A Huge Alien UFO formation in the orbit of the Sun …giant UFO, Rods, Alien mothership



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Breaking news! A Huge Alien UFO formation in the orbit of the Sun – November 28, 2015



Arrival to the Sun of giant UFO, Rods, Alien mothership – November 28 and November 29, 2015



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UFO Over Clovis, California On TV News, Releases Orb On Video, Oct 2014

Mission Galactic Freedom


Date of sighting: October 2014
Location of sighting: Clovis, California, USA

Don’t you love it how the press tries to down play the UFO, by asking skeptics in a university. Of course the teachers there will say its not a UFO. They are probably working hard to stay in that university and making a statement that this could be a UFO could actually get them kicked off the staff. When your job is threatened, you say what your job tells you. 

This was a mother orb. Thats an orb that distributes and later gathers the smaller drone orbs. They have been recorded many times making such orbs. Check out this video of such a cloud orb making other orbs back in 2010 in Japan. Video below. SCW

News states:
CLOVIS, Calif. (KMPH); A Clovis man believes he spotted an unidentified flying object near his home, and he’s got the video to prove it.


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Incredible TR-3B Spacecraft Over Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

This is simply amazing. -LW

Other UFO videos:

UFO Photographed On Comet 67P Churyumov Gerasimenko By The Rosetta Spacecraft.

Mister UFO News: Powerfull X1 Solar Flare Erupts On September 10th, 2014. (High Definition)

The Best UFO Sightings Of 2014 (September) Part 2

UFO Stories: The Best UFO Stories Of 2014 (Part 2)

Huge Cloaked UFO Near The Sun. (Please Share Before It Is Removed!!!

Huge UFO Seen In Multiple States. Experts Say Not A Launch.

Update On The UFO Wormhole Filmed In Las Vegas, Nevada.

UFO News: UFO Wormhole Filmed In Las Vegas, Nevada.

UFO Sightings Of 2014 (September) Part 1

UFO News: UFO Photographed Over Sayreville, New Jersey.

UFO News: Body of Chupacabra Found In Mexico. Please Share!!!

UFO News: Fireball UFO Explodes In Barcelona.

UFO Mysteries: Pyramid Photographed During Apollo 12 Mission.

The Best UFO…

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UFO appears next to Sun after latest major earth-facing X3.1 Solar Flare

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ufo sun x solar flares sun kill shot

Active Region 12192 unleashed another major Solar Flare on October 24, 2014 peaking to X3.1 – This long duration event appears to have a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) and this active region was directly earth-facing at the time of the eruption and any outgoing CME will be earth directed.

And active Region 12192 unleashed another earth facing major Solar Flare on October 25 peaking to X1.

X-class solar flares are the biggest and strongest of them all.

The last 6 days, from October 19 to October 25, 2014 active region 12192 has released five major earth facing solar flares: X1.1 / M8.7 / X1.6 / X3.1 / X1.0 so far.

According to Major Ed Dames, the well known remote viewing specialist, this is the beginning of the kill shot. Ed Dames made his predictions during an interview in the Coast to Coast show on October 21, 2014. Listen to Ed…

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BBC is providing UFO Disclosure … why now ?




Sixty years ago a football match ground to a halt when unidentified flying objects were spotted above a stadium in Florence. Did aliens come to earth? If not, what were they?

It was 27 October 1954, a typically crisp autumn day in Tuscany. The mighty Fiorentina club was playing against its local rival Pistoiese.

Ten-thousand fans were watching in the concrete bowl of the Stadio Artemi Franchi. But just after half-time the stadium fell eerily silent – then a roar went up from the crowd. The spectators were no longer watching the match, but were looking up at the sky, fingers pointing. The players stopped playing, the ball rolled to a stand-still.

One of the footballers on the pitch was Ardico Magnini – he was something of a legend at the club and had played for Italy at the 1954 World Cup.

“I remember everything from A to…

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WTFOOO EEEK : Hundreds Of UFOs Flying Drastically Over Astana Kazakhstan 20/June/2014




What on earth could fly like this so close to each other when there is literally hundreds bunched together?

This amazing light show was recorded over Kazakhstan on the 20th of June and the video speaks for itself.

White Orbs flying around each other high in the sky had caught the attention of the entire city of Astana.



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Charlotte NC Man Sees A UFO And Has The Video To Prove It, Oct 2014

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Date of sighting: October 11, 2014, Sat
Location of sighting: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
When I took screenshots of the UFO as seen above, I noticed the UFO was triangle shape. This conforms the the Los Alamos Lab TR3B craft. The TR3B has a massive glowing circle in its center…its not glowing here, but it on the craft as seen in the below screenshot with altered lighting. This may be a UFO, but also could be TR3B test flight. One thing we do know…it was not a plane or helicopter. SCW 
News states: 
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Picture going outside on a Saturday night, looking up in the sky and seeing what appears to be a UFO.
That’s what happened to Luis Rodriguez last weekend when he was taking his dog for a walk outside his apartment in the Arwen Vista Complex.
“Tried to make sense of it…

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