Blue Star UFO Report May 31-2013

Strange clouds appeared above the mountains. What might it all mean? Are there UFOs hiding in those clouds?


UFO over DownTown Los Angeles 5-26-2013


UFODI News: Large Formation Of UFO’s Over Guelph Toronto On 29th May 2013


UFO Sighting Over Melbourne, Australia – FindingUFO [HD]


Breaking News UFO Sighting Belgium



UFODI News: UFO’s Appear Over U.S Coast Scanning Seaside Town 27/05/2013


Mothership UFO, Best UFO Sightings


Best UFO Sightings,Betst footage ever captured


U.f.o. – Planes


Ufos Over Ireland Best Ufo Sightings May 2013


UFO Over the Ranch in Brasil -OVNI en Rancho de Brasil 29/05/2013


UFO/OVNI en Montevideo, Uruguay (enviado 25/05/2013)


UFO OVNI.Large disc shape UFO Above my house again.Over Minto.26.05.2013




Ufo, Ovni no Brasil 25/05/2013


UFO Large Organic enttity biological UFO captured over Sydney 25 05 2013



Blue Star UFO Report June 2-2013

UFO Clouds (3)


In the News (4)


UFO EBANI avvistato in Perù


Comment:  Coverage of cloudships taking on beautiful forms as Dolphins, Angels as reported on Peruvian TV news on June 1, 2013.

Peru is the third largest country to have StarShips and UFO sightings followed by the US and Mexico.






ovni vue en russie en 2013



Amazing Sightings


UFODI News: Huge Saucer UFO Over The U.S !!!!!! 31st May 2013

The most extraordinary UFO public evidence ever filmed May/29/2013


BIG Fleet

ovni filmé au japon


Strang object Orbiting Asteroid QE2 JPL calls it a Moon


Fake Plane Geometry

Fake Plane Celebration


Triangle Shape UFO Caught On Night Vision Camera! HD


Large Disc shape UFO appeared and checking the Chemtrail Over Sydney Australia


Ufo, Ovni no Brasil 25/05/2013


Ufo Ovni 31.05.2013 Ferreira do Zêzere Portugal 23h15


Strange Ufo Caught On Camera, Best Ufo Sightings


Best Ufo Sightings, Incredible Ufo


Blue Starship/UFO Report – May 23-2013 #ufo

Multiple UFOs were caught on film briefly passing from the North West to the East over the North of Shrewsbury, Shropshire UK on 1st May 2013

Source: Darren Perks UFO (UFO Shropshire)

Original Video

Best of the Week

MASSIVE UFO SIGHTING Bortelid Norway, May 22nd 2013

UFO’s were visible for more than 10 minutes above the artificial lake of Bergen.

In the News:

UFOs Return To Popocatepetl Volcano 2013


UFO 10 Objekte Mai 2013 mit vielen Zeugen gefilmt – Zivilisationen Kontakt

Caught on Camera: 3 UFO Seen by Students

Giant UFO Mothership


OVER RUSSIA 22/05/2013


ufo 22 mayo 2013, soho stereo nasa

OVNI aperçu au Bangladesh Dhaka

Stunning UFO Caught Over Death Valley Dunes 2013 1080 HD proof plane not on radar 05/22/13

Dual highway to Pearson Airport (Toronto, Canada)

ORB SHIP EIGHTY TWO “Orbs in the Shadows” by orbstats

UFO Australia appear and disappear Over Sydney – MAY OF 2013 -ORB OVNI UFO 2013 SYDNEY

Ufo Roma 2013

Ovni en una prueba militar-UFO in a military test

UFO Sighting May 2013 in Austria – UFO Sichtung Mai 2013 in Österreich

Jeff Willes 5-22-2013

UFO spotted in mesquite Texas

Multiple UFO Sightings Caught on Video while Filming Oklahoma Tornadoes – May 2013 – News Footage


Below  is a compiled list  of videos, screenshots & links,   most  of the  videos  have  been  picked up by  many  Youtubers &  Bloggers….  Spreading fast  on the web!  What  do  you  think?   Would  love  to  hear  your opinions & theories, please  leave  comments  below… Thank You.  I’m located in Eufaula, Oklahoma, just  a  couple  of hours  from Moore.  I’ll  keep  this post updated on any new developments.  Disclosure soon?

Multiple UFOs Observe Oklahoma Tornadoes? 2013 HD

UFO fleet seen from Edmond, Ok on 2013/05/20 after tornado disaster

Moore, Oklahoma UFOs May 20 2013

UFO Seen Near Oklahoma Tornado

UFO Oklahoma City tornado

UFOs during tornados in Oklahoma 2013

UFO Sighting Moore, OK May 18, 2013 approx 9PM

Ufo’s inside the Oklahoma Tornado early this morning.






Multiple UFOs Observe Oklahoma Tornadoes As Seen On TV News, May 2013.

Multiple UFOs were spotted watching the tornadoes over the Great Plains on Monday, May 20, according to Scott C. Waring, author of UFO Sightings Daily.

Eyewitness states: Interesting footage from a TV news item which seems to show multiple objects watching the Tornadoes across the Great Plains. UFOs or something else, as always you decide.

Date of sighting: May 2013

Location of sighting: Oklahoma, USA

Footage credit Michael Davino.

UFO Sighting Moore, OK May 18, 2013 approx 9 PM, UFO Sighting News.

Eyewitness states: This a UFO sighting in Moore, Oklahoma. This event lasted approx 10 mins. My phone was close to dying so the video is short. My experience has made onto numerous websites. I can honestly say I never thought I’d be one of “those” people.

Date of sighting: May 18, 2013

Location of sighting: Moore, Oklahoma, USA

See more from  Scott C Waring at UFO Sightings Daily

Blue StarShip/UFO Report – 11 May 2013

            Blue StarShip/UFO Report – 11 May 2013

2004 – Guanajuato, Mexico – December 23. Eduardo Ortega and Salvador Ortega videotaped these small structures crossing the solar disk at high speed and in different directions.

Upon examining the recorded images in slow-mo and frame by frame, the following images were seen. Consideration was given to the possibility that these may be the oft-mentioned “Rods,” without dismissing any other type of known event.

The UFOs seen in this series of photos are some of the most unusual, yet clearly defined I have seen to date.

Source: UFO Casebook

View complete report with more amazing videos here

UFODI News: Large Cigar UFO At Low Altitude Over Texas!!!

UFODI News: Large Cigar UFO At Low Altitude Over Texas!!!



Orbs….. Belfast City, 7th May 2013

Orbs….. Belfast City, 7th May 2013



UFO Sighting With Lights Over Jeruzalem, Israel – FindingUFO

UFO Sighting With Lights Over Jeruzalem, Israel – FindingUFO

UFO over Gilroy California 5-9-2012 ::: WoW :::

UFO over Gilroy California 5-9-2012