Galactic Sources Empower Newly Fired Grid


Galactic sources empower the newly fired grid points with Higher Light Intention which enables facile elimination of darkness from all corners of Gaia.

As grids are empowered Galactically, intergalactic connection with Gaia is enabled, and acceleration of Ascension occurs.

Major Enlightenment of humanity may occur in this now moment.

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10-1-12…Corner is Turned…Enjoy this Ride – September 30


10-1-12 corner is turned. Intentions held in alignment with 5D Gaia portals and connecting grids will not be delayed. And appear in the moment of held intention.We ask care in aligning Higher Individual Hue-man Self with New Paradigm Gaia pattern of unfoldment. The 10-1 portends massive transformation for Gaia and Children. Both of the internal and apparent external. Such rests upon combined intentions of all.Grids are energized sufficiently in Higher D aspects for such transformations to begin.   Enjoy this ride.

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Star Assignments are In Place… September 29

Star assignments for next steps are in place. Tactical positions for Light Beings have been outlined and those receptive are in full alignment. Awaiting further instructions.Star Code 48693

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