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We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For




AS SOVEREIGN HUMANKIND living on MOTHER EARTH … we refuse to consent to the gene pool hybridization of humans and the further promotion of a ONE WORLD when we are still imprisoned and abducted for ongoing experimental TRANSHUMANISM

WE ARE SOVEREIGN BEINGS … Uncovering the untruth to reveal the truth

… with heartfelt love and in trust … for our Mother Earth … until she reaches her FINAL FREEDOM and releases herself and all sentient life from the binding construct we have been in … to become the SOVEREIGN BEINGS of SOURCE that we are. We hope you will join us on this next unknown leg of our journey together with us … MOTHER EARTH LOVE VIBE.

We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For




GUIDELINES … Respect, love and creative moments to share … to trigger vision not opinion … heartfelt and supportive

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Anyone, or group who goes to this site to partake in reading the information can not use it to harm anyone or anything, or use it in any way whatsoever for purposes of deception, harm or any agreements of entrapment or snares of any kind. We hold this to be in effect on all levels and dimensions of time.


















Cape Town’s Pop-up Store for the Homeless Goes Global – Good News Network


In a very trendy neighborhood of Cape Town, among chic boutiques and restaurants, two advertising creatives saw from their balcony the homeless residents, too.

They dreamed up the idea of a “Street Store” that makes it easy for the wealthiest residents to donate, and more importantly, a place to give to the poorest with dignity.

Street Store poster boards with hangers are hung from fencing over which donors can lay their clothes. Boxes are placed in a neat row for shoes and accessories. Watch the video below to see it in action.

To date the concept has grown to see street stores being duplicated in the city streets of Brussels, Vancouver, San Diego, Sao Polo and a number of other cities worldwide since then. More than 263 cities from around the world have signed up to host a Street Store — posters have been translated through social media into nine languages.

(WATCH the video below or READ the story in the South African) – Story tip from Mike Kaufmann



Paradigm Shift London- A youth initiated community that encourages open-mindedness, healthy living, and the evolution of consciousness / /

Paradigm Shift London- A youth initiated community that encourages open-mindedness, healthy living, and the evolution of consciousness.

It was another psychic Saturday in London, Ontario, Canada, as Skull Babylon and the Paradigm Shift crew set out to raise consciousness within their community through strategic use of Consciousness Raising Buttons. Many people do not know about the Paradigm Shift community, so it is the mission of the few to help plant that seed and invite those in the public out to the ongoing community conversation.
Needless to say, this affirmative action can be replicated by anyone- which is exactly the message of this video – to remind you that YOU too have the choice to take part in this shift in consciousness by going out there and interacting with your community and making magik.

Interested in starting a Paradigm Shift community in your location?
Here are some files to help get you started:
Paradigm Shift Poster Template.psd – 12 MB –
Button Walkthrough Template.psd – 8 MB –
Button Print Sheet Template .psd – 2 MB –

The button maker I used is owned by a friend. This is where he purchased it from: /

Consciousness Camp- Every Friday, 6:00pm @ Moksha Yoga London. Open to everyone.

Music Used:
The Prodigy Weather Experience –
Deuter – Earth Shadow –


Wake up, Wake up.
You’ve forgotten who you are.

You’ve traveled far from home,
You come from the stars.

But stars aren’t just above you,
There’s the ones in your eyes

That echo your golden self,
The you who sees through the lies

Because you came here to learn
To see beyond the illusion

A truth about what this is
Hyperdimensional Transfusion

Each day is a new experience
To unlock an old memory 

That this body is a vehicle
An extension, an accessory

Each one of us is light
Vibrating to create this form

So we can act and do our part
To be a spark in this storm

Because ripples create waves
So be the change you wish to see

Act from the heart
Love is the key


But don’t stop there
There’s so much you can learn

About this realm and those beyond it
The key is waiting to be turned

Open your eye to whats around you
It’s hidden in plain sight

Sacred G and Fibonacci
Infinity; unfolding light

Manifest your intention
With the power of your mind

Meditate your way to freedom
And freedom you will find 

This isn’t new age jargon,
This is something that is real

It’s something that is lived
Something you can feel

But this is just my art,
So don’t believe it from me

Go journey on your own
And share what you see

As a collective conscious being
Together we will grow

You can create our own reality
As above, so below.

By Brendon Culliton / SKULL BABYLON