Seek the possible best outcome in every new turn of events. – channeled by Ron Head

Very quickly millions of doubters will become seekers. At this time, while things are still in the simmering stage, continue to seek yourselves. Thanks to Ron Head & Michael!

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As you can see, things are beginning to break loose now.  They will continue to pick up steam and, as we have told you for quite some time, will become quick enough to have you in a state of disbelief.

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Ron Head – Archangel Michael – It Is The Will And Decree Of Your Creator, And It Will Be – 4 December 2012



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We have spoken through all of our trusted channels about the clearing of your old fears and hurts, dearest friends.  And yet, even though we know you have seen these messages, we see you continuing to identify with the situations that these energies bring to your attention as they arise.  These things are not you.  It makes you feel stressed, sad, and helpless when you see them as part of your selves, part of your lives.

Realize, please, that this is no longer so, and in fact, never was.  These are but experiences that you have had, lessons you had chosen to learn.  Let them go.  They are arising now simply for the purpose of lightening your load, so to speak.  Allow yourselves to see that they are not a part of you, and let them go into the light.

As we have urged you before, you may want to thank them for helping you to reach your present level of understanding.  But do not identify with them any longer.  Float them away in a balloon of light.  Float them down a stream in a paper boat.  Whatever image works for you, use it.  But do not allow yourselves any longer to become engaged in the dramas that they bring to your minds or your hearts.

We know you can feel how this weakens you and draws you down.  And do not worry that this is holding you back from your stated intentions to walk through this gateway that approaches.  It will not.  So save yourselves the heartache and take control.  Let them go.  Tell them to “begone”.  Find the thoughts, the words, that work for you.

Begin to understand that you are the creator of your universe, one of an infinite number of universes, but nevertheless yours.  We know that sooner rather than later this will all be a thing of the past, even though you seem not to feel that approaching at times.  But we tell you again, it is on your doorstep.  Allow yourself to feel this and make this a time of celebration.  If it is those around you that are your concern, realize that, even though they seem not to understand or even care, they are being immersed in the very same field of unconditional love that you are.  This will have the desired result at some point.  It is the will and decree of your Creator, and it will be.

Make it your purpose to be a beacon to which they can turn.  Let that purpose remove the worries from your hearts.

Today once again, we see so many of you feeling the incremental rise in the incoming light and love.  If you feel like dancing and celebrating, go ahead.  But save some energy, my friends, because there is a lot more of it to come.  In love we walk with you.  Good day.

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Ron Head – Archangel Michael – See The First Trickles Of Wondrous Change And Know In Your Hearts The Vast Floods Are Following – 27November2012

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We perceive at this time your beautiful anticipation and your efforts to ready yourselves for the twelve-twelve gateway.  Please do not allow yourselves to go into the energy of stress over this, dear ones.  Your course has been set by your desire and intentions.We are working with you every moment, especially during your cycles of sleep.  You are in the flow so firmly now that you should be able to just allow yourselves to be carried along with the current.  We would ask you to use three images for the next few days.First, please be sure that, as often as you can think of it, you ground yourselves firmly into the energies of your dear mother earth.  Our channel uses the image of a vast system of roots, as those of a great tree.  This will work nicely indeed if you have not an image of your own.Next, as you feel the wonderful flow of unconditional love surrounding you, please see yourselves sharing it with the entire network of lightworkers on and around the planet.And finally, breathe into your heart, find your love and gratitude for all that is transpiring, and send that gratitude to the source of your life.  Be thankful for all that you are and all that you are becoming.  What you feel in those moments, allow yourselves to sit in, float in, absorb into every cell of your being.Some of you, most of you, are getting momentary glimpses, hints, moments of insight, into what may be approaching for you.  These will expand, slowly for some, explosively for others.  Savor them, rejoice in them, but perhaps hold them for now quietly in your hearts.  Let their energies grow within you.  You will know when to share them.Meantime, as the tsunami of internal change approaches, please await it with joy and love.  It is, after all, the answer to your collective prayers and the hopes of billions over vast stretches of your cycles of time.  See the first trickles of wondrous change and know in your hearts the vast floods are following.Hold our hands tightly now and prepare to step into your future.  Hold us in your hearts as we hold you in ours.  Good day.Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:

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Michael via Ron Head – You Are Changing A World – 13 November 2012

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It is almost unnecessary for us to point out that today’s eclipse will enhance those energies which are propelling you into ever higher versions of yourselves.  Perhaps, for those of you who do not yet notice much change in yourselves, we should make a few recommendations and observations.

