was the young man who worked at the butcher shop. In great distress they went to see Hakuin to apologize and ask for forgiveness.

“We are really sorry. We have come to take the baby back. Our daughter confessed that you are not the father.”

“Is that so?” is all he would say as he handed the baby over to them.

The Master responds to falsehood and truth, bad news and good news, in exactly the same way:

“Is that so?”

He allows the form of the moment, good or bad, to be as it is and so does not become a participant in human drama.

To him there is only this moment, and this moment is as it is.

Events are not personalized. He is nobody’s victim. He is so completely at one with what happens that what happens has no power over him anymore.

Only if you resist what happens are you at the mercy of what happens, and the world will determine your happiness and unhappiness.

The baby is looked after with loving care. Bad turns into good through the power of nonresistance. Always responding to what the present moment requires, he lets go of the baby when it is time to do so. — Reference (Tolle’s book, A New Earth, isavailable on Amazon).