New Age Cloud By freefall | POEM






New Age Cloud

There is no pain
There is no strife
And pretty soon
There is no life

And with the fame
Then come the crowds
You’re floating on
A New Age cloud

Come down from there
Feet on the ground
Before you spin us
Round and round

It’s time to take life by the reigns
When stating that there’s none to blame
You miss the ones who cause the pain
And even though they look the same
It’s plain to see that they’re insane

I refuse to identify
With those who don’t expose their lies
The greatest fault of ours, you see
Is that we still allow them to be

Our rulers keep us swatting flies
As long as we believe their lies
Then humanity will never rise

So get off of that New Age cloud
Before it turns into a shroud
And lend your voice both clear and loud

The enemy that resides inside
Came from a system they devised
To keep us clean and sanitized
From any truth that we could find

If the advocate’s Devil you play too long
You could lose sight of right and wrong
And all that’s left for you to take
To be a winner of debates

So get off of that New Age cloud
And raise your head above the crowd
We’re here to lift both hearts and minds
Come back to yourself
And continue your climb


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Wake Up You – Poem


By Randall

The coming of the time
Is upon your restless sleep
A voice inside your dreams
Speaks from somewhere deep

Messages burn inside your being
The world has cast asunder
Pure essence is stirring about
To awaken you from the slumber

Listen to the whispers
Telling you something’s wrong
The spell you have been under
Casting your design for ages long

You are approaching the moment
A portal appears of fearless might
Brings a choice for you to make
A decision to claim your life

If you can no longer ignore
Or deny the obvious quandary
Be it understood if you enter
Freed spirits have no boundary

With this freedom births a warrior
With no direction on what to do
Embrace yourself for the first time
And welcome this being called you

You shall find much treasure
Saying words you dare not before
Steadfast with this new mission
Unique but alone no more

Hear the sound of resonate voices
A chorus of enlightened minds
Singing a song of invitation
And things to be left behind

So different from those lullabies
A new tune has found your ear
Dance along with what you know
Finding purpose for being here

There is no promise of comfort
In these words of season and rhyme
Just a chance that you might wake up
Finding the you in step with your time






THE ONE – Poem




The truth is Darkness, there is no light;
But don’t despair in dark of night.
You are the ONE to make it right;
Bring forth creation; embrace the sight.

The Love is ONE and Light is Life.
You are the ONE in peace or strife.
Bring forth the light, let your heart shine.
For all is love, and love divine.

Bring forth the light; it comes from thee.
The truth of darkness cannot be.
You are the ONE, there is no night.
You are the ONE, bring forth the Light.

To dream is life, and not — to die;
Bring forth the light and live the lie!
For Light is Life, and Love, the breath,
Tis at this door choose life or death…

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We merge we dance entwined in space 

Kissing our moments 

Free and love 

To the vibe of a heartbeat as one 


Alone and holding hands to touch 

Is to feel our selves


Across the big pond 

We are home








Do you sometimes feel that life’s unfair, that future hope is bleak?
Do your day to day experiences leave your spirit feeling weak?
Do you ever think the joys in life are reserved for just a few?
That your hopes and dreams you’ll never reach no matter what you do.

Perhaps you’ve thought how hard it is to get ahead these days?
That strain and strife are just part of life and nothing you do pays.
If you do, take heart my friend, so many think this way.
But there is hope a brighter path that you can take today.

It will require a shift in thought, it may challenge your beliefs
But it will guide you to a life of joy, content, relief.
So listen closely and absorb this perfect plan I share
Implement these steps you’ll learn and soon you’ll be aware

Of a life that’s filled with joy beyond your wildest dreams
Regardless what “appears” to be no matter how life seems.
Focus your attention on what you soon will learn
The wisdom in it, if acted on will provide those things you yearn

The answers are available just seek and you will find
That all which you’ve experienced is a product of your mind
These troubles you encounter now that you feel get in your way
Are due to thoughts, emotions felt that you had yesterday.

For long ago the plan was made which allowed you to be free
From all these limitations that you now perceive to be
You have been given power which you’re not yet aware
It’s through misuse of this precious gift that’s created your despair

For in the plan there came a clause that remains within it still
That each and every soul on earth be entitled to free will
You chose to limit your results by absorbing false belief
The plan designed to bring you joy through your own choice brought you grief

For every thought, emotion felt consists of energy
And those that you allow to grow is what life comes to be
The life that you are living now is due to seeds you’ve sown
The thoughts, beliefs, emotions felt is precisely what has grown

You must undo the damage done and shatter old beliefs
And do away with those that harm instead of bring relief
You must rethink the choices made that brought you where you are
Rewrite the script of your own life which allows you to go far

There is a law that draws to you those things you’d like to see
Just use your free will consciously and soon you will be free
To experience life’s beauty and all it can provide
Just follow closely what is shared and use it as your guide

First you must become aware of all you think and say
Discover and become aware of the powerful role they play
In attracting the experiences you come to see in life
Are they in harmony with joy, or lack and pain and strife?

For it is these that stir within emotions that you feel
Projected out attracting more that you perceive as real
The energy they emanate attracts more of the same
Be conscious of the signal sent and what it is you claim

Now ponder on your core beliefs, what you believe is true
Are those beliefs in harmony with what you want to do?
Examine closely one by one and discern if they are truth
Or were they handed down to you and given you in youth?

Are they based on ease, love, joy and possibility
Or struggle, strain, fear and strife, examine them and see
Determine which will serve you and which you need to shun
Analyze them carefully, each and every one.




Awakening 2012: Solstice Song | Poem by Jaymes Hanny


Summer nights and days have come,
The Solstice Song whispers One,
A Sensate buzz caressing
Onto me.
Anticipations underneath,
My Heaven-lifted
Flighted feet,
Carries with it much relief…
From heavy thoughts and worry warts,
Affixed upon mental Courts,
Of ways and means of justice thwart.
Where will we bring this Earth’s soul rest,
And lay upon Her Mother -Breast,
Soothed and safe without protest…
With All creature’s Love and to appease,
That now shall She be released…
From power pain and poison pits,
Of lowly thoughts and crassly hits,
Of poorly given conscious bear,
That burden Her—a fretful tear…
For Heart and Love Thy Solstice ring,
The song from bird to Hue-man Being,
From Tree, and Sea, and Ocean-Air,
A flowers’ scent, we may declare…
      It‘s now, It’s time, I’ll take anew!
Her pulse embraced,
Her call to You,
For Peace assembled today will Reign,
Upon our Hearts, our minds, we Claim…
Lighted way,
Divinely mapped,
Awakened Ones tread-On
Her Path,
Of Peace secure,
High-Conscious Be,
Of Earthly Love…
Where All are Free.

Jaymes Hanny
June 21, 2012

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Today I Woke Up and I Was Everything I Wanted to Be

Today I woke up and I was everything I wanted to be.

I forgave myself of everything that had ever made me feel ashamed.

I loved everyone everywhere… even those who hurt me.

I sent love to those who have lost their way.

I wasn’t afraid… of anything anymore.

I realized… I was endowed with all the power of the Universe, to think… to feel… and create, and to love all that I have created.

I reveled… in the realization that this… is the sum total of all I have intended for myself to date.

I realized… that right NOW is the only moment there ever really is, was, or will be.

I knew… that all my past, except what was good, was gone.

I made a pact with myself never to forget… to hold this feeling as if it were a little child… for indeed, it was.

~ Daniel Votino

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