First, let us begin by saying that, because our view of you is from a perspective which you have not yet reached in many cases, we see a you which you are, as yet, unable to perceive.  We see light you cannot yet see, and we see the persons in planes and dimensions which have not manifested into your third dimensional awareness.  That condition will, however, be short lived.

Now, is there some way we can help you in shortening the apparent wait?  We say apparent because the reality is that the change is made already.  What is needed is not a shortening of time, but an expansion of awareness.  Does that not seem reasonable, dear ones?

We shall not introduce any new ideas here.  You already know these things and have for a great long time.  But we will point out that applied to your current situation they can now produce in days what may have taken lifetimes in your past.  It is a rather short list, and many of you may tend to shrug off these recommendations.  No matter, your guides, angels, and higher selves will bring you through anyway.  But just in case you are in a hurry… and we chuckle here because we know you are always in a hurry… you may want to place a tiny bit more emphasis upon these things.

Are you using your every opportunity to meditate, contemplate, visualize, and offer sincere prayer?  We mean your own heart felt prayer, not something you have memorized.  Are you visualizing the breathing in of Creator’s perfect light into your crown and then down through your chakra system and into your entire body?  Are you seeing the light then passing down to the very core of your blessed Gaia?  And do you then look deeply into your hearts and ask for the inner changes that you desire to make?  Do these things and you will make progress in leaps and bounds.  Ask for the new to be integrated into your being with ease and grace.  Ask from your heart’s feeling for those things which are important to you, not those that you have accepted from outside as desirable.  Then, dear friends, as we have said so many times before, get out of your own way and allow.  Allow us, and allow yourselves, the possibility of making those changes.  Expect miracles.  But remove your thought from the outcome.  This will stop your constant feelings of “Are we there yet?” and “Oh my, it’s not happening and I must be doing something wrong.”  You are not doing anything wrong.  You are changing a world.

Give yourselves a tiny bit of the credit we give you for succeeding in an immense undertaking.  Your Creator would hardly have you succeed in such a divine mission and not insure that you will come along for the ride, don’t you think?  Allow yourselves to be the divine beings that you are in truth.

We walk with you each moment and protect each step you take.  Please feel our presence and ask for help any time you need it.

We will speak again, my dearest friends.  Good day.

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Ron Head – Archangel Michael – Do You Feel The Energy Of This Day? It Is One Of Hope – 6 November 2012

Oracles And Healers

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Our message for today is one of assurance and support.  On this day the people of the USA will tell the world, and each other, what kind of future they desire.  We know that each of you is supporting them in your hearts, as well.  Lightworkers around your world are waiting and almost holding their breath in prayer for the results.

Instead of holding your breath, dear ones, breathe deeply and send your intention for the new world you desire into the consciousness, the collective consciousness.  There are many millions voting with their intent this day who do not reside on those shores, but who do reside in that consciousness.  Hold space in your hearts for the new to manifest, for the light to assume a greater role in the governance of that land.

On this day, much will be set into motion that has been waiting its time.  Its time is now.  Your time is now.  It is time for you to begin to look for opportunities each day to say or do something which will increase the light upon your world.  Find something, big or small.  You cannot, in fact, see far enough ahead to know how big or small that word or act may become, at least not quite yet.  But the time when you begin to realize the effects of your causes approaches.  Perhaps it will serve you well to assume they will have immense effects just beyond your sight.  That is not so far from the truth, after all.

Do you feel the energy of this day?  It is one of hope.  It is huge and growing.  Add to it, will you?  Vote with your love and intention.

The portal opening of the eleven-eleven has begun to widen.  Let us go through it in style, with our eyes open and our hearts in song.  We will speak again before that day.

Good day, dear hearts.  No… wonderful day!

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The beginning of everything is within yourselves. – via Michael channeled by Ron Head



As you can easily see, the events that are now happening on all sides of you could easily shake you from your centered determination.  We congratulate all of you.  If you are reading this, either you have not been affected, or you know well how to recover your calm and center yourselves.Your personal process of change continues, regardless of all the outward commotion.  Unknown to many of you still, there is great progress being made in many places upon your world.  It is unfortunate that your communications media still reports only sensational and negative events, but that situation will not last much longer.  What they will soon assume are negative events, you will in fact recognize as being very positive.  Remember to view the events and not the fear filled interpretations imposed upon them.There are only less than two months left in this very important year.  The definite increase in the energies of your world has already begun.  We know that many of you are able to sense this yourselves, but it is still so faint and gradual that you sometimes find yourselves in doubt.  Each day now, this will increase, and it will build upon itself.  There will soon be no reason for doubt whatsoever.Gauge these things by your own feelings and intuition.  As we have always told you, the beginning of everything is within yourselves.  No matter what happens outside of you, the reason, meaning and final outcome are all internal to yourselves.  There would be no reason at all for any of it were it not lifting you into your higher consciousness, if you were unable to feel and understand it.  Therefore, make it your first priority to learn to sense the state of your own and your world’s consciousness.  This growing, rising, and expanding state is the entire purpose of all that is happening within you.  And what is happening around you follows that as it always has and always will.As more and more of you begin to realize and make use of these principles, the change will accelerate even more.  You can measure the progress you are making by this acceleration.We, your angels and guides, are amazed and overjoyed.  We can actually see this happening right now.  Many of you can, as well.  Reach out.  Look around you.  If you are not yet able to sense it for yourselves, you will be able to find those who can if you look for them.  If you do sense it, you will be able to help those others, and in the process, reinforce your own growing happiness and joy.We tell you frequently that we are with you at all times.  We tell you now that the ‘veil’, as you term it, is now so thin that almost all of you will feel our presence if you but try.  We are at your shoulders now and will speak again shortly.  Good day.

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Michael via Ron Head – You have… no idea of the powerful beings you are

You have… no idea of the powerful beings you are.
As channeled by Ron Head
October 20, 2012 in Michael, Ron’s Channeled Messages


We welcome you this day into a new window of opportunity.  Tomorrow humans will gather in meditation and visualization of the moving of humanity and your beautiful earth into the New Earth of freedom and prosperity.  Spend this day, therefore, in preparation for this event.

Understand that the taking of the future into your own spiritual hands, as it were, is what we have been urging you to do.  All of those things which we have spoken of for so long, and which you have dreamed of for just as long, will be manifested by you, dear ones.

Your hands will be needed.  Your feet will be needed.  Your minds will be needed.  But first and most importantly, your hearts are needed to make the changes which will begin everything.  The energy which you can create tomorrow is the very thing which we can use most effectively.  That is what we can multiply.  That is you co-creating with spirit the very things which you most desire.

There is an oriental concept called non-doing, or wu wei.  This is non-doing, my friends.  This non-doing is the most important part of doing.  This is the very beginning of creation.  This is the planting and nurturing of the seed.  This is the designing of the future.

Each piece of the design which is created by each of you is equally important.  Create this in your hearts.  Create it with loving intent.  See it.  Feel it.  Smell it.  Taste it.  Live it.  Love it.  This that you do tomorrow is the most important thing.

And do not think that you are adding one to the number of participants.  Each of you will increase the energy incrementally.  And then the millions upon millions of the light on this side will have that to add on to and work with.

Let us give you another picture to work with.  When your meditation is over, a huge snowball of energy will have been created.  But do not let it end there.  Each day, from now until your 12-12-12, add a little more energy, a little more of your dream, a little push.  How big will that snowball be if we all do that, my dear hearts?  You have, as yet, no idea of the powerful beings you are.  Let this next two months show you.

We celebrate with joy this next step you are making.  We join you in this effort.  The Creator has decreed the outcome.  Rejoice in this opportunity of opportunities.

Be in joy and be of one heart.  Our love be with you.  Good day.

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